the punishment of the toads | The Story of the Prophet Musa

The Punishment of the toads | The Story of the Prophet Musa

After the punishment of the locusts, the people temporarily came to their senses and began again to believe in Musa. But like before they could not keep to their word and once again a punishment was sent. This time as a punishment a plague of toads was sent on them. Everywhere you would look, toads were everywhere. Toads even got inside their kitchens and into the food they cooked. Again like before the Egyptians came and sought Musa mercy and once again Musa prayed for the punishment to be lifted. But like before the promise would not last long. Khazahinul Irfan & Ruhul Bayan The promises made by non-Muslims who see the truth in front of them is worthless. They can not be trusted. It is the sign of the believer that they keep their promises.