The Story of Prophet Noah and His Ark

Noah’s Ark Savyiduna Nuh was one of Allah’s greatest Prophets. But the people he was sent to were very bad to him and continually frustrated him in his mission.
Nuh preached the truth for 950 years with little reward. Only a handful of people accepted him as Allah’s Prophet. In the end, Nuh got frustrated and prayed to Allah to destroy the infidels. Allah told Nuh that his supplication would be answered.
He was told that a flood would come and destroy the unbelievers. Nuh was ordered to make a boat on which he should take the believers and animals on board.
Nuh was making the boat one day, when some infidels passed. They began to mock Nuh for making the boat when there was no apparent reason to do so.
Nuh warned them one final time. The Ark took two years to build. It was three hundred by fifty feet and thirty feet high. There were three levels to the Ark.
The bottom two levels are for the animals and the top level for Nuh and his family. By Allah’s command Nuh and the animals boarded the Ark and were saved from the flood which killed all the infidels as Nuh had prayed for.
Qur’an: Hud 36-49, Khazahinul Irfan
Disobedience to Allah’s commands leads to catastrophe in this world and in the hereafter while obedience and love for Allah’s Prophets and their message leads to salvation.

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