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Jibreel ‘s speed – The Story of Prophet
Jibreel ‘s speed One day, our Prophet asked Sayyiduna Jibreel if he ever traveled at full speed. Jibreel said Ya Rasulallah! I have worked at full speed on four occasions. The Prophet then asked him when those four
occasions were. The first case Jibreel l cited was when Ibrahim was placed in Nimrud’s fire. At the time I was near the Arsh (throne) when Allah ordered me to go and cool the fire of Nimrud so that Ibrahim was not harmed. I left the Arsh and descended the seven heavens and reached earth in time to cool the fire. The second time I went at maximum speed was when Ibrahim had placed his beloved son Isma’il on a stone in Mina and was about to sacrifice him for the sake of Allah. (See following story). Allah ordered me to go to heaven and take a lamb and rush to Mina and place it before Ibrahim and save Isma’il, I reached Mina via the heavens with the lamb before Ibrahim had struck the knife. The third case was when the brothers of Yusuf placed him in the well with a rope. As the brothers were about to throw him in, Allah ordered me to go to the Earth and save Yusuf before he fell to the bottom of the well. I reached the well and placed my wings underneath Yusuf thus cushioning his fall. And Ya Rasulallah! The final time I went at full speed was when it was when you had hurt one of your teeth in battle. Rasulallah already! Allah ordered me to stop your blood reaching the ground otherwise until the end of the world no plant or tree would grow. So hearing this, 1 dashed from the heavens and reached you and saved the blood with my wings! Ruhul Bayan If Jibreel can move at such great speed then what about our Prophet! Could we possibly contemplate how the Prophet traveled on the night of Mi’raj after Sidra tul Muntahu when Jibreel said he could go no further?

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