Salute to the brave people of Karbala

Salute to the brave people of Karbala
Salute to the lovers of Fatima Zahra
Karbala, salute to your spring
Salute to the views of Jaan Nisari

Ya Hussain Ibn Ali Mushkil Kusha
Salute to all of you dear ones
Akbaro Asghar, I will sacrifice my life.
Hats off to the crowns of my heart
Blessings on Qasimo Abbas
Salute to the pigs of Karbala
Anyone who killed in Karbala
Salute to all those honest people
Blessings on hungry and thirsty wives
Salute to the hungry and thirsty flowers.
No one knows the difference between martyrdom
Salute to those kings of God
Modesty remained in helplessness
Salute to all Hussaini curtains
Blessings be upon every sahabi.
And happiness, salute to four friends
To the wives, Abide to the sick
Salute to those who are helpless and those who are sad.
Done qurban muhammad and aun
Salute to the lovers of Sayyidah Zainab
Those who were participants in Hussaini caravan
Attar says salute to all

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