Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq


Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (Radiyallahu Anh), whose real name was Abdullaah.  He was the son of Abu Qahafah, whose real name was Usman. His lineage was therefore Abdullaah  bin Usman  bin  Aamir  and  he  belonged  to  the  Quraysh  tribe  of Makkah.  He was amongst the vanguards of Islam, was one of the Khulafaa-e-Rashideen as well as amongst the Asharah Mubashara. He was the first man to accept Islam and gave everything he had for the sake of Islam. Allah (Azza wa Jalla) blessed him to Protect Rasulullaah  (Sallallahu Alahi Wasallam), to propagate the Islam and also blessed him with an exceptional level of Imaan and love for Allah (Azza wa Jalla). He  was  the sword  of  the  Muslims  in  the  struggle  against  the Munafiqen and enemies of Islam.




Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (Radiyallahu Anh) was born two and a half years after the Year of the Elephants.  From his youth, he was far distanced from the oppression  and  filth  that  is  associated  with  the  period  of Ignorance, while being imbued with all the praiseworthy traits of the  Arabs  of  the  time.  His character and behaviour was always exemplary and even before Islam, he forbade liquor for himself. He was an authority on Arab lineages and knew all the Arab families and tribes.  He was always assisting the poor and the weak and earned the respect of the rich and powerful as well.




The Arabs referred their disputes to him and accepted all the judgments he passed. He  therefore  enjoyed  much  acclaim  and respect  and  occupied  a  high  position  in  society.  He  was  an experienced  and  astute  businessman  and  also  an  expert  in  the interpretation of  dreams.  His untainted reputation and honour together with his unquestionable intelligence and farsightedness all complemented his handsome appearance and fair complexion. His build was lean, his eyes deep and his face and beard thin. He was a bosom friend of Rasulullaah (Sallallahu Alahi Wasallam) and one who accepted Islam without hesitation or question.




He spent his wealth to alleviate the suffering of the poor Muslims. He believed Rasulullaah (Sallallahu Alahi Wasallam) about the incident of Mi’raaj without hesitation and it was because of this that Rasulullaah (Sallallahu Alahi Wasallam) gave him the title of Siddiq. He privileged enough to accompany Rasulullaah (Sallallahu Alahi Wasallam) on the historic journey of Hijrah. This earned him the title of “Thaniyathnain (the second of the two), which has been immemorially recorded in the Qur’aan. After the Hijrah, he participated in all the expeditions that Rasulullaah (Sallallahu Alahi Wasallam) was part of and endured the trials in the struggle of Islam by the side of Rasulullaah (Sallallahu Alahi Wasallam).




He  spent  the  days  in  fasting  and  the  nights  in  worship  and  was detached from  the  luxuries  of  this  world.  He behaved humbly towards people and practiced thoroughly on the knowledge of Islam that he possessed. He left no stone unturned to engage in  good  and  was  renowned  for  the  softness  of  his  heart  which caused him to cry very easily. Rasulullaah (Sallallahu Alahi Wasallam) assured him safety from Jahannam and admission into Jannah. When  he  was  appointed  Khalifah,  he  dispatched  the  army  of Hazrat Usaama bin Zaid  Radhiyallahu Anhuma, ordered the armies to march against those  who  refused  to pay  zakaah. He was responsible for the conquests of many territories, gave the instruction for the Qur’an to be compiled into a single volume and ensured that Islam spread too many parts of the world.




He showed tremendous  respect  to  the  elders,  compassion  to  the youngsters  and  assisted  the  weak  to  secure  their  rights  from  the powerful.  He would walk while the commanders of his armies rode and he would even milk goats for the little children.  He had six children from four marriages. He was the companion of Rasulullaah (Sallallahu Alahi Wasallam) in his lifetime as well as in his grave and at the pond of Kawsar. He passed away in the year 13 A.H. and was buried beside Rasulullaah (Sallallahu Alahi Wasallam).



Allahs Name we begin with, The Compassionate Most Merciful As Salaatu Was Salaamu Alaika Ya Rasool’Allah The most exalted in the creation after the Ambia e Kiraam Alaihimus Salaam are the Blessed Sahaba (Companions) of Nabi Kareem .

Allah has blessed them with an excellence which none other has been blessed. They have been chosen and blessed with the honour of being the Blessed companions of Imam ul Ambia Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa.  These are those blessed souls who saw the Beloved Nabi  with the eyes of Imaan and left this world with Imaan.

They spent their days and nights quenching their spiritual thirst by admiring the most beautiful face of the most beautiful creation .  They served in the Court of the Greatest King , ever to walk upon this earth. They listened to the most beautiful and wise words of the most eloquent and wisest personality  ever.

They ate and drank together with the Blessed Nabi , through who’s Mercy the entire universe eats and drinks. They performed their Salaah behind the Imam  of All the Ambia Alaihimus Salaam, who brought us the Gift of Salaah.

They learnt Deen from the Blessed Nabi  who brought Deen e Islam by Allah’s Command, so who knew Deen better than them? However, there are still those from among the lowest of men who wish to challenge their words and their excellence! Remember, that if all the people of Deen are put together, they will never come close to the excellence of any one of the Beloved Companions of Nabi .In reality, those who have animosity for any Sahabi have no Deen.


Almighty Allah says in the Glorious Qur’an ‘And peace be upon His Chosen Servants’ [Surah An-Naml (27), Verse 59]


Imam ul Mufas’sireen Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Ab’bas Radi Allahu anhuma

while commentating on this verse of the Qur’an says, in this verse,

‘chosen servants’ refers to the Sahaba (companions) of Nabi Kareem .

