Islamic stories of prophets


Adam and Shaytan

Allah told the angels that He was to create a man who would be His vice-regent (Khalifa) on Earth. Shaytan, who at the time was the chief of the angels, became very jealous.
So when Allah created Adam, He ordered the angels to bow in front of it. All the angels bowed except Shaytan. Allah did not like Shaytan’s actions and asked him why he did not obey the divine order.
Shaytan said he would not bow to something made of soil when he was made of fire. Shaytan believed that he was better than Adam. Allah got angry and ejected Shaytan from the heavens and cursed him till the Final Day.
Qur’an: Al-Baqara 30-39
Allah loves those who respect His prophets. Shaytan refused to respect Adam and was therefore cursed forever. Jibreel, on the other hand, was the first angel to bow down and was rewarded for serving all of Allah’s prophets in some capacity or another. Shaytan’s worship for thousands of years was wiped out simply because he showed pride and disrespect to Allah’s Prophets.
Shaytan’s approach is to show any kind of disrespect to Allah’s Prophets. • 99 •

Shaytan’s spit

how the dog came about When Allah made the image of Adam he ordered the angels to come and see it. When Shaytan passed by he spat on Adam’s navel.
Allah ordered Jibreel to take away that part of the bone that had the spit on it. And from that soil, a dog was made.
The dog is man’s best friend because he came from a man. But the reason why dogs are dirty animals and are not allowed to be kept by Muslims, but in extreme cases is that Shaytan spat on it. And the reason why a dog stays up at night is that Jibreel touched it!
Rahul Bayan
The fact that Shaytan spat on Adam does not in any way bring any defects to the perfection of Adam. The slanderous statements of some people do not affect the people close to Allah. To look with jealousy and disrespect is the way Shaytan and not of the angels. • 57.

Adam and the deer

When Adam descended from the heavens all the animals came to meet him. One by one they came and got blessed from him.
Some deer came with the intention of meeting Adam and left having been blessed with the smell of musk emanating from their body.
When they went back they told the other deer that they went to see Adam. They went to see Adam in the hope that they can attain the smell of musk.
When they got there Adam blessed them but no perfumed smell came. The deer went back disappointed and asked the perfumed deer why they got the musk and they did not?
The deer replied that their intention was to meet Adam while their intention was to attain Musk.
Nuzhatul Majaalis
It is also the principle of Adam and all Prophets since those actions are judged by their intentions. It is crucial that our intention should be sincere. Sincerity is the key to a successful life.

Noah’s Ark

Sayyiduna Nuh was one of Allah’s greatest Prophets. But the people he was sent to were very bad to him and continually frustrated him in his mission.
Nuh preached the truth for 950 years with little reward. Only a handful of people accepted him as Allah’s Prophet. In the end, Nuh got frustrated and prayed to Allah to destroy the infidels.
Allah told Nuh that his supplication would be answered. He was told that a flood would come and destroy the unbelievers.
Nuh was ordered to make a boat on which he should take the believers and animals on board. Nuh was making the boat.
one day when some infidels passed. They began to mock Nuh for making the boat when there was no apparent reason to do so.
Nuh warned them one final time. The Ark took two years to build. It was three hundred by fifty feet and thirty feet high. There were three levels to the Ark.
The bottom two levels are for the animals and the top level for Nuh and his family.
By Allah’s command, Nuh and the animals boarded the Ark and were saved from the flood which killed all the infidels as Nuh had prayed
Qur’an: Hud 36-49,

Disobedience to Allah’s commands leads to catastrophe in this world and in the hereafter while obedience and love for Allah’s Prophets and their message leads to salvation.


Nuh and the old lady

When Nuh was making the Ark an old woman came to him and asked him why he was making the boat. Nuh told her that Allah’s punishment was on its way that would wipe out those people who did not believe in him.
The old woman had accepted Nuh’s message and asked Nuh to take her with him when the great storm was due.
As the storm was brewing the old woman was out of the city when Nuh was searching for her. Nuh had no time left and boarded the Ark.
After the flood had killed the infidels and the water had subsided completely the old woman came to Nuh and asked him when the flood was coming! ‘I’ve been waiting every day so you can collect me ‘said the lady.
Nuh told the old lady that the flood had come and gone. Nuh was astonished at the fact that the woman survived such a devastating flood.
The old woman said to Nuh that your Ark saved you and my little home saved me.
Ruhul Bayan
The flood killed all the infidels leaving the old woman alive. The fact that she did not board Nuh’s Ark and survived just goes to show the power of Allah. It is Allah alone who gives and takes life, And he has control over everything.

