tehzeeb e farangi hai agar marg e umoomat lyrics


Aurat Aur Taleem
Education And Women

Tehzeeb-e-Farangi Hai Agar Marg-e-Umoomat
Hai Hazrat-e-Insan Ke Liye Iss Ka Samar Mout

If Frankish culture blights the motherly urge,
For human race it means a funeral dirge.

Jis Ilm Ki Taseer Se Zan Hoti Hai Na-Zan
Kehte Hain Ussi Ilm Ko Arbab-e-Nazar Mout

The lore that makes a woman lose her rank
Is naught but death in eyes of wise and frank.

Begana Rahe Deen Se Agar Madrasa-e-Zan
Hai Ishq-o-Mohabbat Ke Liye Ilm-o-Hunar Mout

If schools for girls no lore impart on creed,
Then lore and crafts for Love are death indeed.

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