The Girl Names with letter L

  1. Laaibah Laaibah is the prettiest women in all the jannats (heavens). She will be in
  2. Laaiqah Worthy, deserving, capable
  3. Labeebah Intelligent, wise, brilliant
  4. Labibah Understanding, intelligent
  5. Laiba Angel of heaven
  6. Laila Of the Night
  7. Laiqa Intelligent, smile
  8. Lama Darkness of lips
  9. Lamees Pure silk
  10. Lamis Soft
  11. Lamisa Soft to the touch
  12. Lamisah Soft to the touch
  13. Lamiya Dark lipped
  14. Lamya Of dark lips
  15. Lana Wool
  16. Lanika The Best
  17. Laraib Without a doubt
  18. Lashirah Very intelligent
  19. Latifa Beautiful, gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly
  20. Layla Born at night, dark beauty
  21. Layyah Twist, Flexure
  22. Leem Peace
  23. Leen Tender
  24. Leena Plant of dates, soft, mild, clemency
  25. Leila Night
  26. Leilah Night
  27. Leyla Night
  28. Liba Most Beautiful (Hoor in Jannah)
  29. Lina Palm tree
  30. Liyana Softness, tenderness
  31. Lu Luah She was a narrator of Hadith
  32. Lu’lu Pearls
  33. Lubabah The innermost essence
  34. Lubena Purity
  35. Lubna Storz, Systrax
  36. Lujain Silver
  37. Lujaina Silver
  38. Luma Sunset
  39. Luna Moon
  40. Lutfiyah Delicate, graceful

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