khutba Juma – Obligations and Sins

bis millahir Rahmani Raheem
alhamdulillah rabbil al-Ameen soul
allah wa sallim ala sayyidina Muhammad
sayyidil awwalin wa l-akhirin
voilá Jamie burning him in the beginning
I will more Selena early colon or
semicolon tabby on whom be a son in illa
rahmatan aluminium Ariana one fan I’m an
alum kana was it in an aluminium alloy
element all praise is due to Allah and
may Allah raise the rank of our prophet
Muhammad sallallahoalyhiwasallam the
prophet of mercy
he’s coined el and companions we ask
Allah to increase our knowledge and
benefit us with the knowledge we have
acquired mean
Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala said in the
holy Quran well hakufu male Lockaby he
in somehow alba Salford cool like a con
anhu Missoula well a taco Fuma la ilaha
be the meaning do not issue a judgment
say something that you have no knowledge
about in the religion because one is
hearing seeing and heart will be
questioned on the day of judgment
although in this verse Allah mentioned
one seeing hearing and heart but the
the area is not to restrict the questioning
about only these three matters rather
the area is inclusive to the heart and
all the organs so one will be questioned
on the day of judgment about his heart
and about his organs how did he use them
did he use them in acts of obedience or
in act of disobedience
especially the tongue that the prophet
sallallahu Alayhi wasallam said about
that many of those who enter Hellfire on
the day for judgment will enter it due
to their tongues, Allah Ghazali said the
is a very small organ it’s a great
endowment though it is a very small
organ but the sins it may commit are
many of those who will be admitted into
Hellfire will be admitted into it due to
their tongues that’s why one has to
monitor his tongue closely to make sure
that he does not utter with anything
harmful to himself and to others he
needs to make sure that he does not say
except for the good words the prophet
sallallahu alayhi wasalam said you are
safe as long as you are quiet once you
talk it’s gonna be written down either
for you or against you if it’s something
good it will be written by the angel for
you for your interest as rewards if it’s
bad evil it will be written against you
so you need to watch your tongue what
you say before you say anything thinks
about it, as they say, count to 10 before
you utter a word is it beneficial is it
hard on if you know it is good to say it if
you know it’s hard on don’t say it if
you are unsure don’t say it so do not
utter the words unless you know they are
useful they are beneficial that’s why
before you say anything thinks about
because this tongue is a small organ
however, it could lead you to your grave
because of your tongue and it could lead
you to Hellfire some people in the past
were killed due to their tongues they
would say something and they end up in
graves everyone is going to die but that
would be the reason because of a word
they said many disputes may arise
between Muslim brothers and sisters
because of the tongues sometimes the
relationship between kin will be severed
due to their tongues, one would say
something the other one will be harmed
with it and he would be upset they
stopped talking to each other and they
are related and alike because of the
tongue and if you were to think about
the troubles amongst people in many
cases it’s because of the tongue that’s
why monitor your tongue closely learn
how to utter only the words that are
beneficial he managed a fear of your
long one who said if you were about to
say something waits first if it’s
something good says it if it’s something
bad don’t say it if you are unsure you
are doubtful about it so you did not
make the decision about it if it is
beneficial or harmful you’re not sure
about it, he said then don’t say it to
the extent one needs to observe his time
amongst the sins of the tongue that are
widespread in societies is gossip and
gossip is very widespread in societies
now the definition of the gossip in
Islam is to mention in the absence of
your Muslim brother or sister a true
matter about them so you’re not
fabricating you were saying something
true but they hate to be mentioned with
it why we mentioned this because of a
Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi wasallam
defined Arriba as we mentioned he said
to the companions do you know what Ariba
gossip is they said Allah and His
Messenger know best then the prophet
sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam said to
mention something about your brother
that he does a lot to be mentioned with
in his absence
then the companions said to the Prophet
o Messenger of Allah see if what I’m
saying about him is true then the
Prophet Sallallahu wasallam said if it
is true then it is gossip and if it is
not it is bulletin fabrication and there
is more sinful because of some people if
you hear them talking about the brothers
and sisters and you tell them it’s Haram
fear Allah do not contaminate your
tongue with gossip do not contaminate
the ease of the listeners with gossip
then that person would say to you I’m
not lying about him yeah because you are
not lying or saying the truth about him
but he doesn’t like to be mentioned
whether that is Haram that is classified
as gossip
that’s the forbidden gossip if you were
to mention something about him that is a
