Parental Responsibility in the Light of Quran – Part-5

Most Good. (Baihaqi) The care for aged parents is considered a sure method of attaining Paradise. Benefits of being a dutiful son are described in the tradition which we are going to narrate now so be a dutiful son and get your place reserved in Paradise Allah’s Messenger (Sal- Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) says, “May he be humbled l May he be humbled! He was asked about whom he was speaking and he replied The one who has one or both the parents live to old age, does not enter Paradise. (Muslim Sharif Old parents need care, comfort, love, and respect. If one does so, one will get virtues.
However, if one neglects one’s duties then he/she will have sins recorded in his/her book of deeds. So those who are careful in their duty will. Insha Allah, enter paradise because a father’s du’aa in favor of his children is always accepted In Dastrul Kazaat it is recorded from Imam Natsi, “Undoubtedly the souls of Muslims visit their houses and stand at here the doors and speak in a very sad voice, ‘O people of my house! O my children ! O, my relatives! Do charity on our behalf. Do not forget us. Be kind on our poor condition’. The souls pay a visit on every Friday night and on Friday (day time) also.
” In Khaninaturrivaayat and Kanzul lbaad, in Imam Zandyasi’s Kitabur Rawzah, there is a narration from Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas (Radiyallahu s Anhuma), “On Fridays, Eid and Ashuraa day and on Shab-e-Baraat, the deceased persons’ souls come to their houses and at the door they say,
“ls i there anyone to remember us? Is there anyone to be kind to us? Is there s anyone to remember our poverty ?” It means that on such t auspicious days, the t souls of those who are after dead expect Isaal-e Sawaab from their relatives, so it is necessary for us to gift them with rewards of virtuous deeds and keep them happy. May Allah the Almighty give wisdom to every Muslim to be fair with his parents Dear readers, please read this article once again and be attentive to your parents and gain the reward which will be beneficial to you, Allah Willing, in this world and in the Hereafter.
Glad tidings of being dutiful are present in the traditions and punishment of being undutiful to parents is also described. So, be sensible and wise and be dutiful to parents otherwise be prepared to be punished. Allah the Almighty Bestow good sense on every one of us. Aameen.
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