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moses and the burning bush story

The burning bush Sayyiduna Musa stayed with Sayyiduna Shoaib for ten years. In that time he had maunried one of Shoaib’s daughters. Musa sought his host’s perminsion to go back to Egypt to see his mother. He did so taking his wife. At the time it was very very cold. (Some commentators say that it was snowing). Musa went in search for some place for them to stay at night, Musa looked out for help and saw in the distance a burning image. He told his wife to stay there while he went to investigate. When Musa reached the burning object he saw a green bush which from top to bottom was alight but not burning. And when Musa wanted to get nearer to the fire the fire would by itself distance it self from Musa K i.e, it kept a certain distance from him. Musa was somewhat baffled by what he was seeing. Out of nowhere a voice spoke and said O Musa! I am the Lord of all the worlds. You have come to a very pure place. Listen carefully for I have chosen you. Qur’an Ta Ha 17-21 & Qassas 29-30 & Khazahinul Irfan Prophethood is granted by Allah and cannot be attained. It is contrary to the teachings of Islam to think that it can be attained. It is wrong to think that Allah was inside the burning bush, because Allah is everywhere and yet nowhere. Allah is above the dimensions of time and space. Any people who claim to be Muslims and say that Allah is in the heavens or is constrained by time or space are wrong.

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