How to Taste the True Beauty of Salah

How to Taste the True Beauty of Salah

A Little Shake-Up
We now come to “Maaliki Yaumi-Deen” (Master of the Day of Judgment!)…Why does Allah choose the word “Maalik” (Master, Lord, sovereign)? This is because any authority or power that was granted to creation in this life will be neutralized completely then! All dominion and power will now belong to the real King!
In fact, no one can even utter a word or intercede for anyone else until He permits it. There are two recitations for this word: Maaliki (from ownership) and
(from the sovereignty of a king) Two meanings to demonstrate Allah’s sole and absolute control and authority on that dreaded day:
When the sky is cleft asunder… When the sun is folded up… When the
stars dim and fall… When the mountains vanish.. When the oceans boil

over… When the earth is pounded… When the beasts are herded… When
the graves are overturned… (see 81; 82; 84; 89)
When man will flee from his own brother, and from his mother and his
father, and from his spouse and his children… (80:34).
On that day you will see it, every nursing mother will forget the child she
was nursing, and every pregnant woman will drop her load, and it will

seem to you that all mankind is drunk- although they will not be drunk,
but the punishment of Allah is severe!(22:2)
On that day, the heavens will be rolled up like written scrolls! (See
21:104) …And the heavens will be rolled up in His right hand…(39:67)
And the trumpet will be sounded and all that are in the heavens and the
earth will fall senseless… (39:68)
Who is left? The angel of the trumpet. o Allah takes his soul. Who is left? No one. And Our Lord calls, “To
Whom does the dominion belong today?!”


No answer. “To Whom does
the dominion belong today?!”

No answer. “To Whom does the
dominion belong today?!” Dead silence. Allah finally answers Himself and declares,
“To Allah, The One, The Overpowering!” (40:16)
Then a second (trumpet) is sounded, when, behold, they will stand and
look on.. (39:68)
And the earth will shine bright with the light of its Lord! (39:69)
And your Lord stands revealed, and His angels, rank upon rank! And
Hell, on that day, is brought face to face.. (89:22)
And the sun draws near above the heads, on a day the length of which will be 50,000 years! How can we be saved from the horrors of that day?? The answer, coming up next.

In the meantime, let’s call upon these real images with “ Maaliki Yaumi-Deen”. As you recite it in your prayer, pause upon it for a while. These words should not fall upon deaf ears and closed hearts, for a true Muslim’s heart always oscillates between hope and fear. Hope for Allah’s mercy and fear of Allah’s displeasure and punishment.



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