Ibrahim and the axe – The Story of Prophet Ibrahim

Ibrahim and the axe – The Story of Prophet Ibrahim


Ibrahim and the axe idols and other false deities. Ibrahim was one day asked if Ibrahim was born in the time of Nimrud.

The people worshiped worshipers for why they persisted in worshiping stones that can do harm or good. The people responded by saying that their forefathers did so.

Ibrahim, who wasn’t afraid to speak the truth, told them that + thei forefathers were wrong and misguided. One day the idol worshipers went to a fair outside the city. Ibrahim e went into their temple and with his ax smashed all the idols in the place except for the largest one. Ibrahim left the ax on the idols shoulders so as to look like is had committed the deed. When the polytheists returned they saw the spectacle inside the temple and began pondering about who committed such a ‘crime! They then remembered what Ibrahim had said to them and summoned him to the temple. They asked Ibrahim what he had done to their gods? Ibrahim pointed towards the biggest idol and asked the people why they didn’t ask it as to who did the damage? But they responded that the idol cannot speak. Ibrahim said to the people that if the idol can’t speak to you then why do you worship it?

Qur’an: Anbiya 51-66

To worship any delty other than Allah is Shirk. Allah forgives any sin but Shirk, it is therefore a very Important and fundamental Issue in Islam. In the Qur’an, Allah says min do-nillah ‘which means’ other than Allah. People mistakenly out of ignorance Include Allah friends (Awllyah) In this statement. In this way they attribute the visiting of the saints shrines as Shirk. These allegations are baseless and have no value as no Muslim ever goes to a shrine to worship them but to worship Allah alone.