Story of the Prophet Adam and Satan

Allah told the angels that He was to create man who would be His vice-regent (Khalifa) on Earth. Shaytan, who at the time was the chief of the angels, became very jealous. So when Allah created Adam, He ordered the angels to bow in front of it. All the angels bowed except Shaytan.
Allah did not like Shaytan’s action and asked him why he did obey the divine order?
Shaytan said he would not bow to something made of soil when he was made of fire.
Shaytan believed that he was better than Adam. Allah got angry and ejected Shaytan from the heavens and cursed him till the Final Day.
Qur’an: Al-Baqarah 30-39
Allah loves those who respect His prophets. Shaytan refused to respect Adam and was therefore cursed forever.
Jibreel 9 on the other hand, was the first angel to bow down and was rewarded for serving all of Allah’s prophets in some capacity or another. Shaytan’s worship for thousands of years was wiped out simply because he showed pride and disrespect to Allah’s Prophets. Shaytan’s approach is to show any kind of disrespect to Allah’s Prophets.

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