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The Punishment of the locusts | The Story of the Prophet Musa

The people of Pharaoh were constantly frustrating Musa, Whenever Musa a prayed for their punishment, Allah would do so. The people would pretend to come to their senses and asked Musa a for help. After the floods had subsided, the fields had turned green, i.e. things began to grow, and the harvest was good. Fruits were growing on the trees that people had never tasted before. But the people once again became ungrateful and were attributing the crop success to themselves. They turned their backs on Musa again and began to disobey his orders. again prayed for a punishment. This time Allah sent locusts which destroyed all the fields and trees. The damage was to such an Mu extent that the doors and roofs of the liars were eaten up by the locusts. Like with the previous punishment, the houses of the Israelites were unaffected and like before the people came to Musa for salvation from their woes. Musa prayed for the punishment to stop which did. The people again promised to keep faith in Musa but time and time again they broke their promise.
Qur’an: Al-Araaf 132, Khazahinul Irfan & Ruhul Bayan
The punishment of the locusts is the second in a series of seven punishments Musa prayed for the Egyptian people. The people never came to their senses and returned to their old habits.

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