Uzair’s e sleep

When the children of Israel began to ignore and disobey Allah’s commands, Allah sent upon them a tyrannous king upon them who troubled them continuously.
The king murdered or arrested a lot of the people and also damaged the Holy Sanctuary in Jerusalem. One day Hazrat Uzair entered the city and saw the destruction around him.
He saw not a single person left in the city and that most buildings were destroyed. Seeing this he asked himself ‘how will Allah bring life to this city after its death’? Uzair went to sleep.
Next to him was a bowl of dates and grapes. He was sleeping against a tree when Allah took his soul away. The donkey nearby also died.
Seventy years later Allah sent a king from Faris who with his army reconstructed the holy sanctuary and brought people back into the city.
During this time Allah kept Uzair hidden from the rest of the city. After one hundred years Allah brought Uzair back to life. Firstly Allah gave life to his eyes only.
These eyes then saw the rest of his body come back to life. When Uzair went to sleep it was morning but when he woke up it was evening.
Allah asked his Prophet how long he had been asleep? Uzair guessed that as it was evening he had been asleep for the day. Allah told Uzair that he had been put to sleep by Him for one hundred years. Allah then told Uzair S to look at the dates and grapes next to him.
No stench or odor came from it. The donkey, however, turned into dust. But in front of Uzair’s eyes, Allah brought that animal back to life. Ozair rode the donkey and went back home.
He went there and nobody recognized him. A while later, Uzair met an old woman that had gone blind due to old age.
User l asked if this was Uzalr’s house? The woman replied yes, but he has been dead for one hundred years. Uzair began to cry, He told the lady how Allah had him to sleep for one hundred years and now he has been brought back to life. The old woman said If you are Uzair Wad then give me my sloht back and give me the ability to walk again because Uzair’s wa prayers were always accepted (the prayers of every prophet are answered by Allah), Uzair a prayed to Allah and the old woman had got her sight back and could manage to walk again. The old lady then took Uzair a to a place where there was a gathering, Amongst the people was Uzair’s na son who was now 118 years old.
The old woman said to the gathering that this man is Uzair W, The people rejected what the woman had sald. The old woman however showed them that she could see and walk again. The gathering saw her standing and began to pay attention towards her and Uzair, The 118-year old said that if you are Uzair then you should have a crescent mark between your shoulders on white hair. Uzair a lifted his shirt and the mark was there. ‘Or like him (Uzair) who passed by a dwelling and it had fallen flat on its roofs; he sald, “How will Allah bring it to life, after its death?”, so Allah kept him dead for a hundred years, then brought him back to life; He said, “How long have you stayed here?”, He replied, “I may have stayed for a day or little less”; He sald, “In fact, you have spent a hundred years – so look at your food and deink which do not even smell stalej and look at your donkey whose bones even are not intact In order that We may make you a sign for mankind – and look at the bones how We assemble them and then cover them wvith flesh “; so when the matter became clear to him, he said, “I know well that Allah is Able to do all things.”
Qur’an: al-Baqara 259.

When a nation begins to disobey Allah sends his punishments in various forms. And in this case, it was by sending an unjust ruler that troubled the people. This story also highlights graphically the power of Allah to bring the dead back to life. The Prophets’ body was unaffected despite being soulless for one hundred years, Uzair was hidden from the rest of the people on earth but he was NOT dead. Allah was demonstrating his supreme powers to his messenger. And Allah knows everything.


Sayyiduna Ibrahim and the four birds

Sayyiduna Ibrahim once saw a dead man’s body in the sea. He saw that the fish and birds were eating from its remains. Having seen this spectacle, Ibrahim wanted to know how Allah would bring life back into dead bodies?
He had a belief that Allah brought the dead back to life, but the dead man was inside the stomachs of the fish, birds, and animals.
So Allah told Ibrahim to collect four birds and to kill them. Then he was ordered to place these minced birds on different hills and go to a far place and call out for the birds. Ibrahim did exactly what his Lord told him to do.
He took a peacock, pigeon chicken, and crow and made mincemeat out of them. I have placed them on the hill far away and called them as ordered.
When he did so, each of the birds separated from each other and came back into their original form in front of Ibrahim.
And when Ibrahim said, “My Lord! Show me how You will give life to the dead”; He said, “Are you not certain of it?” Ibrahim said, “Surely yes, why not? But because I wish to put my heart at ease”; He said, “: Therefore, take four birds [as pets] and cause them to become familiar to you, then place a part of each of them on separate hills, then call them – they will come running towards you; and know well that Allah is Almighty, Wise. Qur’an: al-Baqara 260 & Khazahinul Irfan 19
First of all let us clarity the fact that that Ibrahim did not ever doubt Allah’s nov bet wanted to see for his own comfort.
Secondly, the story clearly illustrates the power of the Lord to give life to somethiìng dead. We also learn that dead beings can listen otherwise Allah would not have ordered Ibrahim to call the dead birds. Not only did he call out to the birds but from a long distance as well.
So who dares to say that Allah’s Prophets are dead and that it is heedless to call them from far? Maybe these people who claim to obey the Qur’an should examine it much closer. • 62.
g and the ax Ibrahim was born in the times of Nimrud. The people worshiped idols and other false deities. Ibrahim one day asked the idol worshipers why they persisted in worshiping stone that can do no harm or good. The people responded by saying that their forefathers did so. Ibrahim, who wasn’t afraid to speak the truth, told them that their forefathers were wrong and misguided. One day the idol worshipers went to a fair outside the city. Ibrahim went into their temple and with his ax smashed all the idols in the place except for the largest one.
Ibrahima left the ax on the idols’ shoulders so as to look like it had committed the deed. When the polytheists returned they saw the spectacle inside the temple and began pondering about who committed such a ‘crime. They then remembered what Ibrahim had said to them and summoned him to the temple. They asked Ibrahim what he had done to their gods? Ibrahim pointed towards the biggest idol and asked the people why they didn’t ask it as to who did the damage? But they responded that the idol cannot speak. Ibrahim said to the people that if the idol can’t speak to you then why do you worship it?
Qur’an: Anbiya Si-66 79
To worship any deity other than Allah is Shirk. Allah forgives any sin but Shirk, it is therefore a very important and fundamental issue in Islam, In the Qur’an, Allah says n do-nillah ‘which means other than Allah. People mistakenly out of ignorance include Allah’s friends (Awliyah) In this statement, In this way, they attribute the visiting of the saints’ shrines as Shirk.
These allegations are baseless and have no value as no Muslim ever goes to a shrine to worship them but to worship Allah alone. • 63.