This verse of the Qur’an and its Tafseer by Hazrat Ibn Ab’bas  gives

insight into the excellence bestowed upon the Sahaba e Kiraam (Allah is

pleased with them all).

Our Beloved Nabi  said, It is better for a servant to meet Allah carrying

the sins of all the other servants of Allah with him than to have animosity

against anyone of my Sahaba, because this is such a sin, which will not be

forgiven on the day of Qiyaamat.’

Allahu Akbar! Take heed to the words of our Beloved Nabi ! After

knowing this, there are still those who slander the Sahaba e Kiraam (Allah

is pleased with them all) and address them with contempt. Indeed, such

people will not be afforded the intercession of Nabi Kareem , and will

hence be deprived of forgiveness.



As Muslims, it is our duty to love and honour the Sahaba e Kiraam (Allah

is pleased with them all). We must always guard our tongues when we

discuss them. We have also to understand our Aqida concerning the

Sahaba e Kiraam (Allah is pleased with them all).

It is for this reason that I will now attempt to present some important

points on our Aqida, and the viewpoint of the Ahle Sunnah concerning

the Sahaba e Kiraam as stipulated by the learned Fuqaha:

1. After The Beloved Nabi  the First Righteous Khalifa is Hazrat Abu

Bakr Siddique, followed by Hazrat Umar e Farooq, then Hazrat Uthman e

Ghani, then Hazrat Ali e Murtada, and finally Hazrat Imam Hassan who

ruled for six months (Allah is pleased with them). These personalities are

known as the ‘Khulafa e Raashideen’, and their Khilaafat is known as the

‘Khilaafat e Raashida.’ Every one of them fulfilled their responsibilities

and discharged their duties as faithful representatives of the Beloved

Rasool , to the best of their abilities and with complete devotion.

2. After all the Nabis and Rasools, the greatest excellence in Allah’s

creation amongst all the humans, Jins and Angels, has been afforded to

Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique Radi Allahu Anhu, followed by Hazrat Umar e

Farooq, Hazrat Uthman e Ghani and after that Maula Ali (Allah is pleased

with them). Anyone who considers Hazrat Ali   as being more superior

to the other three Khulafa is misguided and a deviant.


3. After the Khulafa-e-Raashideen, the greatest status is afforded to the

Ashara Mubashara (the ten persons to whom the Beloved Rasool  gave

glad tidings of Jannat whilst they were still in this world), and Hazrat

Imam Hassan and Hussain, The Ashaab e Badr (the companions who

partook in the battle of Badr), the Ashaab Baitur Ridwaan (those who took

the oath of allegiance at the hands of the Beloved Rasool  under the

tree). All of them are Jannati without a doubt. (Allah is pleased with them


4. All the companions (Allah is pleased with them all) of the Beloved

Rasool  are virtuous and righteous. We should always address them

with utmost respect and dignity, as to do so is Fard (obligatory) upon us.

5. To think ill of any Sahabi is a sign of being a bud-madhab (deviant) and

a misguided person. Such a person is deserving of the fire of hell. To think

ill of a Sahabi is to harbour ill feelings against the Beloved Rasool .

Those who do this are Raafdis, even if he accepts the Khulafa e

Raashideen and claims to be a Sunni.

6. To insult Hazrat Ameer Mu’awiya, his father Hazrat Abu Sufyan and his

mother, Hazrat Hind (Allah is pleased with them all) is not acceptable.

7. Similarly, it is disallowed to speak ill of Hazrat Amr ibn A’as, Hazrat

Mughira, Hazrat Abu Musa Ash’ari or even Hazrat Wahshi who martyred

Hazrat Sayyidush Shuhada Hazrat Ameer-e-Hamza (Allah is pleased with

them all) before he (Hazrat Wahshi) accepted Islam.


It must also be noted that after accepting Islam, Hazrat Wahshi (Allah is

pleased with him) killed one of the Daj’jals, Musailama Kaz’zab who falsely

claimed to be a Prophet. He used to sadly say that he had martyred one of

the best amongst the people (before accepting Islam) and he (would

happily say) that he had killed the worst amongst people.

8. To disrespect any one of these companions is sinful and an act

deserving of punishment, even though it may not be as severe as

disrespecting Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Umar (Allah is pleased with


9. To slander and to reject the Khilaafat of Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat

Umar (Allah is pleased with them) is regarded by the learned Fuqaha

(Jurists) as kufr.

10. No matter how exalted a Wali may be, he can never reach the

excellence afforded to a Sahabi.


The Ashara Mubashara are the ten specially blessed companions who

were promised Jannat by the Beloved Rasool  while they were still in

this world. They are:

• Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique  

• Hazrat Umar e Farooq  

• Hazrat Uthman e Ghani  

• Hazrat Ali Murtada  

• Hazrat Talha ibn Ubaidullah  

• Hazrat Zubair ibn Al Awwam  

• Hazrat Abdur Rahman ibn Awf  

• Hazrat Sa’ad ibn Abi Waq-qas  

• Hazrat Sa’eed bin Zaid  

• Hazrat Abu Ubaidah ibn Al Jar’rah  



It is mentioned in the Hadith Shareef concerning the Ashara Mubashara

as follows:

Rasoolullah  said, Abu Bakr is in Jannat (Paradise), Umar is in Jannat,

Uthman is in Jannat, Ali is in Jannat, Talha is in Jannat, Zubair is in Jannat,

Abdur Rahman bin Awf is in Jannat, Sa’ad is in Jannat, Sa’eed is in Jannat

and Abu Ubaidah ibn Al Jar’rah is in Jannat.’ [Tirmizi Shareef]

1. To discuss the issues or disagreements that took place between the

Sahaba e Kiraam is absolutely and totally Haraam (forbidden). All Muslims

need to do, is to accept that they are all the Companions of the Beloved

Rasool  and his faithful followers who were always willing to sacrifice

their lives in his love.

