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The Cow | The Story of Prophet Musa
• 98 • The Cow
A wealthy but childless Israelite was killed by his nephew. His body was disposed outside the city. The next day he returned acting as a claimant for the brutal murder. The people asked Musa to pray to Allah so that the identity of the murderer may be known. Musa e told the people that Allah has ordered you to slaughter a cow. This cow will then be struck on the victim, who will come alive and tell us who committed the crime. The people were shocked and surprised as to what Sayyiduna Musa was saying. But Musa quickly reassured and told them to do exactly what he had said. The people then began to ask Musa about the cow’s features? Musa replied that it should neither be too young or too old. The people then asked their Messenger about the color of the cow? Allah informed his messenger that it should be a yellowish color, which when people look at it, it leaves them happy. The people continued to gather information from Musa so that no mistake was made about the identity of the cow. Musa told the people that the cow should be such that which hasn’t worked and which doesn’t have any marks or blemishes on it, Having gathered all the information, the people on Musa command 18
[3:28 AM, 11/2/2020] TECHPROADVICE: began searching for this cow but struggled to do so. They eventually found a cow resembling the detailed description given by Musa which belonged to an orphan. The orphan’s father was a pious man, who left for his son a calf so that one day it may come to use. The boy like his father grew up to be a pious person. One day the orphan’s mother told him that his father had left him a cow. She told her son to go and get it from the jungle where it was grazing. The boy went into the jungle and saw the cow. The boy brought the cow home when his mother told him to take it to the market and sell it for three dinars. The condition of any sale, the mother told her son, was that he was to come and inform her before he completed the transaction. The boy went to the market and tried to sell his cow. An angel in the form of a man came to the boy and offered six dinars on the condition that he sold it without any consultation. The boy rejected the offer and explained to the man why he could not accept his generous offer. The boy went home and told his mother of what just happened. On hearing this, the mother told the boy to try and sell it now for six dinars. And like before the mother told his son not to sell without consultation. The boy again went to the market in an attempt to sell the cattle. Another man (actually an angel) came and offered twelve dinars. The boy was again forced to reject the deal and explained to the prospective buyer why. Like before the boy went home and told his mother of the incident. The mother realized that the buyer was not a man but an angel. She knew that the angel was testing their patience. The mother told her son to go and ask the man (angel) if the animal will be sold or not? The boy did so and was told by the angel to sell the cow to a particular Israelite for a certain price. The boy brought the cow back home. The boy took the cow to the house of the murder. The cow was slaughtered and a piece of meat from it was taken and was struck on the murdered corpse. No sooner had they done that did the corpse come to life. The resurrected body spoke and said that his nephew had killed him. Qur’an al-Baqara 66-73; Ruhul bayan
[3:29 AM, 11/2/2020] TECHPROADVICE: The fact that a body can be resurrected by being struck by a picce of dead meat shoue that Allah is the controller of life and death. The story provides Us with the reminder that Judgment day will come and that everyone’s actions will have to be accounted for People will have to take responsibility for all their actions. In the context of its setine the story reminds the Israelites that a cow is not an object of worship. Allah ordered Musa to get a cow slaughtered to remind them of this fact. Wisdom is found in thia story for those who reflect. And Allah knows best.

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