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The Story of Prophet Musa’s punch
Musa’s punch Sayyiduna Musa a was thirty years old when one day he left the palace and went out into the city. What he saw there were two men arguing with each other. One man was the Pharaoh’s cook and the other was an Israelite. The cook wanted to take a bundle of wood to the palace ordering the Israelite to carry it. Musa l told the cook not to force the an like this but the cook did not listen. Musa then punched the cook so hard that he killed him. Qur’an: Qassas 14-21 & Ruhul Bayan The Prophets of Allah came to help the oppressed people. We also learn that Allah’s Prophets are strong characters morally and physically. The strength of Allah’s Prophets is unlike normal human beings. • 71. Musa’s smack The Angel of Death approached Sayyiduna Musa a who welcomed him with such a smack on the face that one of his eyes fell out. Izra’il went to Allah and said, “Today you have sent me to a person who does not want to die and meet you.” Allah repaired Izra’il’s damaged eye and told him to go back to Musa this time. With a bull and to tell Musa to place his hand on the bull. And the amount of hairs that were underneath that hand will be the number of years he could decide to live if he so wished. Musa asked the Angel of Death whether he would come after that time? Izra’il replied yes. Musa however was prepared to meet his Lord and asked the Angel to take his life away. Mishkat Sharif The status of Allah’s Prophet is such that if he so wishes he could slap the Angel of Death and cause him harm. The reason as to why Musa slapped Izra’il was not Decause he was afraid of death. On the contrary Musa could not wait to see Alah conttinunlly pratuets his mumengers from harm. He also guides them to safety. It s Muna’a Sumah to help people whoevar they may be.

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