2. All the Companions of the Beloved Rasool  are Jannatis. They will

not even come close to experiencing the intense heat of Jahannam. They

will always live in happiness and comfort. The terrifying situation on the

day of reckoning will cause them no grief or sadness. The Angels will


welcome them, giving them glad tidings of the day which has been

promised to them. All this has been explained in the Holy Qur’an in detail.

3. The Sahaba e Kiraam are neither Ambia (Alaihimus Salaam) nor are

they Angels, and are thus not Maasum. Some of them had certain mishaps

but to hold them in contempt because of this is against the command of

Allah and His Rasool . When addressing the companions in the Holy

Qur’an, Almighty Allah addressed them in two categories, i.e. those before

the Great Victory at Makkah and those after the Great Victory at Makkah

(Fateh Makkah).

Almighty Allah says

‘And to all of them, Allah has promised a heavenly reward’

[Surah Al-Hadeed 57, Verse 10]

And Almighty Allah says

‘And Allah Knows well what you do’

[Surah Al-Hadeed (57), Verse 10]


The fact that Allah is aware of all their actions and He has promised

Jannat to them without any reckoning does not give anyone the right to

say anything against the Sahaba e Kiraam. Do those who speak against the

companions want to establish a manner different from that which Allah

has ordained?

It must be understood that when we discuss the superiority amongst the

Sahaba, it means that they have greater status in the Court of Allah (over

the others). It also means that their virtuous deeds and rewards are


It has been mentioned in the Hadith Shareef concerning the companions

of Hazrat Imam Mahdi Radi Allahu Anhu, that there is the reward of fifty

for every one deed that they perform. The companions asked the Beloved

Rasool  if it was equal to fifty of their deeds or fifty of the deeds of the

Sahaba of the Beloved Rasool . He  said that it was equal to fifty of

the deeds of the Sahaba e Kiraam (Allah is pleased with them all). Even

though their rewards may be many, but they can never come close to

attaining the excellence bestowed upon the Sahaba e Kiraam of the

Beloved Rasool . How can the closeness of Hazrat Imam Mahdis

companions to him compare to the excellence and the companionship of

the companions of the Beloved Rasool !

An example without comparison is that of a king who sends out his

Minister and a few officers on a special mission. After achieving victory,

he presents each officer with a purse consisting of one hundred thousand

coins, and he gives the Minister his special closeness and a greater


position. In this scenario, the officers received more in wealth, but the

Minister received even more, for he was given greater respect and

honour before the King.

Hazrat Jaabir   reports that Sayyiduna Rasoolullah  said, with the

exception of the Nabis and Rasools, Allah has blessed my Sahaba with

excellence over the entire Universe. [Majma uz Zawaa’id]

Hazrat Irbaaz ibn Saariya   reports that Rasoolullah  said, those of

you who live after my time (my worldly life), will see many (Ikhtilaaf)

disputes (and differences). Thus (in such times) it is necessary upon you

to hold firm to my way (Sunnah) and the way of my Khulafa e Raashideen.

[Abu Dawud]

Muhad’dith e Jaleel Imam Ibn Majah   says, ‘Do not speak ill against any

of the Sahaba of Nabi Muhammad , for their standing (worship) for one

moment is greater than all the virtuous deeds of your entire life. [Ibn


We should always remember that all the Sahaba e Kiraam were ‘Just’ and

‘Upright’ personalities, and to make utterances which belittle their

excellence, or to use words which are not befitting their excellence is



It is thus of utmost importance to abstain (flee) from the company of such

evil sects and individuals who slander the companions, or those who

support them or sympathise with them in any way. Such people should

never be addressed with respectful titles or given any honourable

appellations. It is mentioned in the Hadith that, ‘The one who honours a

heretic (i.e. a deviant/innovator) has assisted in undermining (i.e.

harming) Islam.’

It is mentioned in Shifa Shareef and Kanz ul Ummal that Nabi  said,

towards the end of time there will come a nation who will slander my

Sahaba; do not perform (i.e. partake in) their Janaazah Namaaz, and do

not perform Namaaz with them, and do not forge relations with them (i.e.

do not marry them), and do not sit with them (i.e. do not keep their

company), and when they are ill do not visit them.

Concerning the Sahaba e Kiraam, Muhad’dith Abu Zakariya Muhiyud’deen

Yahya who is well known as Imam Nawawi   says, ‘It is the consensus of

the majority of the Ulama e Haq that all the Sahaba e Kiraam were Just


Hazrat Imam Malik   says, ‘Any person who makes any utterances about

the Sahaba which are not befitting for them, will not receive any share of

that which has been mentioned in the Holy Qur’an’ (i.e. he will be

deprived of the blessings promised to the believers).


The Khilaafat of all the Khulafa was in accordance to their excellence.

Excellence does not refer to their ability to manage the affairs of the state

or the people, but it refers to the excellence bestowed upon them in the

Court of Allah. He, who was regarded as most exalted in the Court of

Allah, is the one who became Khalifa first.