The debate between Ibrahim and Nimrud

A debate once took place between Sayyiduna Ibrahim and Nimrud. Nimrud Who is this God to which you call us? Ibrahim My Allah is the one who gives life and takes it away Nimrud I have that ability Nimrud ordered two men to appear in front of him. He ordered one to be killed and the other to be spared. Nimrud Look! I killed one and spared the other so I have the ability to give and take life Ibrahim Allah raises the sun from the east. If you have the power
then raise it from the west? Nimrud heard this and fell silent!
Qur’an: al-Baqara 258
People in the past who made false claims to divinity fell silent to the simple answer of Allah’s Prophets. This was after all one of the reasons why Allah sent the prophet ofter prophet to mankind to remind them that there Lord is Allah and He is One and He alone is to be worshiped, • 19 •
Nimrud’s fire Having suffered defeat at the hands of Sayyiduna Ibrahim in the debate, Nimrud made Allah’s Khalil his number one enemy.
I have arrested Ibrahim and ordered the creation of a huge fire in which Ibrahim would be put in it. Sayyiduna Ibrahim was not afraid at all and had total confidence in Allah. This is reflected in the fact that Ibrahim was saying ‘Hasbiyallaho wa nimal wakeel’ (‘Allah is my protector’).
When Ibrahim l was placed on the fire, Allah ordered the fire to cool in such a way that no harm was inflicted on his Khalil.
It was one of Ibrahim’s miracles that despite the creation of a huge fire the size of a city, Ibrahim was totally unharmed.
Qur’an: Anbiya 67-70
The enemies of Allah and his Prophets always try to inflict pain on them but no harm comes to them at all, The truth will always prevail. Indeed Allah has power over everything. 19
• 65.

Khalil and Jibreel

When Ibrahim was put under fire, Jibreel came to his service and asked him if he needed any help. Ibrahim l was not at all frightened and libreel asked why this was the case. Ibrahim asked him who the fire? Jibreel answered that Nimrud did. And who put this idea in Nimrud’s head asked Ibrahim. Jibreel replied that Allah did. Ibrahim Khalilullah said “There is the order of Allah and here is the happiness of Khalil”. I.e. it is the wish of Allah that I am tested in this way, therefore I do not require your services. Nuzhatul Majaalis The fire of Nimrud was a test of Ibrahim’s devotion to Allah. Despite building a huge fire Nimrud could not even bring the slightest harm to Allah’s Khalil. Indeed Allah is the protector of those who remember Him and fear Him. Ibrahim did not accept Jibreel ‘s offer because it would have taken away from the real test Allah was giving him. • 99 •

Jibreel ‘s speed

One day, our Prophet asked Sayyiduna Jibreel if he ever traveled at full speed. Jibreel said Ya Rasulallah! I have worked at full speed on four occasions. The Prophet then asked him when those four
occasions were. The first case Jibreel cited was when Ibrahim was placed in Nimrud’s fire. At the time I was near the Arsh (throne) when Allah ordered me to go and cool the fire of Nimrud so that Ibrahim a was not harmed. I left the Arsh and descended the seven heavens and reached earth in time to cool the fire. The second time I went at maximum speed was when Ibrahim had placed his beloved son Isma’il a on a stone in Mina and was about to sacrifice him for the sake of Allah. (See following story). Allah ordered me to go to heaven and take a lamb and rush to Mina and place it before Ibrahim and save Isma’il, I reached Mina via the heavens with the lamb before Ibrahim had struck the knife. The third case was when the brothers of Yusuf placed him in the well with a rope. As the brothers were about to throw him in, Allah ordered me to go to the Earth and save Yusuf before he fell to the bottom of the well. I reached the well and placed my wings underneath Yusuf thus cushioning his fall. And Ya Rasulallah! The final time I went at full speed was when it was when you had hurt one of your teeth in battle. Rasulallah already! Allah ordered me to stop your blood reaching the ground otherwise until the end of the world no plant or tree would grow. So hearing this, I dashed from the heavens and reached you and saved the blood with my wings! Ruhul Bayan If Jibreel can move at such great speed then what about our Prophet! Could we possibly contemplate how the Prophet traveled on the night of Mi’raj after Sidra tul Muntahu when Jibreel said he could go no further? 99

