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The Camel of Allah | The Story of the Prophet Saleh

The ‘Camel of Allah’
After the annihilation of the tribe of Aad, the tribe of Thamud was born. These people lived in an area known as Madian Saleh, which is in Northern Arabia between Hijaz Sharif and Syria.
The people of this tribe lived very long lives and lived in very strong houses. For the guidance of these people Allah sent Salih, He preached the message of the truth but the people rejected the message and Messenger. Only a handful of poor people accepted both. Every year a fair was held by this tribe in which people from far and near came to enjoy and celebrate.
Salih was also invited and decided to make the most of this opportunity to preach the truth. The tribesman saw this as an opportunity to test Salih and to mock him. When people challenged him to prove his claims, Salih au asked the people what they wanted to see.
Someone shouted out that they wanted to see a female camel come out from the mountain that was ten months pregnant. Salih went near the mountain and offered a short prayer. Soon after the mountain began to crack. What people saw, to their amazement, was a heavily pregnant female camel coming out of the stone. After a few minutes the camel gave birth to a baby camel. Some people saw this and accepted the truth but some remained ignorant.
Qur’an: Al-Araaf 73-79 & Ruhul Bayan
The miracles of Allah’s Prophets are true. Allah has power over everything and hence can produce live camels out of stone at will.
This camel is called the camel of Allah in the Qur’an. When Allah intends something he says ‘be’ and it is done straightaway. And Allah knows best.

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