The Tafdeelia (another deviant sect amongst the Shia) who nowadays

claim to be Sunnis, say that excellence refers to the ability to manage the

affairs of the state and the people. This is incorrect.

If this was correct, then Hazrat Umar (Allah is pleased with him) should

have been the first Khalifa (which is not so) because his era of Khilaafat

has been acclaimed with these words:

‘I have never seen anyone stronger, thorough and more hardworking

than him. He provided so much of water that not only did the people

quench their thirst with it, but they also used it when they prepared

paving for areas where their camels sat.’


To love the Sahaba e Kiraam (Allah is pleased with them All)

unconditionally is a sign of true love for Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . We

must unconditionally love all The Beloved Nabi’s  Companions, in

other words, The Muhajireen, The Ansaar and all those who are

associated with them. It is also a sign of love, to have enmity for the

enemies of the Beloved Nabi  even though he may be your father, son,

brother or member of your tribe. One who does not do so is untrue in his

claim of love for the Beloved Nabi .

Do we realise that the Sahaba e Kiraam (Allah is pleased with them All)

left their elders, relatives, parents, brothers and even their motherland in

the love of the Beloved Nabi ! How is it possible for one to love Allah

and His Rasool  and at the same time have affection for his enemies,

whereas two opposing things can never be combined?

You have to choose one of the two. You may either opt to attain Jannat or

go towards Jahannam. Hence, the love of the Sahaba e Kiraam (Allah is

pleased with them All) is love for the Beloved Nabi  and the slightest

animosity towards the Sahaba e Kiraam (Allah is pleased with them All) is

animosity towards the Beloved Nabi . This is why it is of paramount

importance to stay away from all those who associate, befriend or forge

so-called ‘Deeni Unity’ with the deviants, and the slanderers of the Sahaba

e Kiraam (Allah is pleased with them All).


When we speak about the Sahaba e Kiraam we should understand this

does not only refer to males but also to those blessed females who saw

our Nabi  with the eyes of Imaan and left this world with Imaan.

They too are amongst the chosen ones. It is also an obligation upon us to

love, respect and honour them. They have also done a great service for

Islam and have strived with immense vigour and sincerity for the sake of

Islam. The Sahabiyaat had so much of love for our Nabi  that when we

read about it, it brings tears to our eyes.

Hazrat Sayyiduna Anas bin Malik   states, ‘On the day of the Battle of

Uhud, there was uneasiness amongst the Ahle Madina, and from all over

Madina, there were announcements being made, that Sayyiduna

Rasoolullah  had been made Shaheed (martyred).

Hence, a lady from amongst the Ansaar emerged, and she saw the bodies

of her brother, her son and her husband, but she could not recognise

whom she had passed by first.

When she reached the last martyr, she asked, ‘Who is this?’ The people

said, ‘This is your brother, your father, your husband and your son.’ She

said, ‘How is the Beloved Rasool .


The Sahaba e Kiraam said, ‘The Beloved Rasool  is at the front. The

Ansari Sahabiya went towards Rasoolullah  and held the blessed

clothing of Nabi Kareem  and said, Ya RasoolAllah ! May my

mother and father be sacrificed upon you! If you are well, then I have no

worry about anyone else.’’

This blessed Sahabiya was known as Sayyidatuna Ansariya Radi Allahu


Allahu Akbar! Observe her love for Allah’s Nabi !

Let us not just listen to incidents in their lives or read about it, but let us

learn from them and strive to increase in our hearts the love for our

Beloved Nabi .


Amongst the Sahaba e Kiraam, the most exalted and the closest

companion to the Beloved Rasool  is Hazrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr

Siddique  . He loved our Beloved Nabi  dearly, and our Nabi  loved

him dearly.

Not only was he the Beloved Companion of Nabi Kareem , but he was

also the Father in law of Nabi , as he was the dear father of

Sayyidatuna A’isha Siddiqa Radi Allahu Anha.

Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   spent his entire life in the sincere service of

our Beloved Nabi . He was alongside the Beloved Nabi  in Battles,

expeditions, during Hijrat, in the cave of Thawr, and on every other

occasion. And even today he is resting alongside Nabi Kareem  in his

Sacred Chamber, and when by Allah’s command, all the People will rise

once again after the end of the world, he will rise alongside Nabi  with

his hand in the Sacred Hand of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah .

Now, (after the Ambia Alaihimus Salaam) who else is there from amongst

the Ummah who can claim such an excellence? None, but Hazrat Abu

Bakr Siddique Radi Allahu Anhu!


Concerning the excellence of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique  , it has been

mentioned in Bukhari Shareef on the authority of Hazrat Abu Hurairah  

that once the Beloved Rasool  said,

“One who does any good in the Court of Allah will be called from the

doors of Jannat in this manner, ‘O servant of Allah! Enter through this

Door. This is an Exalted Door.’”

The Beloved Nabi  explained how if a person is a Namaazi he will be

called from the Door of Namaaz (Salaah), and if he was a Mujahid, he will

be called from the door of Jihad. If he was one who gave Sadaqa, he will be

called from the door of Sadaqa, and if he used to keep all his fasts, he will

be called from the door called Ar Ray’yaan.

Hazrat Abu Bakr   said, “Ya Rasool’Allah ! Will there be any person

who will be called from all the Doors of Jannat?”

