Parental Responsibility in the Light of Quran

       Cool and soothing shadow, full of comfort and love, that is how parents are. Many people do not realize the importance and value of this comfortable shadow as long as the parents are alive, but with the departing of one or both of them, one feels the vacuum created by the loss which rarely gets filled.
       We say rarely because there are some fortunate ones whose loss is reimbursed by their grandparents. Bearing all the pain, sacrificing their comforts to comfort their children, to make children lead a happy and tension free life, they face all the unhappy moments and tense time without feeling a pinch. How should one behave with parents? What benefits are there of obeying parents and what punishments are prescribed for the one who disobeys parents This article provides a useful guideline for all those who are negligent in their duties towards their parents?
the holy Quran and the traditions of Allah’s messenger provide us a clear guideline on the subject. if we pay attention to the command of Allah Almighty and his messenger we will be rewarded in this word as well as in the Hereafter Insha Allah.
The blessings of Allah the Almighty bestowed on us are innumerable. We cannot compare one with the other. One of the best gifts He has given is “PARENTS”
When a child is born parents celebrated his birth. They feel proud of the child. Happiness and pleasantness spread in the atmosphere. They take in their stride every agony and difficulty that raises its head to strike at their child. But when this very child grows up and becomes a young man ho misbehaves with them he shouts at them or at one of them, he abuses them, without realizing how hard his parents must have worked to bring him up. He does not care to see how heartbroken the parents have become due to his misbehavior If lightning strikes an object, it is destroyed instantly. But the effect of a child’s misbehavior is worse than that. It does do not give the parents an instant death, for which they wish. But they die a thousand deaths when a son uses abusive language. The sadness that Allah Almighty commands,
“(That ye show) kindness to parents. If one of them or both of them to attain old age with thee, say not “Fie” (oof in Arabic) unto them nor repulse them but speak unto them a gracious word.” (17:23)
Allah the Almighty Commands to take care of parents when one or both of them become old and helpless. It is the duty of each and every one of us not to utter a single word which may cause trouble to the parents. The Arabic word ‘oof’ is uttered to express hatred. We are forbidden to have hatred for our parents If aged parents say anything, or even if you are irritated by their act, don’t get angry and don’t be rude to them. Don’t shout at them. Some people who shout at their parents, forget that, without fail, they will have their turn of getting old. Don’t make the aged parents more unhappy by making them live separately from you When you are young, full of strength and vigor be a humble servant of 
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