Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Rivers of blood | The Story of the Prophet Musa

Rivers of blood The Egyptians again broke their promise to Musa, The punishment sent this time was that the water turned into blood. The amazing thing was that for the Israelites the water they took from any water source remained water. That is to say that that the punishment distinguished between believer and non-believer. The Egyptians went to such an extent to get water that they would get their Egyptian slaves to put the water in their mouth, which would remain water, and then to ‘spit’ the water into the mouth of the Egyptian master. But when they tried to do that even then the water turned into blood. And when an Israelite extracted water from a well it was water but if the Egyptian did it would turn into blood. The Egyptians became so desperate for water that they tried to suck the moisture from the bark of trees. But even that for them turned into blood. Once again the infidels came to Musa for help and again Musa prayed for the punishment to be lifted. But the promise did not last. Khazahinul Irfan & Ruhul Bayan •

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