The Beloved Nabi  said, “I have faith that you will be from amongst

those who will be called from all the Doors.”

Subhaan’Allah! Such is the excellence of Siddique e Akbar  . Observe

with the eyes of true Imaan, the excellence which has been bestowed

upon him.


Discussing the excellence of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique  the great Islamic

Scholar, The Imam of Hadith and the distinguished historian, Ibn Asaakir

reported on the authority of Hazrat Anas   that the Beloved Nabi 


“It is Waajib (compulsory) upon my Ummat to be thankful to Abu Bakr

and to love him.”

Ibn Asaakir   reported that Nabi Kareem  said, There are three

hundred and sixty (360) good qualities.”

Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   asked, “Ya Rasool’Allah , do I possess any

of those good qualities?”

The Beloved Nabi  said, Glad-tidings upon you, for you possess every

one of those qualities.”

Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   was known for his kindness and generosity.

He was the personality who bought Hazrat Bilal Habshi   from his slave

master and freed him in the Name of Allah. He also bought and freed

many others for the sake of Allah. It has been explicitly mentioned in

numerous Ahadith that Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   often contributed

most and sometimes all of what he owned for the sake of Islam.



Hazrat Sa’eed ibn Mansur has reported in his Sunan on the authority of

Mu’awiya bin Qur’rah that Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique Radi Allah anhu used

to make the following Dua often;

“O Allah, allow the latter of my life to be good and let me pass from this

world performing good deeds. The best day of all my days will be the day

when I make Your Deedar (i.e. when I am blessed with your Divine


Hazrat Faqih e Millat Mufti Jalaalud’deen Ahmad Amjadi Alaihir Rahma


Even during his childhood, he (Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique  ) never

worshipped idols. He always opposed this. When he reached the blessed

age of 15, he demolished idols; just as it has been mentioned by Aala

Hazrat Imam Ahle Sunnat Alaihir Rahma on page 13 of his blessed book

‘Tanzeehul Makaanat Al Haydariyyah’ that,

The father of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   (who later became a Sahabi),

namely Hazrat Abu Quhafa   , took him to a temple during the days of

ignorance, and he pointed out the idols to him and said, this is your

exalted and venerated Lord, so prostrate before it.


He said this and then left. As destiny had it, Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique  

stepped in front of it, and to show the hopelessness of the idol and the

ignorance of the idol worshippers, he said, I am hungry, provide me with

food, but the idol did not reply (as it could not). He then said, I am

unclothed, so clothe me, the idol did not respond.

Hazrat Abu Bakr   then took a rock in his hand and said, I will throw this

rock (stone) at you, so if you are the ‘Almighty’ then protect yourself!

There was still no response, so with Siddiqui power, he threw the rock at

it, and the (so-called) Lord of the lost ones, fell flat on its face.

Just then, his father returned. On seeing this, he said, O my child (son)!

What have you done? He said, I have done that which you are seeing. His

father took him to his mother (who later also became a Sahabiya), namely

Hazrat Ummul Khayr Radi Allahu Anha and explained the entire incident

to her. She said, do not say anything to this child, because on the night of

his birth, there was none with me when I heard a voice saying,

“O True (female) servant of Allah! Glad-tidings to you on the birth of this

free child, who is known in the skies as Siddique and who is the

companion and friend of Muhammad .

Allahu Akbar! May we be sacrificed at the sacred feet of the Siddique who

was chosen even before his birth to be the closest companion to our

Beloved Nabi , at whose sacred and exalted feet the entire universe is



We are well aware of the generosity of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   and

the amount of wealth he spent for the pleasure of Allah and His Rasool


I am sure that we all remember the incident when he gave everything he

possessed for the sake of Deen and when our Beloved Nabi  asked what

he left behind for his family, he replied by saying,

“I have left for them Allah and His Rasool .

It has been narrated that Hazrat Umar   used to go to the home of a

poor, blind woman and assist her with her daily chores.

After some time, Hazrat Umar   found that when he reached the home

of the blind lady, all the chores would be done. Someone would have

already carried water for the blind woman to her house and swept and

cleaned her home, etc.

Once, Hazrat Umar   decided to see who this person was that helped the

old blind woman. He waited in the darkness of night at the home of the

woman, and he found that Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   was the one

responsible for assisting the old woman.



Hazrat Umar   said,

‘O Abu Bakr! It could have only been you who could have done such a

good deed.’

It must be noted that Hazrat Abu Bakr   was serving this blind woman in

the darkness of the night and completing all the woman’s chores, even

though he was the Ameerul Mo’mineen and the Khalifa of the time.

Subhaan’Allah, this should serve as a lesson to all of us in leadership



There is no doubt that Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   is the first and

righteous Khalifa of Islam and none is allowed to reject this. The Raafdhis

(Shias) reject the Khilaafat of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   and use

blasphemous terms when addressing him. They are a cursed nation.

The Khilaafat of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   was accepted by all the

Sahaba e Kiraam (Allah is pleased with them All), and this included Hazrat

Ali  . Hazrat Ali   loved and respected Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique  


Hazrat Ahmed ibn Hambal   states that Hazrat Ali   said,

“After Rasoolullah , the best in the Ummah are Hazrat Abu Bakr and

Hazrat Umar.” (Allah is pleased with them)

May the curse of Allah befall those who insult the companions of the

Beloved Rasool . The Shia are a corrupt and deviant sect that hold

corrupt beliefs regarding the Companions of the Beloved Rasool .

