Khalil and Jibreel – The Story of Prophet Ibrahim

Khalil and Jibreel uhen Ibrahim sal was put in the fire, Jibreel came to his service and bed him if he needed any help? Ibrahim was not at all frightened and libreel s asked why this was the case, Ibrahim asked him who le the fire? Jibreel answered that Nimrud did. And who put this dea in Nimrud’s head asked Ibrahim. Jibreel replied that Allah did. Ihrahim Khalilullah said “There is the order of Allah and here is the bappiness of Khalil” I.e. it is the wish of Allah that I am tested in this way, therefore I do not require your services. Nuzhatul Majaalis The fire of Nimrud was a test of Ibrahim’s devotion to Allah. Despite building a huge fire Nimrud could not even bring the slightest harm to Allah’s Khalil, Indeed Allah is the protector of those who remember Him and fear Him. Ibrahim did not accept Jibreel ‘s offer because it would have taken away from the real test Allah was giving him.