The Storm | The Story of the Prophet Hud

The Storm
The people of Aad lived in the desert of Southern Arabia. The people were characterized by bad ways and lived indecent lives. The tribe was very belligerent and showed their terror on neighbouring tribes. The tribe worshiped idols.
For their guidance Allah sent Hud to the nation so that they may realize the truth. No sooner had Hud begun to preach the oneness of God did the people turn against him. The people began to boast and proclaimed that there is today a power stronger than us’?
Some people accepted the message of Aad but there were only a handful. The tribe of Aad continued to reject the message of Hud and were persistent in mocking him.
One day Allah sent a cloud over the land. The people saw this and began to express joy at the sight of the cloud as they were anticipating desperately needed rain. But instead of water coming out of the cloud a strong wind came from it which began to blow very violently.
The people saw this and began to find shelter indoors. But the storm was so strong and violent that the houses of the disbelievers were destroyed along with the people.
Some dark birds then came along and picked up the dead bodies and dumped them into the sea. Hud had taken his devout followers away for a few days away from the settlement beforehand saving them from this awful punishment.
Qur’an Al-Araaf 80-84, Khazahinul Irfan & Ruhul Bayan
The people of Aad rejected the guidance their Lord sent to them. Allah punished them by turning the fire; water, soil and air they rely on to live as a source of punishment. This shows how dependent we are on the basic mercies Allah bestows upon us.

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