fabrication then it is called bulletin
and that’s more sinful and some ignorant
people also when you hear them talking
about someone and you tell him to fear
Allah don’t talk about him they say to
you I say it in his face to say it in
his face this is even more sinful
because if you gossip him behind his
back it might reach him and it might not
reach him so if it doesn’t reach him he
won’t be hung he didn’t hear about it
but if you say it in his face
that is more damaging more harmful to
that person and it’s more sinful now
gossip could be any talk about this
Muslim brother or sister, he doesn’t like
to be mentioned with behind his back
whether it relates to one’s body to say
he’s short or he’s fat or he’s too
skinny and the like something or he has
a big e he has a big nose his eyes are
small anything pertaining to his body
that he doesn’t like to be mentioned
with is classified as forbidden gossip
to call him, for instance, he’s limping
his whatever anything that pertains to
his body he doesn’t like to be mentioned
with is classified as forbidden gossip
or regarding his lineage and sisters you
might say his family are such and such
so although you’re not addressing him
directly but you’re talking about his
family his ancestors in something that
he doesn’t like to hear from you that
you are saying such answer
there is classified as forbidden also
about his manners to talk about his
manners or even to say something such as
his wife controls him or his house is
dirty something like that is
classified as forbidden gossip so even
if you are talking to one person if you
are mentioning about their person to one
person why you are mentioning to him
there is gossip unless the scholar said
there are six cases well one
is not sinful for mentioning something
about someone else in his absence that
he doesn’t like to be mentioned with six
cases they join them in a verse of
they said the volume was ten was safety
hazard varnish was good on fiscal Mooji
hearing the first one is when you are
wronged by someone else someone let us
say took something that belongs to you
unjustly he is your neighbour he took
from your land, he took from your shape
anything that belongs to you he took her
unjustly then you go to the ruler or the
judge and you tell him so-and-so took my
the property took my belongings he doesn’t
like to be mentioned with her he doesn’t
like here you go into the judge and
informing him that he did such-and-such
to you but why you are mentioning to the
judge because you have been treated
unjustly by that person and you want to
get your right back in that case you are
not sinful the second case is when you
are seeking hell
by someone that you believe he would be
able to make a difference in rectifying
the ill manners of that person like for
the instance you see someone drinking
alcohol taking drugs you told him this
is haram don’t do it and he didn’t
listen to you you wanna stop him so you
went to a sheikh for instance or to his
father and you believe his father can
make a difference can put an influence
on him to stop him from taking drugs
so he went and you mentioned that to his
father, he won’t be happy about you going
to his father and mentioning this about
him but why did you select that way
because you believe the father can put
some influence on him so he can stop
taking drugs
so seeking help support to stop someone
from sinning that’s the second case but
those gatherings there are some who
would just be gathering every morning
and all that they do is they talk about
others now when they mention stories
about others that they don’t like to be
mentioned with not in front of someone
or to someone that they believe he might
be able to make a difference in
rectifying the ill manners rather just
for fun for chitchat as they say them
wanna talk spend time to waste time talking
about others, that’s Haram it was
mentioned that one of the righteous
scholars in the past were invited to a
dinner they had they invited him for
and they were waiting and he was sitting
down quietly
someone was late so they said what is
so-and-so then one of those attending
that place the banquet said ah he’s lazy
so that’s gossip this righteous Muslim
got very upset and he said it’s my fault
that I have attended a session while
they gossip, people, then he left that
session and didn’t eat for three days
what do you find people these days that
would act in this way blame themselves
for being in a session in a gathering
were they he people gossiping other
people these days unfortunately in most
cases when one were to open a subject
about someone else the other will
encourage this person to continue and
give more information if a lady X says
to lady why have you heard what happened
to that lady instead of saying it’s none
of my business, I need to monitor my
actions make sure I’m obeying Allah Azza
instead of saying this, she says to her
what happened that’s the first response
that’s 99.9 the cases who how they
respond then she would tell her for
the instance I didn’t hear what her husband
did to her then the answer would be what
did he do than that one will continue
giving the whole story so she’s
gossiping that lady and that one is
encouraging her and she’s listening to that
is haram just to keep in mind that in
most cases the reason for the torture of
the grave
