Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

The Story of Pharaoh’s daughter
Pharaoh’s daughter The Pharaoh had a daughter who was ill. He tried long and hard to find a cure for his daughter. One day he was told to take her to the river and a cure might be found there. The Pharaoh and his wife Aasia went to the river with their daughter. It was there that they saw Musa’s basket pass by when it was brought to them. Aasia fell in love immediately with Musa on seeing him. Musa was sucking his thumb at the time. The daughter also fell in love with the glowing face of Musa, Musa took some of his saliva and placed it on the body of the girl. No sooner had he done that was the girl cured from her illness. Nuzhatul Majaalis Musa at a tender age showed a miracle that cured a sick child. The saliva of Sayyiduna Musa was blessed that caused the cure of the Pharaoh’s daughter. This miracle shows that Prophethood starts at birth and not at a later date. • 70.

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