How to fix mouse problems in Windows 10/11

How to fix mouse problems in Windows 10/11



You can fix mouse and touchpad problems like disappearing, not responding, click not working in windows 10 by four simple methods. Note: As the mouse may not be working you can use tab key (key just above caps lock), Arrow keys, sapcebar (for checking an option), and enter key for navigation.

Method 1: 0m19s Disable “hide pointer while typing”:

Method 2: 1m36s Uninstall the touchpad driver from device manager. Note: Please don’t delete the driver. just uninstall! Restart your computer to restore the uninstalled driver

Method 3: 2m33s turn off fast start-up from power options in control panel

Method 4: 3m44s Their is a button on the top of the keyboard that turns touchpad on or off. The buttons differs across the models Fn+F3= Dell Fn+F9= Toshiba Fn+F6= Lenovo Fn+F7= Acer Note: If you don’t have Fn key (just beside left Ctl Key) press only the key you have like F6 Please press Windows key+D key to come to the desktop. Press Alt F4 to shutdown/restart to apply the changes. Thanks for the time 🙂 Will be happier for your likes and comments Love you all

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