How to Change Laptop Lid Open Action in Windows 10

How to Change Laptop Lid Open Action in Windows 10 [Tutorial]








hello everyone how are you doing
this is Andy tech here with another
a quick tutorial in today’s its woman she
goes how to change the laptop lid open
activation on your Windows computer so
if you automatically turn on your
computer by opening up your lid and
perhaps you don’t need to press the
power button you want to turn that
either on or off

in today’s this one I’m gonna show you
guys how to do that so pretty for
the process here and we’re gonna start by
opening up the Start menu and you want
to type in CMD best match to go back
with CMD or command prompt you want to
right-click on that and then select run
as an administrator, if you receive a user
account control prompt slightly yes you
know I’m gonna have a command in

description video I want you guys to
copy it and then go up to temp bar the
command prompt window here white click
on it, my phone edit and left on the paste to
paste it in hit Enter the keyboard once
you’ve done that you want to close out
of here and now open up the Start menu
type in control panel go ahead and open
that up so your view body to large icons
and then select power options from this

across from whatever plan is selected
you want to select each change plan
settings link
and then so I change advanced power
you want to locate the power buns and
lid selection here and suck a little
plus sign next to that and that should
be something that says lid open action
go ahead and select a little plus sign
after that, it should be a setting

listener here so if you want to turn on
or off the display, you can just go-ahead
and just make that change by selecting
this little dropdown here and so I can
do nothing or select turn on the display
so appreciate for process there guys

and once again one day I close it here
and that should be ready so as always
thanks for watching this brief tutorial
do hope I was able to help you out and I
do look forward to catching you all in
the next tutorial goodbye