We should never associate with them or anyone who associates with

them, for they have insulted the companions of our Nabi . Those who

insult the companions of the Beloved Nabi  have committed

blasphemy in the Court of the Beloved Nabi .


Hazrat Ali   once asked Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique  , how did you reach

this excellence, whereby you have surpassed us? He said, due to five


 I saw two types of people, seekers of the world, and seekers of the

hereafter, so I became a seeker of the Creator (i.e. I sought

closeness to my Rub).

 After entering into Islam, I never ate a full stomach of food; for

the pleasure of Ma’rifat, made me heedless to the enjoyment of



 After entering Islam, I never fully quenched my thirst with the

drinks of this world, for the love of Allah, made me heedless to

the drinks of this world.

 When two types of tasks would come before me, and one was a

mundane task, and the other was a task of the hereafter, then I

always choose the task of the hereafter. (i.e. that which is

beneficial for Aakhira (hereafter) compared to that which is

beneficial for Duniya).

 I was blessed with staying in the sacred company of Nabi Kareem

, so I remained in his  sacred company in the best manner.


Hazrat Imam Fakhrud’deen Raazi   says, there is a well-known narration

that Nabi Kareem  said,

‘I did not present Islam to anyone, who did not have any hesitation,

except for Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique  , for he accepted Islam without

any hesitation. Hence, this is why he is truly worthy of the title ‘Siddique.’

There is a Hadith reported on the authority of Hazrat Jaabir   in which

he says,

‘We were once in the Holy Court of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah , when

Sayyiduna Rasoolullah  said, such a person is about to appear before

you, who has been made the best and the noblest after me, and his (power

of) intercession will be similar to that of the intercession of the Ambia.

We were (still) in his  Holy presence when we observed the arrival of

Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique  . (On seeing him) Sayyiduna Rasoolullah 

stood-up and then kissed and embraced Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique  .’

Subhaan’Allah! What a blessed and honourable status has been afforded

to Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique  ! Cursed are those who slander this

Beloved of the Beloved .


There is no doubt that Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   honestly and

sincerely loved Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . His love for the Beloved Rasool

 was a unique one, and this was evident from every action of Hazrat

Abu Bakr Siddique  . It was evident throughout his life and could be

seen day in and day out.

The love for Nabi  was deeply embedded in his heart and soul, and

hence he was blessed with such great excellence in the Court of the

Beloved Nabi  by virtue of this true and sincere love.

It is reported that in the Cave of Thawr, Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique  

entered first. He tore up his clothes, using it to cover the holes in the

cave. One hole was still uncovered, so he covered it with his toe. He then

requested the Beloved Rasool  to enter.

Nabi Kareem  entered the cave and placed his blessed head to rest on

the lap of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique  . In the hole, there lived a snake

which yearned to see the Beloved Rasool .

It rubbed its head against the foot of Hazrat Abu Bakr   but he did not

move his foot, thinking that it would disturb the rest of the Beloved Nabi



Finally, the snake bit him on his foot. When Hazrat Abu Bakr’s   tears

fell upon the blessed face of the Beloved Nabi , Nabi Kareem  opened

his blessed eyes, and Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   explained what had

happened. The Beloved Nabi  applied his blessed saliva to the snake

bite, and this gave him immediate relief.

Every year, the potency of the poison caused a relapse. After twelve years,

he received martyrdom due to this. It must be noted that Huzoor 

placed his blessed saliva on the bite, allowing Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique

  to get relief from the pain and discomfort. The poison, however,

remained in him, and the effects of this caused his demise.

This in reality is Shahaadat e Sirri because if it had not been for the saliva

of the Beloved Rasool  the potency of the snake bite would have caused

immediate death. Thus, the passing of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique was, in

reality, his sacrifice in the love and respect of Nabi Kareem .

Explaining this great love, Sayyiduna Aala Hazrat Imam Ahle Sunnat Ash

Shah Imam Ahmed Raza Khan   says,

Thaabit Huwa Ke Jumla Faraa’id Furu’ Hain

Aslul Usool Bandagi Us Taajwar Ki Hain

It is proven, that in fact all other obligations, are secondary issues

Is fact, the most Ultimate Principle of All Principles,

Is servitude of The Beloved King ,


When our Nabi  migrated from Makkah to Al Madinatul Munawwarah,

he  chose Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   as his companion even on this

blessed and important occasion.

Concerning the Hijrat (migration) of our Beloved Rasool  from Makkah

to Madina, the narrations mention that Hazrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr

Siddique   remained for three days and three nights in the Cave of

Thawr with Sayyiduna Rasoolullah .

The scholars mention that for these three days and three nights, the only

person who was seeing without any hindrance the sacred rays, beauty,

and radiance of Nabi Kareem  was Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   . He

was alone with our Beloved Nabi  for three days and three nights,

showering in his special light and mercy.

The heart and mind of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   were becoming more

and more fragrant with the unique fragrance of Risaalat which

surrounded him. Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   was so immersed in the

great radiance from the blessings of Risaalat, that he became the

manifestation of the blessings of the Beloved Nabi , so much so that

when he reached Madinatul Munawwarah with Rasoolullah , the

people mistook him for Rasoolullah .


It is said that if sesame seeds are immersed in flowers for one night, the

seeds become the manifestation of the flowers (i.e. with its fragrance),

and even its oil becomes fragrant.

Now think about it, if in one night sesame seeds immersed in flowers

become the manifestation of its fragrance, then why should not the one

who spent three special days and three special nights with the Beloved

Rasool  not become the manifestation of the blessings of Sayyiduna

Rasoolullah !