The Great Sacrifice Sayyiduna Ibrahim

one night had a dream in which a voice from the unknown came and said to him that he must sacrifice his one and only son Isma’il. Ibrahim, obeying the orders of Allah took his son Isma’il to Mina. Ibrahim took a rope and knife with him. Isma’il a asked his beloved father why he had the knife and rope with him? Ibrahim aware of his duty to carry out Allah’s commands told his are that he had a dream in which Allah ordered him to sacrifice him. Isma’il displayed remarkable composure and said, “If this is the will of Allah then so be it! InshaAllah I will show patience.” Sayyiduna Ibrahim then prepared his son for sacrifice placing him on a stone with a blindfold and tying his hands and feet. At this time, Allah ordered Jibreel to take a lamb from the heavens and place it underneath the knife of Ibrahim. As Ibrahim struck the knife, Jibreel had come and placed the lamb underneath it and saved Isma’il from the impending sacrifice. Allah tested Ibrahim’s patience and devotion and on both counts he succeeded. Qur’an: Saffaat 102-111 Sayyiduna Ibrahim was told by Allah to sacrifice his only son for the sake of Allah. It was the same son that Ibrahim waited years and years for. The annual offering of a lamb or sheep in the way of Allah on Eid-ul-Adha is a symbolic gesture of what Ibrahim was willing to do for the sake of Allah so that we may also learn and benefit from devotion and patience.

Pharoah’s dream

• 68. Pharoah’s dream The Pharaoh had a dream one night that his throne had turned upside down and fell. Worried about the meaning of this dream he asked his minister’s what this meant. He was told that such a child would be born who will topple his power. The Pharaoh took the desperate measure of killing every baby boy that was born from that day on so that this child would not threaten his power. So it was in this context that one of Allah’s dearest Prophet’s Sayyiduna Musa was born. Musa’s mother was worried about the safety of her child. Allah had put in her mind the thought that she should place him in the river if the Pharaoh’s men came to her house to search for a baby. One day, Musa’s mother felt that her attempt to protect her son was growing riskier by the day that she placed her baby son of about three months into a basket and placed him onto the river. The basket carrying Musa e was going down stream when it passed the Pharaoh’s palace. Aasia, the wife of Pharaoh, saw the box and ordered her servants to fish the basket out of the river. They did so and when Aasia opened the basket she saw the radiant and beautiful face of Musa. The glow from Musa’s e innocent face was such that even Pharaoh fell in love with the little baby. But he quickly came back to his evil senses after his advisers warned him that this could be the child that threatened his power. He wanted to xecute this child along with the thousands of other innocent babies that he had slaughtered in order to save his kingdom. Aasia who was a pious woman somehow convinced her husband that this child should not be hurt in anyway at all, but in fact should be raised in their palace. Aasia went in search of a foster mother to feed Musa. Foster mothers were called but the baby did not accept any of the milk offered 89
to him. Even the Pharaoh was worried by it. Meanwhile Musa’s mother was missing her baby son. Maryam, Musa’s sister found out that the basket carrying her brother had reached the palace. She also knew about the fact that Musa was not accepting milk. Maryam ran to the palace and told the palace that she knew of a woman whose milk the baby would not refuse. Pharaoh in desperation ngreed to call this foster mother. Maryam went back home and told ber mother that Musa was at the palace waiting to be fed. She went to the palace and found her son crying. She took him in her arms and began to feed her. The Pharaoh asked the mother as to why the baby accepted her milk and not of the other foster mothers? She replied that she was a clean, pious woman. He ordered that this woman should feed the baby from now on. But the responsibility of his upbringing he took upon himself. Musa continued to be fed from his mother until he left having milk. Musa continued to live in the palace. Qur’an: Ta Ha 38-41 & Qassas 3-13, Khazahinul Irfan This story graphically illustrates Allah’s power to protect his chosen people. It is nothing short of a miracle that of all the babies that could have ended outside the door’s of the palace that it would be Sayyiduna Musa, It leaves us in no doubt that on the face of it humans look after Allah’s Prophets in childhood but in reality it is Allah who takes personal responsibility for their safety and upbringing. The incident with the foster mother shows that Musa at a der age knew who his mother was. The parents of all Prophets (Alayhis Salam Ajmaeen) are pure and pious and to believe contrary to that is against the teachings of Islam. The story illustrates the fact that Prophets have superior knowledge even as babies because they know their mother’s milk from others. So on what basis do people today claim that Prophet’s are just like us?