is due to gossiping tale-bearing and not
cleaning oneself from or preserving
oneself from contaminating with urine
after urinating in most cases those
Muslims who get tortured in their graves
are due to one of these three reasons on
the other hand the pious and god-fearing
ones would act differently if someone
were to approach them telling them to have
you heard what happened with that person
he would say it doesn’t concern me as a
prophet Sallallahu wasallam mentioned in
the hadith good tidings are given to the
one who is busy with his defects rather
than watching other people’s defects
have you finished monitoring your
defects and you fixed all your problems
in yourself and now you are talking
about other people’s defects, that’s why
you need to think about have you reached
that stage one of the righteous Muslims
was approached by some people who said
to him why don’t you mention the defects
of others, he said to them I haven’t
finished my defects meaning monitoring
my defects
I haven’t finished them so before I talk
about other people’s defects, I need to
monitor myself see my own defects and
fix them also they mentioned that
someone had defects but he never talked
about other people’s defects and people
never mentioned one single defect about
him he had but he never talked about
people and there was another person who
at Woodley seemed not to have any defect
he started talking about other people’s
defects people started talking about his
defect the prophet Sallallahu alaihe
salam said in the hadith the one who
covers up the deficiency of the Muslim
the defect of a Muslim meaning he
doesn’t expose him amongst people he
covered it he doesn’t talk about it
Allah subhana WA Ta’ala will cover his
defects in this Dunya & in the Hereafter
we need our defects to be covered so the
one who covers the defect of his Muslim
brother Allah will cover his defects in
this world and in the hereafter you
might see someone doing something Haram
in a club here maybe this is the first
time maybe he’s upset said about himself
maybe it’s the only time he went to her
and he’s not gonna go again and the like
then you see him and then he goes and you
started talking about him you want to
advise him to go directly to him that’s if
you really love him go to him tell him
look fear Allah Azza WA JAL this is the
beginning of an evil way you might end
up in such-and-such where you find it
very hard to pull out you give him the
advice this is more effective than just
exposing him because when you expose him
it might be a negative effect on him
what he would start thinking here
everyone knows about it so I’m gonna
keep doing it so what did you do in that
the case you exposed him instead of advising
the third case when one is exempted from
falling into sin if he talks about
someone else is when one is seeking
fatwa religious judgment let us say a
a lady has a concern about something
pertaining to her husband and her she
might go to the judge and say to him my
husband is asking for one two three is
he allowed does he have the right so she
is not sinful in that case however the
the scholar said it would be better in such
a case instead of saying my husband she
might say to the shame if someone were
to ask of his wife to do one two three
is she allowed to obey him or not
something like this there is better the
the first case is when you warn against
others now warning could pertain to
worldly matters and could pertain to
religious matters warning against those
who deceive people in religious matters
is more important than warning against
those who deceive people in selling and
buying and the like inwardly matters
recently a person he’s not shaved he
doesn’t even have a bead this one he’s
not a shape it doesn’t have a bead then
he calls himself doctor he said there’s
no such a thing as the torture of the
grave people started watching and he was
talking he would mention a verse there
is not relating to the subject he would
mention something that does not relate
because he is lost but some people who
are not knowledgeable enough
once they heave that person saying, Allah
said the Prophet said they think he’s
knowledgeable and he’s referring to
verses in the Quran and hadith of the
Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi wasallam
that’s why the knowledge is not measured
by how people look like by their
appearance by their features now rather
watch them when they talk about religion
ask them for proof ask them for proof
when they say something against the
the religion you know that those people are
not on the right path
so to warn against such people who are
misleading others leading them astray is
an obligation is a communal obligation
upon Muslims, so people can be aware of
such people and they won’t be tempted by
they won’t be deceived by them that’s
why in the past Imam Abu Mansoor al bara
daddy who died in the year 429 after his
wrote a book he called the Alpha
cubanelle fog the difference between the
the sect’s he mentioned all those sects that
claim to be Muslims but they have false
beliefs false matters and he refuted
them in that book he mentioned tens and
tens of groups why would he also such a
book to warn people against the
misguidance this is what the scholars
were doing so these days and fortunately
you’ll find many people who are lost why
because they don’t have the basics of
