The Farmer and the Thief

A thief entered a farm. He saw a mango tree. There were plenty of ripe mangoes on that tree. He climbed the tree and shook it very hard.
All the mangoes fell down on the ground The thief was very happy because, with little trouble, he was able to get lots of mangoes. By chance, the owner of the farm came there. He saw a man on the tree and lots of mangoes on the ground.
He understood that the man on the tree was none but a thief. So the owner said, “Are you not ashamed of stealing my fruits? Do you have faith in the Hereafter or not? How will you face Allah the Almighty?” The thief, sitting on the tree sad, “Brother, do not accuse me. I eat only because of Allah the Almighty feeds me Not a single leaf can move without His Command. I am doing nothing but fulfilling His Command.”
The farm owner said, Sir, today I have got an opportunity for your company. After a long time have come across a learned person like you who can show me the path of freedom. I am sure that you will help me in solving all my difficulties.” The thief thought that the farmer must be a real fool. This thinking of him made him happier and he was sure that the way to escape with the booty will be very easy. He climbed down and no sooner than he landed on the earth, the farmer caught him and tied him with a rope. After tying him the farmer picked up a big stick and started beating the thief. The thief was shouting with agony and paid, “O you brute, why are you beating me mercilessly?
“O thief, I am not beating you. This rope and the stick are created by Allah the Almighty to tie you and beat you. Otherwise, who am I to tie you and beat you? It is certainly not in my hands. Without Allah’s Command, not a leaf can move.” For all actions and deeds we, and only we are responsible. No one should be blamed for our wrong deeds. No one is going to hold burning coal in his hand. Why? Because he knows very well that the burning coal will burn his skin and only an extremely insane person will hoo a lump of burning coal in his hands We can see the burning coal and so we do not touch it, but what about the fire of Hell. How many of us can see it, or think about it before committing a sin? Sins committed will definitely cause great harm. So, don’t do wrong and sinful acts, as ultimately those deeds will harm none other but you.

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