Pharoah’s daughter

• 69 Pharoah’s daughter The Pharaoh had a daughter who was ill. He tried long and hard to find a cure for his daughter. One day he was told to take her to the river and a cure might be found there. The Pharaoh and his wife Aasia went to the river with their daughter. It was there that they saw Musa’s basket pass by when it was brought to them. Aasia fell in love immediately with Musa on seeing him. Musa was sucking his thumb at the time. The daughter also fell in love with the glowing face of Musa. Musa a took some of his saliva and placed it on the body of the girl. No sooner had he done that was the girl cured from her illness. Nuzhatul Majaalis Musa at a tender age showed a miracle that cured a sick child. The saliva of Sayyiduna Musa was blessed that caused the cure of the Pharaoh’s daughter. This miracle shows that Prophethood starts at birth and not at a later date. • 0L • Musa’s punch Sayyiduna Musa was thirty years old when one day he left the palace and went out into the city. What he saw there were two men arganno with each other. One man was the Pharaoh’s cook and the other wao
an Israelite. The cook wanted to take a bundle of wood to the palace ordering the Israelite to carry it. Musa told the cook not to force the man like this but the cook did not listen. Musa then punched the cook so hard that he killed him. Qur’an: Qassas 14-21 & Ruhul Bayan The Prophets of Allah came to help the oppressed people. We also learn that Allah’s Prophets are strong characters morally and physically. The strength of Allah’s Prophets is unlike normal human beings. • 71.

Musa’s smack

Musa’s smack The Angel of Death approached Sayyiduna Musa who welcomed him with such a smack on the face that one of his eyes fell out. Izra’il went to Allah and said, “Today you have sent me to a person who does not want to die and meet you.” Allah repaired Izra’il’s damaged eye and told him to go back to Musa this time with a bull and to tell Musa to place his hand on the bull. And the amount of hairs that were underneath that hand will be the number of years he could decide to live if he so wished. Musa asked the Angel of Death whether he would come after that time? Izra’il replied yes. Musa however was prepared to meet his Lord and asked the Angel to take his life away. Mishkat Sharif The status of Allah’s Prophet is such that if he so wishes he could slap the Angel of Death and cause him harm. The reason as to why Musa slapped Izra’il was not because he was afraid of death. On the contrary Musa l could not wait to see
Allah. The reason scholars cite is the fact that Musa wanted to tell Izra’il that he should seek permission of Allah’s chosen people before meeting them. In short he was teaching him Adab. Musa l wanted to remind Izra’il that when he will appear before the Final Prophet he should do so with his permission. We also learn that the prophets preferred the hereafter to this world. • 72.

The well of Madyan

The well of Madyan When the Pharaoh had found out that Musa had killed his cook and was helping the oppressed, he ordered the killing of Musa, A man heard about this and ran and told Musa about Pharaoh’s plans. Musa a left his home and went to Madyan. He had no guide with him and had little idea which way to go. Allah appointed an angel to guide Sayyiduna Musa to Madyan. On reaching there he saw a well where people were giving water to their livestock. Musa saw two girls standing to one side with their livestock. Musa asked them why they were not feeding their livestock. They told him that they cannot and what they do is wait for everyone to go and what ever water is left at the top of the well we give to our livestock. Musa went to a well nearby which had a massive boulder on it. In the past people tried to move this boulder but failed whereas Musa e succeeded. He got water out for tihe girls’ livestock and fed them. The two girls went home and told have father Sayyiduna Shoaib about this traveler. Sayyiduna Shoaib and brought Musa to Sayyiduna Shoaib, They met and Musa told Prophet Shoaib what happened since his birth up till that fatal sier heard this and told one of them to go and call him. One of them went. Quran Qassas 22-28 & Khazahinul Irjan Shoaib told his guest not to worry as he was under his protection. 72
• 74.

The Snake Sayyiduna Musa

The Snake Sayyiduna Musa used to carry a long stick with him. When Muse saw the burning bush, Allah told Musa to throw his stick to tk ground. Musa u did so and was terrified to see that his stick had turned into a big, venomous snake. Allah told Musa not to be scared of the snake and told Musa to pick the snake up. When Musa grabbed hold of the snake it automatically turned back into his stick again. Allah told his beloved Musa that this miracle was given to him so that he could defeat the Pharaoh. Qur’an: Ta Ha 10-16 & Qassas 31 It is Allah’s divine wisdom that He prepares His Prophets with some miracles so that the people would readily accept the truth. Commentators of Qur’an and Hadith see a parallel between this story and our Nabi’s Mi’raj. Namely that it was Allah’s Hikmat (wisdom) to show himself to his beloved Nabi on the night of Mi’raj so that on the Day of Judgment, our Nabi will not become scared as well when Allah will display His wrath. Had Allah not called our Nabi to the Mi’raj then our Nabi like the other Prophets (Alayhis Salam Ajmaeen) would be scared of Allah to intercede on our behalf on the Day of Judgment. • 75. The Snake’s attack Sayyiduna Musa went to the Pharaoh to preach the truth revealed
is Musa’s Sunnah to help people whoever they may be, Allah continually protects his messengers from harm. He also guides them to safety. It • 73.

