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The story of Musa and Khidr

Once after the leaders of the Bani Israel gave him a particularly hard time, Musa stood up among them and said ‘who is the smartest man among the people? I am the smartest! ‘ but because Musa a forgot to say that Allah is the most knowledgeable of all, Allah made him go on a quest of knowledge to learn wisdom. Allah told him to go to where two seas meet and look for a person there who was more learned then even him. Sayyiduna Musa asked Allah ‘how can I find him?’ Allah instructed Musa to ‘take a fish in a basket and you will find him where you lose the fish’ So Musa set out with his young servant and helper who was called Yusha on this mysterious journey to find the wisest man in the world. Musa said to his servant I won’t give up my search for the wise man until I reach the meeting of the two seas or until I have traveled for years’ And when they reached the place where the two seas meet Yusha forgot about the fish they brought for lunch. It miraculously shot straight into the water and swam away. After they traveled further on, Musa asked Yusha ‘to bring us our meal for we have been traveling a long while now! But Yusha answered ‘didn’t you see what happened 98
[3:29 AM, 11/2/2020] TECHPROADVICE: when we rested on the rocks by the sea? I forgot to tell you about the fish. Only Shaytan could have made me forget to tell you. The fish jumped the sea in a miraculous way! ‘ Musa cried ‘that was the sign we vere seeking! They then retraced their root back to the shore. There they found one of Allah’s servants on whom Allah bestowed his mercy non him and granted him Allah’s knowledge. The man was wearing a green cloak. Musa begged this man to let him follow him ‘so that you can teach me something about the truth you have learned. The man whose name was Khidr replied that ‘you certainly wont be able to have patience with me! and how can you have patience with things you don’t fully understand? O Muse! I have some knowledge while you have some knowledge that Allah has taught you that I don’t know. Musa said ‘you will see, if Allah wills that I will be patient. I won’t be disobeying you at all! Khidr replied ‘if you want to follow me, then ask me no questions about anything until I myself tell you about it. So they both traveled and took passage on a boat from sailors who knew Khidr, They didn’t charge them any fee. Then a sparrow came and stood on the edge of the boat and dipped its beak into the sea. Khidr said, “Musa! My knowledge and your knowledge have not got from Allah’s knowledge except as much as this sparrow has got water from the sea. Then Khidr went to the middle of the deck and pulled one of the planks out thereby damaging the boat . Musa cried! ‘Did you damage It in order to drown everyone on the boat? This is a strange thing you have done!’ Khidr answered ‘Didn’t I tell you that you wouldn’t have patience with me?’ Musa said ‘Don’t scold me for forgetting and don’t give me hassle over this’ Thên they traveled on the land until they met a young boy. But Khidr Killed him right away! Musa cried’ have you killed an innocent boy wito has killed no one? What a horrible thing you have done! ‘ Khidr enswered didn’t I tell you that you wouldn’t have any patience with e: Musa replied ‘if I ever ask you about anything again don’t let
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me follow you anymore and you have all the rights to leave Then ther traveled until they came to a small town. When they asked the peonle for food they refused to give them any. Musa and Khidr (Alayhis Salam Ajmaeen) then saw an old wall that was about to fall down. Khidra went to the wall and began to fix it. Musa commented ‘if you wanted to you could have asked the people for payment in lieu of the work you have done’? Khidr said ‘this is where we separate. Now I’ll tell you the meaning of all those things you couldn’t be patient about. As for the boat, it belonged to some poor men who made their living on the sea. I only wanted to make it unusable because the king was coming to seize some boats for himself. As for the young boy, his parents were believers in Allah and we were afraid that he would sadden them with his rebellion and bad behavior. So we wanted their Lord to give them a better child in exchange who was more pure and loving. As for the wall, it belonged to two orphans in the town. Underneath it was some buried treasure which their good father left for them. Allah wanted them to grow up and find their treasure as a mercy from their lord. I didn’t do it for my own benefit. This is the meaning of what you had no patience with. Qur’an: Kahf 60-82, Bukhari Sharif & Ruhul Bayan There are elements of wisdom in all actions. Indeed Allah created everything with purpose. Allah has dispersed some of his knowledge to his chosen people. We learn from the story that Allah commands actions according to the intentions of his beloved men. When Khidr killed the boy, he said to Musa l that ‘we intend to give them (the parents) a better child! Accordingly Allah gave the knows best. new child. And Allah 88
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