It is mentioned by the scholars that when Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique  

arrived in Madinatul Munawwarah, it was the face of Hazrat Abu Bakr,

but in it was the Radiance of Rasoolullah , The physique was Hazrat

Abu Bakr’s  , but the gracefulness was that of Rasoolullah , the

speech was Hazrat Abu Bakr’s, but the eloquence was that of Rasoolullah


It seemed like Rasoolullah  had brought a mirror of his blessings with

him, and this is why the people mistook him as Rasoolullah . No doubt

there is none like Nabi , but most of the population of Madina had not

seen Huzoor , and because of receiving such special blessings, Hazrat

Abu Bakr Siddique became the manifestation of Nabi Kareem .


It is mentioned in Bukhari Shareef that Hazrat Abu Bakr stood up,

welcoming the people while Nabi Kareem  sat down silently. Some of

the Ansaar who came (to welcome Nabi ) had not seen Nabi  before,

so they began greeting Hazrat Abu Bakr  .

When the sun’s rays fell upon Nabi Kareem , and Hazrat Abu Bakr  

came forward and shaded him with his shawl, then only did the people

come to know Rasoolullah .

Allahu Akbar, such is the greatness and excellence of Hazrat Abu Bakr

Siddique  .



It is mentioned in Nuzhatul Majaalis that Nabi Kareem  said,

On the eve of Me’raj, everything was presented before me and even the

sun (was presented before me). I greeted it and asked it about why it goes

into eclipse, so Allah blessed the sun with the power of speech. It said,

Almighty Allah has kept me on a special carriage, and it travels as to

where Allah Wills. (At times) I look towards myself with superiority, so

the carriage causes me to slip off, and I fall into the sea. Then I see two

personalities, one says ‘Ahad’ ‘Ahad’ (only One, only One, i.e. Allah is one),

and the other says, he has spoken the truth! He has spoken the truth! I

then make both of them my Wasila (mediation) in the Court of Allah, and

Allah releases me from the state of eclipse. I then ask who are these two

personalities and I am told, the one who is saying ‘Ahad, Ahad’ is my

Beloved Nabi , and the one who is saying, He has spoken the truth! He

has spoken the truth, is (Hazrat) Abu Bakr (Siddique)  . [Nuzhatul

Majaalis, Vol.2]


Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   was alongside the Beloved Nabi  in all the

Battles of Islam. Not only did he bravely partake in all the battles and

expeditions, but he was always willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of

Rasoolullah . During the battle of Badr, when the Beloved Rasool 

was in prayer, invoking Almighty Allah continuously for the success of

the Muslims by saying, O Allah! Allow Your Promise to be fulfilled! The

Beloved Rasool  was so deeply absorbed in Dua at this time, that his

sacred mantle slipped from his sacred shoulders. At this moment, the

loyal and beloved companion Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   came forth

and placed the mantle (sheet) over the blessed shoulders of Nabi Kareem

. He then held the sacred mantle of Nabi  and said, Ya RasoolAllah

! Your invocation is sufficient for us; (Indeed) your Rub will fulfil His

Promise (to you).

Almighty Allah had mercy on the Ummah of Rasoolullah , and He sent

down Angels (during this Battle of Badr) to assist the Muslims. The

Beloved Rasool  then addressed Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   by saying,

O Abu Bakr! Glad-tidings! Jibra’eel Alaihis Salaam is wearing a yellow

Turban, and has his hands on the reins of his horse, between the sky and

the earth.

Our Beloved Nabi  first shared the news of the arrival of Hazrat

Jibra’eel Alaihis Salaam and the army of the Mala’ika (Angels) with his

most loyal and most beloved companion Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique  .


It is reported that up to four days before Nabi Kareem  journeyed from

this physical world towards the Special Mercy of his Rub, he  continued

to lead the Salaah in the Masjidun Nabawi Shareef. However, after the

(apparent) illness of Rasoolullah  (in the eyes of the people) became

more intense, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah  commanded Hazrat Abu Bakr

Siddique   to lead the Namaaz.

It is reported in Bukhari Shareef on the authority of Hazrat Abu Musa

Ash’ari   that, when the illness of the Beloved Nabi  (in the eyes of the

people) became more intense, then Rasoolullah  said, summon Abu

Bakr, so that he may lead the Salaah. On hearing this, Sayyidatuna A’isha

Siddiqa Radi Allahu Anha said, he (Hazrat Abu Bakr  ) is a soft-hearted

person and will not be able to lead the Salaah in your place. Nabi  again

said, summon (Hazrat) Abu Bakr   so that he may lead the Namaaz.

Sayyidatuna A’isha Radi Allahu Anha repeated her words, so Rasoolullah

 said, are you being like the women of the era of Yusuf Alaihis Salaam?


Ask (Hazrat) Abu Bakr   to perform the Salaah. The message was sent to

Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique  , and he led the Salaah in the physical

lifetime of Nabi Kareem .

This was the excellence of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   that from

amongst all the Sahaba e Kiraam (Allah is pleased with them all), Hazrat

Abu Bakr Siddique   was appointed to lead the Salaah. This alone is

proof that after Rasoolullah  and the Ambia e Kiraam Alaihimus

Salaam, there is none more exalted than Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique  .