The burning bush

Savyiduna Musa stayed with Sayyiduna Shoaib for ten years. In that time he had married one of Shoaib’s l daughters. Musa sought his host’s permission to go back to Egypt to see his mother. He did so taking his wife. At the time it was very very cold. (Some commentators say that it was snowing). Musa went in search for some place for them to stay at night. Musa looked out for help and saw in the distance a burning image. He told his wife to stay there while he went to investigate. When Musa reached the burning object he saw a green bush which from top to bottom was alight but not burning. And when Musa wanted to get nearer to the fire the fire would by itself distance it self from Musa i.e. it kept a certain distance from him. Musa was somewhat baffled by what he was seeing. Out of nowhere a voice spoke and saidO Musa! I am the Lord of all the worlds. You have come to a very pure place. Listen carefully for I have chosen you ‘. Qur’an Ta Ha 17-21 & Qassas 29-30 & Khazahinul Irfan Prophethood is granted by Allah and cannot be attained. It is contrary to the teachings of Islam to think that it can be attained. It is wrong to think that Allah was inside the burning bush, because Allah is everywhere and yet nowhere. Allah is above the dimensions of time and space. Any people who claim to be Muslims and say that Allah 15 in the heavens or is constrained by time or space are wrong.
to him by Allah. He told him that he was Allah’s Messenger and that he should give up his false claims of being god and should worship the one and true Allah. Pharaoh responded by saying that if he was a Prophet that he should prove it? Musa put his stick on to the ground, which turned into a snake. This snake had grown so much that the snake stood (as a cobra does) at a height of one mile. The snake opened its jaw and threatened the people. The Pharaoh had left his throne and ran away to safety. Musa grabbed hold of the snake and it turned into his staff once again. Qur’an: Al-Araaf 103-108; Khazahinul Irfan Musa put into practice the miracle Allah granted him. Allah’s messengers showed such miracles and powers, that Pharaoh the ‘great’ king was left speechless and helpless, • 9L • The defeat of the magicians The Pharaoh felt humiliated by what had happened. So what he did was to call upon all the magicians in his kingdom and told them to defeat Musa, He thought that Musa had learned magic. So his courtiers went about assembling a team of magicians that would try and defeat Musa, Thousands of magicians turned up for this challenge. The challenge took place on a day which the annual fair took place where people came far and near and displayed their ornaments for buying and selling, They came with their sticks and ropes while Musa came with his staff. They said, “Should we cast first or should you?” Musa said “You cast first,” so they did. The Pharaoh’s team got to work and set on the ground thousands of snakes. Musa saw what they did and waited
for them all to finish. Musa then placed his stick on the ground, like the two previous occasions, it turned into a large snake. Musa’s snake then went about swallowing up all the other false snakes wn it had done that, Musa picked up his snake, which once again turned back into a stick. The team of magicians was defeated and was shocked and bewildered by what they saw. All the magicians gave up their animosity towards Musa prostrating and accepted Islam saying “W. believe in the Lord of the worlds! The Lord of Musa and Harun” and wholeheartedly rejected the Pharaoh. Qur’an: Al-Araaf 109-126; Khazahinul Irfan Allah’s mercy and help can defeat even thousands and thousands of false challengers. When the magicians saw what Musa did was not magic they realized the truth and took his allegiance. They were not scared at all to reject Pharaoh by openly declaring that they now believed in the Lord of Musa and Harun (Alayhis Salam Ajmaeen) • LL • The floods Despite the defeat, the Pharaoh still did not come to his senses. Musa made a supplication to Allah in which he said ‘O Allah! The Pharaoh has become a rebel from the Truth and his nation is also stuck in his ways. Send such a punishment that would weaken him and strengthen my people! Allah accepted Musa’s prayer and sent a massive storm. It rained continuously and so heavily that the houses of the supporters of Pharaoh were flooded which drowned them. But the miraculous thing was that the floods did not affect the houses of the followers of Musa. When the people saw this strange occurrence that it was flooded in 94
some houses and not in the other they came to Musa and asked him to highlight them of their troubles, and that they would readily believe him. Musa made another supplication and the waters subsided. Qur’an: Al-Araaf 130-131, Khazahinul Irfan & Ruhul Bayan ifects: The Almighty Allah controls the heavens and the earth and determines Now water flows. This miracle shows that a force like a flood can be controlled tn Water is a necessity of life, but when Allah sends it as a punishment it has devastating devastating effect. • 78 •

The locusts: The people of Pharaoh

The locusts The people of Pharaoh were constantly frustrating Musa, Whenever Musa prayed for their punishment, Allah would do so. The people would pretend to come to their senses and asked Musa for help. After the floods had subsided, the fields had turned green, i.e. things began to grow, and the harvest was good. Fruits were growing on the trees that people had never tasted before. But the people once again became ungrateful and were attributing the crop success to themselves. They turned their backs on Musa again and began to disobey his orders.
Musa said again prayed for a punishment. This time Allah sent locusts that destroyed all the fields and trees. The damage was to such an extent that the doors and roofs of the liars were eaten up by the locusts. Like with the previous punishment, the houses of the Israelites were unaffected, and like before the people came to Musa for salvation from their woes. Musa prayed for the punishment to stop which it did. te people again promised to keep faith in Musa but time and time LL
Again, they broke their promise.
Qur’an: Al-Araaf 132, Khazahinul Irfan & Ruhul Bayan
The punishment of the locusts is the second in a series of seven punishments Musa prayed for the Egyptian people. The people never came to their senses and returned to their old habits. •

