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Story of Musa and the Magicians of Firoun
The defeat of the magicians The Pharaoh felt humiliated by what had happened. So what he did was to call upon all the magicians in his kingdom and told them to defeat Musa 9. He thought that Musa had learned magic. So his courtiers went about assembling a team of magicians that would try and defeat Musa. Thousands of magicians turned up for this challenge. The challenge took place on a day which the annual fair took place where people came far and near and displayed their ornaments for buying and selling. They came with their sticks and ropes while Musa came with his staff. They said, “Should we cast first or should you?” Musa said You cast first, “so they did. The Pharaoh’s team got to work and set on the ground thousands of snakes. Musa saw what they did and waited
for them all to finish. Musa then placed his stick on the ground, llke the two previous occasions, it turned into a large snake. Musa’s anake then went about swallowing up all the other false snakes, Who it had done that, Musa plcked up his snake, which once again turnod back Into a stick. The team of magicians was defeated and was shocked and bewlldered by what they saw. All the magicians gave up their animosity towards Musa l prostrating and accepted Islam saying “We belleve in the Lord of the worlds! The Lord of Musa and Harun” and wholeheartedly rejected the Pharaoh. Qur’an: Al-Araaf 109-126; Khazahinul Irfan Allah’s mercy and help can defeat even thousands and thousands of false challengers When the magicians saw what Musa did was not magic they realized the truth and took his allegiance. They were not scared at all to reject Pharaoh by openly declaring that they now believed in the Lord of Musa and Harun (Alayhis Salam Ajmaeen) • LL • The floods Despite the defeat, the Pharaoh still did not come to his senses. Musa made a supplication to Allah in which he said ‘O Allah! The Pharaoh has become a rebel from the Truth and his nation is also stuck in his ways: Send such a punishment that would weaken him and strengthen my people: Allah accepted Musa’s prayer and sent a massive storm. rained continuously and so heavily that the houses of the supporters of Pharaoh were flooded which drowned them, But the miraculous thing was that the floods did not affect the houses of the followers of Musu When the people saw this strange occurrence that it was flooded in

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