the knowledge once you learn about these
basics whatever you go you can weigh the
on the rules of the religion so to warn
against those who deceive people is a
communal obligation and in some cases if
you are the only one who would be able
to deliver that message of warning it
becomes a personal obligation upon you
to warn them against those deviants and
this is part of the exempted cases
exempted cases when you are not sinful
when you warn against others so it won’t
be classified as forbidden gossip so
that’s the fourth case the fifth one is
when you want to identify someone
someone came to ask about the owner of the
shop and he said it’s something urgent
the worker said he’s not here come back
later then he went and the owner came
then this person said a person came and
asked about him then he would ask her
what’s his name
he didn’t mention his name how does he
look like he might be short or fat and
alone so he might say to him he’s short
here he’s mentioning this just for
identification not to make fun of him so
maybe this person can know him that’s
the fifth case the last one is when you
mention the sins committed by the
an enormous sinner who is doing them
blatantly in public so he’s not hiding
that sin doing a home a person might be
drinking alcohol but let us say he buys
a bottle of alcohol he covers it he
takes it home in his room no one is
singing he might be drinking alcohol
this one is not
blatantly drinking out in public he’s
covering himself we’re not talking about
this one we’re talking about the one who
in public in open places is committing
the major sin and he doesn’t care about
people seeing him then in that case a
a person may mention that about him that
so-and-so is drinking alcohol doing such
and such do not follow his footsteps so
he’s mentioning about him so people can
be warned against such acts in that case
it’s not sinful so in these cases the
the scholar said are the ones where one is
exempted from mentioning about others
that which they dislike being mentioned
with if you mention about your Muslim
brother or sister behind their back
something true but they don’t like to be
mentioned with that’s gossip if it’s a
fabrication’s Boonton and it’s more
sinful it’s more sinful and to gossip
the righteous the pious Muslims that’s a
major sin to gossip the righteous and
pious it’s not a major sin in all cases
but when you gossip the pious and
righteous ones it’s a major sin also
amongst the sins of the tongue is
which is to stir up trouble between two
or more and this would happen by
transmitting words from X to Y back to
eggs to stir up troubles between them
some people do it in what way maybe
someone is talking to X X might say I’m
very upset
why did such-and-such to me Y as inlet
there’s a person that person did
such-and-such to me to why he’s talking
about him in front of someone who
wouldn’t be able to help him to solve
the problem and some they do it in this
the way a lady might talk to her neighbour
friend or she might label her as best
friend, she would say to her look you’re
my best friend if it’s not you I
wouldn’t have mentioned this but because
you’re my best friend I don’t know
what’s the matter with that lady she’s
been acting in this way or she did
such-and-such to me then this lady would
go to that one will tell her so-and-so
is saying about you that you did
such-and-such to her then that one would
say I’m the one who did such-and-such
she started she did that and that to me
first, then she would leave that one go
back to the first one taking words from
here to there, it ends up with what once
these people accumulate a mountain of
things against each other once they see
each other they have a big fight that’s
called the tale burning Rama bin
Abdul-Aziz Roger Lauren or the righteous
Kenneth was a righteous Calif someone
came to him he said to him all command
of believers so I’m so said about you
such-and-such he was able to say bring
me that person he can put him in jail he
was in power they would obey Him so that
a person who approached him saying
so-and-so said about you such-and-such
or Morgan Abdullah he said to him look
if you want I’ll consider you from those
mentioned in this area masa masa in viña
me the tsukimi tailoring so you are
trying to make commit a tailoring
stirred up trouble between me and that
pose and I’ll punish you for this
or if you want I’ll consider you from
the second category mention in the verse
yeah you Halle Thurman will be never you
know Futaba anew means all you believe if
you were approached by an enormous
a sinner with news than find out first
before you believe him and then I will
find out if you are not saying the truth
or punishing the third option he gave
him he said all of you want I can
forgive you and you walk away he said to
he forgives me and he walked away
he was a caliph the leader of the time
and he acted in this way 99% of people
these days fall into this kind of Haram
of either gossiping or listening to
gossip 99% when they are approached by
someone who might tell him look that
the person did you do anything wrong to that
a person with now they start he might say
no why here because it was saying about
you that you are such and such many
people wouldn’t say to that person feel
Allah I wanna listen to you by listening
to you, I’m sharing the scene with you
come upon and they see you are