The Toads After the Punishment of the Locusts

, the people temporarily came to their senses and began again to believe in Musa. But like before they could not keep to their word and once again a punishment was sent.
This time as a punishment a plague of toads was sent on them. Everywhere you would look, toads were everywhere. Toads even got inside their kitchens and into the food they cooked.
Again, like before, the Egyptians came and sought Musa mercy and once again Musa l prayed for the punishment to be lifted. But like before, the promise would not last long.
Khazahinul Irfan & Ruhul Bayan
The promises made by non-Muslims who see the truth in front of them is worthless. They cannot be trusted. It is the sign of the believer that they keep their promises.
08 • Rivers of blood The Egyptians broke their promise to Musa. The punishment sent this time was that the water turned into blood.
The amazing thing was that for the Israelites the water they took from any water source remained water. That is to say that the punishment distinguished between believer and non-believer.
The Egyptians went to such an extent to get water that they would get their Egyptian slaves to put the water in their mouth, which would remain water, and then to ‘spit’ the water into the mouth of the Egyptian master. But when they tried to do that even then the water turned into blood.
And when an Israelite extracted water from a well it was water but if the Egyptians did it would turn into blood. The Egyptians became so desperate for water that they tried to suck the moisture from the bark of trees. But even that for them turned into blood.
Once again the infidels came to Musa for help and again Musa prayed for the punishment to be lifted. But the promise did not last.
Khazahinul Irfan & Ruhul Bayan •
81. By this time, the downfall of Pharaoh Sayyiduna Musa had lost all confidence in the Egyptians in accepting his mission. So it was at this moment in time that Musa
• 82.

cause of Pharaoh’s downfall,

Tibreel once sent the Pharaoh a letter asking him his opinion of what be thought should be the suitable punishment for a person who was loved and who looked after the wealth but was ungrateful for it and who also denied the need to be grateful to the extent that he believed that he was infallible? Pharaoh replied that such a person should drown.
So when he was drowning in the Sea, Jibreel came and showed him the ruling the Pharaoh himself made. Khazahinul Irfan Allah humiliated Pharaoh in such a way that his demise was exactly how he himself says it should be. Jibreel happily showed the letter to him reminding him of his opinion. • 83.

Sayyiduna Musa and the old woman

When Musa 0 parted the sea, he saw that the animals the Israelites were riding on had turned their faces away. Musa asked Allah the reason for this. Allah told Musa that his messenger Yusuf was buried nearby and that he was instructed to exhume his body and to rebury it according to Anan’s command. Musa then went about finding out from any
finally prayed for their downfall. Musa said ‘O Allah! Destroy the wealth and make their hearts hard (sealed) so that they don’t accent ub truth until they see a truly awful punishment Allah told Musa ga that his prayer would be answered and he instructed him to take his people that night out of the kingdom. The female Israelites told their Egyptian counterparts that they were going to a fair and asked whether or not they minded taking their jewelry along.
Egyptian women willingly allowed the Israelites to take the jewelry not knowing that they wouldn’t see the women or jewelry ever again.
The Pharaoh found out that the Israelites were leaving and told every one of his citizens to join him in stopping them from leaving.
The Israelites, according to estimates numbered 600,000 while the followers of the Pharaoh were double that. The morning had come, and Musa and his people had reached the shores of the Red Sea as he saw Pharaoh and his people coming after them behind him.
With nowhere to go, Allah ordered Musa to strike his staff on the ground. Musa did so and the Red Sea in front of him parted into twelve paths providing the Israelites a pathway to the Promised Land. The Egyptians by this time were also crossing the Red Sea when the final Israelites had passed the crossing. With the enemies in the sea, Allah ordered the water to drown all the followers of Pharaoh. Pharaoh drowned and Musa led his people to the Promised Land. Qur’an: Yunus 88-92 &
Ruhul Bayan
This is the culmination of the victory of truth over falsehood for Sayyiduna Musa. The Pharaoh and his blind followers drowned while the Banu Israel found refuge in Musa’s mercy.
Whoever Allah guides no one can lead astray. And whoever 1te leads astray, no one can guide,
of the Israelites whether or not they knew exactly where Yusuf Wa was buried. Musa A met this woman who knew where he was buried.
The old woman however would not tell him where the blessed grave was until he prayed for whatever she wanted, Musa H told the woman he would pray for her. ‘So what do you want?’ said Musa Ka to the old woman.
The old woman replied that she wanted to go to Paradise with him! Musa replied hesitantly. But Allah ordered Musa 2 to accept her supplication, telling him that no shortcomings could result when the prayer is accepted.
The old woman then told Musa where the blessed grave of Sayyiduna Yusuf was and Musa then completed his task of reburying Yusuf Tabarani Sharif.
It is every Prophet’s (Alayhis Salam Ajmaeen) prerogative to grant and pray for what they ask from Allah. If they pray for Jannah to be a believer, this is possible. • 84.