Further explaining the excellence of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   as

mentioned in the above Hadith Shareef, Imam Waaqidi reported from Abu

Bakr bin Abi Maysarah   that Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   led the

people in Salaah seventeen (17) times during the physical worldly life of

Rasoolullah , whilst other reports mention that he performed twenty

Salaahs during the physical worldly life of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah .

It must be noted that Sayyiduna Rasoolullah  appointed Hazrat Abu

Bakr Siddique   as the Imam in Salaah for the Muslims.

There are many other Ahadith which bear testimony to this fact. This is

also evidence that Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   is the Righteous and first

Khalifa of Islam after Sayyiduna Rasoolullah .


This is evident from the Hadith Shareef that even though Sayyidatuna

A’isha Radi Allahu Anha requested that someone else performs the

Salaah, Nabi  still ordered that only Abu Bakr Siddique   should be

appointed for this duty.

This meant that in the presence of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   no other

Sahabi had the right to be regarded as the leader upon the Believers.

Here again, I will re-iterate the words of Hazrat Sayyiduna Ali   that,

‘When Allah and His Rasool  preferred (i.e. have chosen) Hazrat Abu

Bakr Siddique   for our Deen, then for our worldly affairs as well we

have preferred him.’


Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   was regarded as the most knowledgeable

amongst the Sahaba e Kiraam, and his profound insight and wisdom were

surely the blessing of Nabi . He understood and recognised that which

none other realised till much later. This is evident from the following

Hadith Shareef:

Abu Sa’eed Al Khudri   reported that Rasoolullah  delivered a sermon

to the people, in which he  said, Allah has given the option to a

servant (of Allah); to either choose to remain in this world or what is with

Him (i.e. to travel towards Allah’s Special Mercy). The servant has chosen

that which is with Allah (i.e. to journey to His Mercy). (On hearing this)

Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   began to weep, and we were all surprised, as

to why he was weeping when the Prophet  mentioned about a servant

(of Allah) who was offered a choice, (and only later did we realise) that

Rasoolullah  was the one who was given a choice. Hazrat Abu Bakr was

the most knowledgeable amongst us. [Bukhari Shareef, Book –

Companions of the Prophet ]


Allahu Akbar! This showed that Hazrat Abu Bakr   had profound

knowledge and understood the words of Nabi Kareem  better than

anyone else.

The great scholars like Imam Nawawi   have mentioned that Hazrat Ibn

Umar   was asked as to who would issue the Decrees in the era of Nabi

Kareem  (on the authority of Nabi Kareem ), and he mentioned,

‘Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Umar Radi Allahu Anhuma, as there was no

greater Aalims than them amongst the Sahaba e Kiraam.’ [Taarikh ul

Khulafa of Imam Suyuti]


Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna A’isha Siddiqa Radi Allahu Anha states,

when the time drew near for the passing away of my beloved father

(Hazrat Abu Bakr  ), he asked the people, which day is it today? The

people mentioned to him that it was Monday. He said, ‘If I pass away

tonight, then do not delay my burial until tomorrow, for I love for my

death the day and night which is closer to the day of the passing of

Rasoolullah . [Taarikh ul Khulafa of Imam Suyuti]

It is reported from Sayyidatuna A’isha Siddiqa Radi Allahu Anha wherein

she mentions while making his Wasiyah (will) my father, Hazrat Abu Bakr

Siddique   mentioned to me during his final illness; O my beloved

daughter! Whatever wealth (property) I possessed will today become the

property of my heirs. From amongst my children are your two brothers;

Abdur Rahman and Muhammad, and your two sisters. Hence, you should

distribute my wealth in accordance with the command of the Holy

Qur’an, and each of you should take your rightful share. Hazrat A’isha

Siddiqa radi Allahu Anha said, O my beloved Father! I have only one sister,

and that is Asma’, so who is this second sister of mine? He said, your

stepmother Habeeba bint Khaarja is expecting a baby, and she is carrying

a girl. She is your second sister.


After Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   passed away, just as he mentioned,

Habeeba bint Khaarja gave birth to baby girl (called Umme Kulthum).

[Muwatta Imam Muhammad]

Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   passed from this physical world, according

to most narrations on a Monday the 22nd of Jamaadil Aakhir 13 Hijri at the

age of 63.

It was on this day that the beloved   of The Most Beloved  journeyed

towards his Beloved  and was blessed with greatness and excellence

which none other has attained. He was blessed with resting alongside the

Beloved Rasool  in the sacred Chamber of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah .

His Janaazah Salaah was performed by Hazrat Umar e Farooq  , and he

was laid to rest next to the Beloved Nabi . The Companion of the Cave

was now the Companion of Sacred Grave.

He has further been blessed with such an honour that when Allah will

raise the people again as per His Divine Will, then the Beloved Rasool 

will be the first to rise from his blessed Rauda e Anwar. He will rise with

the hand of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique   in his right hand and the hand of

Hazrat Umar e Farooq   in his left hand. It is reported by Sayyidatuna

A’isha Radi Allahu Anha that the Beloved Rasool  said, Abu Bakr is

from me, and I am from him. Abu Bakr is my brother in the world and the

life of the hereafter.’ [Kanz ul Ummal]


Some Words of Wisdom

“O, People! Those of you who can weep in the fear of Allah should

do so, for the day is near when you will be made to weep” (due to

your sins)

“The Pious will be taken away from this world, one after the other

and only those will be left behind, who will be as useless as the

skin of wheat or the peals of dates.”

“If one Muslim brother makes Dua for another Muslim brother

only for the sake of attaining the pleasure of Allah, then there is

no doubt that his Dua is accepted.”

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