Fri. Jan 14th, 2022

Four Birds and the Prophet Ibrahim

Sayyiduna Ibrahim and the four birds Sovviduna Ibrahim once saw a dead man’s body in the sea. He saw that the fish and birds were eating from its remains. Having seen this spectacle, Ibrahim wanted to know how Allah would bring life back into dead bodies? He believed that Allah brought the dead back to life. but the dead man was inside the stomachs of the fish, birds and animals. So Allah told Ibrahim to collect four birds and to kill them. Then he was ordered to place these minced birds on different hills and go to a far place and call out for the birds. Ibrahim did exactly what his Lord told him to do. He took a peacock, pigeon chicken and crow and made mincemeat out of them. I have placed them on the hill faraway and called them as ordered. When he did so, each of the birds separated from each other and came back into their original form in front of Ibrahim. And when Ibrahim said, “My Lord! Show me how You will give life to the dead”; He said, “Are you not certain [of it]?” Ibrahim said, “Surely yes, why not? But because I wish to put my heart at ease”; He said, “: Therefore take four birds [as pets] and cause them to become familiar to you, then place a part of each of them on separate hills, then call them – they will come running towards you; and know well that Allah is Almighty, Wise. Qur’an: al-Baqara 260 & Khazahinul Irfan

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