Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Nimrud’s fire – The Story of Prophet Ibrahim

Nimrud’s fire Having suffered defeat at the hands of Sayyiduna Ibrahim in debate, Nimrud made Allah’s Khalil his number one enemy. I have arrested Ibrahim and ordered the creation of a huge fire in which Ibrahim would be put in it. Sayyiduna Ibrahim was not afraid at all and had total confidence in Allah. This is reflected in the fact that Ibrahim was saying ‘Hasbiyallaho wa nehmal wakeel (‘ Allah is my protector ‘). When Ibrahim was placed in the fire, Allah ordered the fire to cool in such away so that no harm was inflicted on his Khalil. This was one of the miracles of Ibrahim that despite the creation of a huge fire that was the size of a city, Ibrahim was totally unharmed. Qur’an: Anbiya 67-70 & Khazahinul Irfan The enemies of Allah and his Prophets always try to inflict pain on them but no harm comes to them at all. The truth will always prevail. Indeed Allah has power over everything.

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