Story of Shaytan’s spit – how the dog came about

Shaytan’s spit – how the dog came about When Allah made the image of Adam he ordered the angels to come 55
and see it. When Shaytan passed by he spat on the navel of Adam Allah and ordered Jibreel to take away that part of the bone that had spit on it. And from that soil a dog was made. Dogs are man’s best friend and are not allowed to be kept by Muslims, but in extreme cases, it is because Shaytan spat on it. And the reason why a dog stays up at night is because he came from a man. But the reason why dogs are dirty animals is because Jibreel touched them!
Rahul Bayan
The fact that Shaytan spat on Adam does not in anyway bring any defects on the perfection of Adam, The slanderous statements of some people do not affect the people close to Allah. To look at it with jealousy and disrespect is the way of Shaytan and not of the angels. • 57.

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