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Prophet Musa and Snakes Story
The Snake Sayyiduna Musa al used to carry a long stick with him. When Musa a saw the burning bush, Allah told Musa l to throw his stick to the ground. Musa A did so and was terrified to see that his stick had turned into a big, venomous snake. Allah told Musa not to be scared of the snake and told Musa to pick the snake up. When Musa grabbed hold of the snake it automatically turned back into his stick again. Allah told his beloved Musa that this miracle was given to him so that he could defeat the Pharaoh. Qur’an: Ta Ha 10-16 & Qassas 31 It is Allah’s divine wisdom that He prepares His Prophets with some miracles so that the people would readily accept the truth. Commentators of Qur’an and Hadith see a parallel between this story and our Nabi’s & Mi’raj. Namely that it was Allah’s Hikmat (wisdom) to show himself to his beloved Nabi on the night of Mi’raj so that on the Day of Judgment, our Nabi will not become scared as well when Allah will display His wrath. Had Allah not called our Nabi to the Mi’raj then our Nabi like the other Prophets (Alayhis Salam Ajmaeen) would be scared of Allah to intercede on our behalf on the Day of Judgment.
The Snake’s attack
Sayyiduna Musa went to the Pharaoh to preach the truth revealed to him by Allah. He told him that he was Allah’s Messenger and that he would give up his false claims of being god and should worship the one and true Allah. Pharaoh responded by saying that if he was a Prophet that he should prove it? Musa a put his stick on to the ground, which turned into a snake. This snake had grown so much that the snake stood (as a cobra does) at a height of one mile. The snake opened its jaw and threatened the people. The Pharaoh had left his throne and ran away to safety. Musa grabbed hold of the snake and it turned into his staff once again. Qur’an: Al-Araaf 103-108; Khazahinul Irfan Musa put into practice the miracle Allah granted him. Allah’s messengers showed such miracles and powers, that Pharaoh the great ‘king was left speechless and helpless.

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