Great Muslims Of All Times

Great Muslims Of All Times


Five Greatest Persons in All Human History

1Habib ul A’zam, Imam ul Anbiya Sayyidina Muhammad ibn Abdillah,
Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam. (53 B.H-11 A.H; 571-632 C.E)

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, the leader of all the Prophets and the final Prophet sent by Allah for the whole of humanity till the end of time.

He is referred to as Habibullah, the most beloved of Allah.

His father’s name was Abdullah ibn AbdulMuttalib and his mother’s name was Amina bint Wahb az-Zuhriyya.

2. Sayyidina Nabi Ibrahim, ‘alayhissalam.

Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him.

He is referred to as Khalilullah, the friend of Allah.

3. Sayyidina Nabi Musa ‘Alayhissalam.

Prophet Moses, peace be upon him.

He is referred to as Kalimullah, the one who talked with Allah.

4. Sayyidina Nabi ‘Isa ibn Maryam, ‘alayhissalam.

Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, son of the blessed Virgin Mary, peace be upon her.

He is referred to as Ruhullah, the Spirit of Allah.

5. Sayyidina Nabi Nuh ‘alayhissalam.

Prophet Noah, peace be upon him.

He is referred to as Najiyullah, the Confidant of Allah.

Appreciative Explanation

1. These five greatest Messengers and Prophets sent by Allah, peace be upon them, are the greatest persons in all human history till the end of time. In the Holy Qur’an, they are referred to as Ulul ‘Azm, Possessors of strong will and perseverance. (33:7) (46:35)

2. Allah, the Glorified and the Exalted, sent about 315 Messengers (Mursalin or Rusul) peace be upon them, throughout human history to various nations and tribes, His final Messenger (Rasul) being Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. (2:285) (33:40) These Messengers of Allah are the greatest persons in all human history. Allah sent them with Divine law for their nations. Since Prophet Muhammad is the final Rasul (Allah’s Messenger) who was given the Holy Qur’an (the final revealed Word of Allah), he is the Rasul for the whole of humanity till the end of time, and the law given in the Holy Qur’an and in his exemplary lifestyle is the law applicable for the whole of humanity till the end of time. (Only a few of the names of these Messengers of Allah are mentioned in the Holy Qur’an).

3. Allah also sent Anbiya (Prophets) to guide humanity. They are distinct from the Rusul (Messengers of Allah) in that they did not bring any new Divine law but followed the existing Divine law. Hence Allah’s Messengers (Mursalin or Rusul) are considered to be superior to Prophets (Anbiya). Nabi Musa (peace be upon him) is both a Nabi (Prophet) as well as a Rasul (Allah’s Messenger) because he brought a new Divine law (Tawraat or Torah), while his brother Nabi Harun (peace be upon him) is a Nabi (Prophet) but not a Rasul because Allah did not give him any new law to teach the people but he followed the Torah.

4. Human greatness in Islam is based on piety. Allah chose His Mursalin (Messengers) and the Anbiya (Prophets) and made them the most pious for others to emulate them. Hence they are the greatest by Divine choice.

5. Sayyidina means “our master”.

Rasul means “Allah’s Messenger” (plural: Mursalin or Rusul)

Nabi means Prophet (plural: Anbiya)

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