Quran for Children

Help children learn to recite quran correctly, with the help of Tilawat, recited by Qari Mohammed Rizwan and a child repeating the Kalimas and Surahs.


Surah Nas to Surah Feil

Learn Arabic numbers
Arabic is the language of the Holy Quran. We should therefore, try to learn about the Quran as much as possible. The following numbers in Arabic, can be helpful when looking for a particular chapter (Juzz) or verse (Ayah) in the Holy Quran.

There are 14 Sajdahs in the Holy Quran, this must be performed each time a verse from the quran is recited or heard. So it is important to memorise which chapters they occur.

Juzz (chapter) Surah Ayat (verse)
9 Al Araf 206
13 Al Ra’d 15
14 Al Nahl 50
15 Al Israeel 109
16 Al Maryam 58
18 Al Hajj 18
19 Al Furqaan 60
19 Al Naml 26
21 Al Sajdah 15
23 Sa’ad 24
24 Al Haamim Sajdah 38
27 Al Najm 62
30 Al Inshiqaq 21
30 Al Alaq 19

Get your bookmark!
Download and print this handy Quran bookmark which lists the Sajdah-e-Tilawats

Additional Learning

The following is aimed for children aged 11+
How to recite Fatiha Sharif
(invaluable for many occasions)
Quran Dictionary
(helps you understand the wonderful Qur’an!)
Student Library
(duas, kalimas, stories and knowledge!)
Discover the Quran
A short but beautiful overview of the Holy Quran which teaches you how wonderful verses, words, chapter titles, sajda ayats, how to identify parts of the Quran and more.


Listen to Chapter 30 of the Quran with english translation from
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By sulta