Story Of The Prophet Noah And The Old Woman

Nuh and the old lady When Nuh was making the Ark an old woman came to him a asked him why he was making the boat?
Nuha told her that Allak’s punishment was on its way that would wipe out those people who did not believe in him. The old woman had accepted Nuh’s message and asked Nuh to take her with him when the great storm was due As the storm was brewing the old woman was out of the city when Nuh was searching for her.
Nuh had no time left and boarded the Ark. After the flood had killed the infidels and the water had subsided completely the old woman came to Nuh and asked him when the flood was coming!
‘I’ve been waiting everyday so you can collect me’ said the lady.
Nuh told the old lady that the flood had come and gone. Nuh was astonished at the fact that the woman survived such a devastating flood.
The old woman said to Nuh that your Ark saved you and my little home saved me.
Ruhul Bayan
The flood killed all the infidels leaving the old woman alive. The fact that she did not board Nuh’s Ark and survived just goes to show the power of Allah. It is Allah alone who gives and takes life. He has control over everything.

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