Sat. Jan 15th, 2022

Aaqa Ke Ghulamon Ko Ab Eid Manane Do

Aaqa Ke Ghulamo Ko Ab Eid Manane Do
Sarkaar Ki Aamad Hai Raaho Ko Sajane Do
Charcha Hai Yahi Har-Su Kehte Hai Ye Har Koi
Tashreef Nabi Laye Mehfil Ko Sajane Do
Ghar Ghar Ye Charaga Hai Rehmat Ka Ujala Hai
Aaqa Ki Sana Karke Taqdeer Jagane Do
Khushiya Hai Sabhi Karte Sarkaar Ki Aamad Par
Ik Naat E Nabi Yaaro Mujhko Bhi Sunane Do
Hai Noor E Muhammad Ki Sab Roushni Duniya Me
Sab Kuch Hai Basheer Unka Sadqa To Lutane Do
This new year will come today
The person who is traveling by the Arafat route will be happy in the happiness
But your friend worry about your life because one year of your life will decrease
Stay away from them on the festivals of Allah’s enemies, do not go to their worship places on the festivals of the polytheists, because the wrath of Allah is revealed to them.
Your Lord keeps watch over what you are doing, do not bow down to the wrongdoers, or will they come in the wandering of Hell (Hud. 113).
Maybe my or your “exporter date” of 2018 … !!!
No wonder, the place to worry is that I lost another precious year to fulfill my disappointment.
Happiness is the right to wash the sins of repentance by washing the sins of repentance and making the Sunnah by doing it, making perfection of Tohid by meeting with Creator, sitting and sitting, when the door of martyrdom is opened, To die on the beloved …………..
Another brick wall collapsed
Understanding this is a new year.
Mohammad Suleiman Barakati

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