The Jewish deviation

Having crossed the Red Sea and on their way to the Promised Land, the Israelites came across a people who worshiped idols. The idol that caught the eye of the Israelites was an idol in the shape of a cow. They asked Musa whether or not they could have an idol like that to worship?
Musa became angry and told them that it was against everything he strove for that he allowed them to worship something other than Allah! Qur’an Al-Araaf 148-149 82 |
began searching for this cow but struggled to do so. They eventually found a cow resembling the detailed description given by Musa which belonged to an orphan. The orphan’s father was a pious man, who left a calf for his son so that one day it may come to use.
The boy, like his father, grew up to be a pious person. One day the orphan’s mother told him that his father had left him a cow. She told her son to go and get it from the jungle where it was grazing.
The boy went into the jungle and saw the cow. The boy brought the cow home when his mother told him to take it to the market and sell it for three dinars.
The condition of any sale, the mother told her son, was that he was to come and inform her before he completed the transaction. The boy went to the market and tried to sell his cow.
An angel in the form of a man came to the boy and offered six dinars on the condition that he sold it without any consultation. The boy rejected the offer and explained to the man why he could not accept his generous offer. The boy went home and told his mother of what just happened.
Upon hearing this, the mother told the boy to try and sell it now for six diners. And like before, the mother told her son not to sell without consultation.
The boy again went to the market in an attempt to sell the cattle. Another man (actually an angel) came and offered twelve dinars, The boy was again forced to reject the deal and explained to the prospective buyer why.
Like before the boy went home and told his mother of the incident. The mother realized that the buyer was not a man but an angel.
She knew that the angel was testing their patience. The mother told her son to go and ask the man (angel) if the animal will be sold or not? The boy did so and was told by the angel to sell the cow to a particular Israelite for a certain price.
The boy brought the cow back home. The boy took the cow to the house of the murderer.
The cow was slaughtered and a piece of meat from it was taken and was struck on the murdered corpse. No sooner had they done that did the corpse come to life. The tesurrected body spoke and said that his nephew had killed him. Qur’an al-Baqara 66-73;
Ruhul bayan
Musa heavily condemned the act of Shirk the Israelites were committing. We also learn that blessings were obtained from Jibreel, If this is the case then what will be the status and blessings of that soil in which Allah’s Prophets (Alayhis Salam Ajmaeen) and his Awliyah (May Allah be pleased with them all) are buried in ? Samiri sa benefits / barakah in Jibreel ‘s dust. So why is it that some so-called Muslims tod say that Allah’s’ Prophets can’t do anything for us?
Does that mean that Saimiri is more Iman (faith) than today’s so-called Muslims? • 98 •

The Cow Islamic Stories of Prophets

A wealthy but childless Israelite was killed by his nephew. His body was disposed of outside the city. The next day he returned to acting as a claimant for the brutal murder. The people asked Musa to pray to Allah so that the identity of the murderer may be known, Musa told the people that Allah has ordered you to slaughter a cow. This cow will then be stuck on the victim, who will come alive and tell us who committed the crime. The people were shocked and surprised as to what Sayyiduna Musa was saying. But Musa quickly reassured them and told them to do exactly what he had said.
The people then began to ask Musa about the cow’s features? Musa replied that it should neither be too young nor too old. The people then asked their Messenger about the color of the cow? Allah informed his messenger that it should be a yellowish color, which when people look at it, it leaves them happy.
The people continued to gather information from Musa so that no mistake was made about the identity of the cow. Musa told the people that the cow should be such that which hasn’t worked and which doesn’t have any marks or blemishes on it. Having gathered all the information, the people on Musa command
Despite the blessings of Allah and his Messenger being showered on these people, they still resorted to daft demands that went against everything they were taught and struggled for. • 85 • The Golden Calf Amongst the Israelites was a goldsmith called Samiri, who came from the tribe of Samara. This tribe worshiped idols. When Samiri joined the Israelites and accepted their faith, he still had inclinations towards idols. This inclination was sparked again when they saw the cow shaped idol at the Red Sea. So when Musa went to Mount Tur (Sinai) to receive the revelations, Samiri found his opportunity to make an idol for the people. Samiri used gold and jewelery to make a calf shaped idol. He then put some soil on it, thus giving the idol the ability to speak. The Israelites then began to worship the golden calf. Musa came back furious to see that within the time he was away, the Israelites had reverted to idol worshiping. Musa asked Samiri what he had done? Samiri told Musa that at the time of the Red Sea miracle, he was fortunate to see Jibreel E on a horse, which emitted green smoke as it, went past. He went to where the horse went by and grabbed hold of some of the soil. and placed this special soil on the golden calf that enabled it to speak. “I like this idol and I am proud of what I have done.” Musa told him that if this was the case then from this day on anybody t near him was hurt, After a while Samiri went into exile in the Jungle where he lived out the rest of his life in disgrace. who comes near and touches you will get burnt. Hence anybody that Qur’an: Ta Ha 95-104 &
Ruhul Bayan


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