Musa and the old woman | The Story of the Prophet Musa

Musa and the old woman
When Musa parted the sea he saw that the animals the Israelites Tode on turned their faces away. Musa asked Allah the reason for you. Allah told Musa that his Messenger Yusuf was buried nearby and that he was instructed to exhume his body and to re bury according to Allah’s command. Musa then went about finding out from any
[3:26 AM, 11/2/2020] TECHPROADVICE: of the Israelites whether or not they knew exactly where Yusuf old woman however would not tell him where the blessed grave until he prayed for whatever she wanted. Musa a told the woman that buried. Musa met this woman who knew where he was buried. The he would pray for her. ‘So what do you want?’ said Musa to the elu woman. The old woman replied that she wanted to go to Paradise with him! Musa replied hesitantly. But Allah ordered Musa to accept her supplication, telling him that no shortcomings could result when the prayer is accepted. The old woman then told Musa where the blessed grave of Sayyiduna Yusuf was and Musa then completed his task of reburying Yusuf Tabarani Sharif It is every Prophet’s (Alayhis Salam Ajmaeen) prerogative to grant and pray for what they ask from Allah. If they pray for Jannah for a believer this is possible.

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