gossiping you are contaminating your
tongue with the gossip and I’m
contaminating my ears by listening I
don’t want to fall into this how
the prophet Sallallahu alayhi wasalam
will talk about this when I talk about
the scenes of the ease mentioned that
the one who listens to the talk of
people that they do not like him to
listen to hot molten lead will be poured
in his ears on the day of judgment so
what you want to listen to gossip to
those who might approach if this person
wants the advice he would have stopped
that person from talking about you in
the first place because this is how
Islamically one should react if I’m in a
the session then I hear someone talking
about someone he wants to say this
person is such-and-such
then I would say to that person fear
Allah don’t talk about him do you don’t
know the whole story
you don’t know what might be reasons
fear Allah and do not talk about him
when I do this the prophet Sallallahu
alayhi wasalam said the one who protects
the reputation of his Muslim brother in
his absence Allah will protect his face
from Hellfire on the day of judgment and
that’s what you want if you find people
sitting and what in that session you are
sitting with them even if they are
related even if they are your own family
if they want to start talking about
others gossiping change the subject
change the subject for them and you can
easily do that these days because of some
people I say you know it’s very hard how
would I say to this old lady don’t talk
you can mention anything you can say for
instance have you heard about this
the creature they found in the sea
everyone will start looking at me and
more if you say the government will give
you some money in the coming months
everyone would be silent everyone they
change the topic straight away once they
hear something like this so you can play
smart in a way and change the subject
instead of sitting in the session where
they are gossiping others also in Islam
it’s Haram to stir up troubles between
others even boy urging one to commit a
a sinful act or to cause tribulation
between people even without passing
words by gesture sometimes and you young
boys should be cautious about it maybe
some students might have a bit of
the argument then someone wants to hit the
other one do you see they made a circle
and they watch the find sometimes even
without saying a word but they give a
gesture by the hand like punch him but
even without saying punch him so they
give him that just shows the hand
meaning punch him so they set up
troubles between people there are heron
even the scholar said goading animals to
fight one another is forbidden you know
how some of them bring two roosters or
two dogs maybe or two Rams to fight and
some of them they even go further by
betting on the winner and the like that
is Haram so even between animals
guarding animals to fight one another is
Hannah what about
to set up troubles between people also
to lie amongst the sins of the tongue
and to lie means to say something
against the truth knowingly you know
that you are not saying the truth and
you lie there is Haram
now we’ll talk later that if you lie and
you swear by Allah to an alloy that will be
more sinful but if you lie you say
something against the truth knowing
neither is Haram there is forbidden and
even if one is joking
many people would lie after they lie
they say now we are joking that’s Hannah
it’s written the prophets all along are
you Assalam said in the Hadees lying is
not valid whether one is serious or
joking you do not lie whether you are
serious or you are joking so there is no
such a thing as when you are joking it
won’t be classified as alone you fell
into that sin and one of the worst lies
these days people would feel proud of
unfortunately is why they call it April
Fool’s Day one people against it is and
they call it white line there
are no colours for lying there is Haram
and some of them would come up with the
news and they might cause a severe
damage to the person he might be
diabetic let us say and they bombard him
with the news are you father passed away
and he might have reactions they take
him to the hospital he might die and this
this happened in the past they might
tell him your son hit by a car was hit
by a car for instance and he might rush
and by him rushing he might harm himself
and he might be hit by a car because
he’s rushing towards his son so that
would cause a big damage learning is
forbidden whether one is serious or
joking and the prophet Sallallahu Alayhi
wa Sallam said in the hadith that a
a person would say the truth and will be
regular in saying the truth that he will
never tell except the truth until he
will be written amongst the angels in
this case that such a person is truthful
and truthfulness leads to piety and
piety leads to paradise
whereas lying leads to enormous sins and
enormous sins consequently laid to
hellfire and a person may tell alloy and
keep telling lies he becomes known for
telling lies until he will be written
amongst the angels in their books as a
liar meaning he will be exposed not only
on earth, even the Angels will write him
down as a lion, we ask Allah subhana WA
Ta’ala to protect us from sin to
make our end as righteous Muslims Ameen
and Allah knows best we say the law and
make solar on the Prophet Solomon

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