Zam Zam the Most Sacred Water

The Zam Zam well in Makkah is considered to contain the everlasting sacred water.

This well is situated in the Late southern eastern precincts of the built Masjidal Haraam. It is opposite the Black Stone (Hajr-e-Aswad) of the Ka’aba.

It emerged from the days of Hazrat years Ibrahim (Alaihissalam), opened by angel Hazrat Jibril (Alaihissalam), under was the feet of Hazrat Ismail (Alaihissalam), by the Grace of Allah.

This spring of water gushed forth to save infant Hazrat Ismail (Alaihissalam) and Hazrat Hajra (Alaihissalam) when the latter was frantically searching water for her small child, between Safaa and Marwaa hills.

water Old picture of Zam Zam well

Zam Zam the Most Sacred Water
Zam Zam the Most Sacred Water

At that time there was no civilization vegetation or trace of water in Makkah.
Later on Hazrat Ibrahim (Alaihissalam) the built a well around it (Al Fathehy), and soon people began to settle nearby Makkah. Since then, for thousands of years, the Zam Zam water flowed. But for some reason, this well was lost. lt under was later rediscovered by Abdul Muttalib, the grandfather of Allah’s Messenger. (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam)
After that, great care was taken of the Zam Zam well. Water was distributed freely and until now there is abundant water.
At first, a square room was built around. But now the present Government of Saudi Arabia has made underground room for Zam Zam well.
Also, separate taps and washbasins are provided. This was done to accommodate numerous pilgrims during Haj and Umrah, especially in Ramadaan as the Haram was extended.

Zam Zam in Arabic means

Zam Zam in Arabic means abundant water is a living proof, a miracle that the supply of this sacred water has not ceased till today Many Muslims have drunk lt fervently end have also…
Zam Zam the Most Sacred Water

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