Uzair’s e sleep

Uzair’s e sleep


Uzair’s e sleep When the children of Israel began to ignore and disobey Allah’s commands, Allah sent upon them a tyrannous king upon them who troubled them continuously.

The king murdered or arrested a lot of the people and also damaged the Holy Sanctuary in Jerusalem. One day Hazrat Uzair entered the city and saw the destruction around him.

He saw not one single person left in the city and that most buildings were destroyed. Seeing this he asked himself ‘how will Allah bring life to this city after its death’?

Uzair went asleep. Next to him was a bowl of dates and grapes. He was sleeping against a tree when Allah took his soul away.

The donkey nearby also died. Seventy years later Allah sent a king from Faris who with his army reconstructed the holy sanctuary and brought people back into the city. During this time Allah kept Uzair hidden from the rest of the city. After one hundred years Allah brought Uzair back to life. Firstly Allah gave life to his eyes only.

These eyes then saw the rest of his body come back to life. When Uzair went to sleep it was morning but when he woke up it was evening.

Allah asked his Prophet how long he had been asleep? Uzair guessed that as it was evening he had been asleep for the day. Allah told Uzair that he had been put to sleep by Him for one hundred years.

Allah then told Uzair to look at the dates and grapes next to him. No stench or odor came from it. The donkey however turned into dust. But in front of Uzair’s eyes Allah brought that animal back to life. Uzair rode the donkey and went back home.

He went there and nobody recognized him. A while later, Uzair met an old woman that had gone blind due to old age. Uzair asked whether this was Uzair’s house. The woman replied yes, but he has been dead for one hundred years. Uzair began to cry. He told the lady how Allah had put him to sleep for one hundred years and now he has been brought back to life. The old woman said if you are Uzair then give me my sight back and give me the ability to walk again because Uzair’s prayers were always accepted (every prophet’s prayers are answered by Allak Uzair prayed to Allah and the old woman had got her sight hoak and could manage to walk again. The old lady then took Uzair to a place where there was a gathering. Amongst the people was Uzair’s ga that this man is Uzair E.

People rejected the idea that the woman had a son who was now 118 years old. The old woman said to the gathering, The old woman however showed them that she could see and walk again. The gathering saw her standing and began to pay attention towards her and Uzair 9. The 118-year old said that if you are Uzair a then you should have a crescent mark between your shoulders on white hair. Uzair lifted his shirt and the mark was there. “Or like him (Uzair) who passed by a dwelling and it had fallen flat on its roofs; he said,” How will Allah bring it to life, after its death? “; so All ah kept him dead for a hundred years, then brought him back to life; He said, “How long have you stayed here?”; he replied, “I may have stayed for a day or little less”; He said, “In fact, you have spent a hundred years – so look at your food and drink which do not even smell stale; and look at your donkey whose bones even are not intact – in order that We may make you a sign for mankind – and look at the bones how We assemble them and then cover them with flesh “; so when the matter became clear to him, he said, “I know well that Allah is Able to do all things.” Qur’an: al-Baqara 259, Khazahinul Irfan

When a nation begins to disobey Allah sends his punishments in various forms. And in this case it was by sending an unjust ruler that troubled the people. This story also highlights graphically the power of Allah to bring the dead back to life.

The Prophets’ body was unaffected despite being soulless for one hundred years. Uzair was hidden from the rest of the people on earth but he was NOT dead. Allah was demonstrating his supreme powers to his messenger. And Allah knows everything.