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Cool spring | The Story of the Prophet Ayyub

Cool spring Sayyiduna Ayyub was one of Allah’s most dearly loved Prophets. Allah had granted him many blessings including beauty, lots of children and wealth.
Shaytan sought permission from Allah to test Ayyub’s obedience. God granted him permission to remove Ayyub’s property and wealth. His house began to crumble and collapse. His crops were destroyed and the animals perished.
Ayyub being Allah’s Messenger fully appreciated the stern examination. Ayyub remained content ah whatever Allah bestowed upon him. Soon after, Ayyub a became very ill. Blisters began to cover his body and his body became wounded as result.
People saw Ayyub’s illness and kept him away from Kim. His wife, however, never left his side. One day Ayyub raised his bands up in supplication and asked his Lord for his mercy. Allah ordered Avvub a to strike his feet on the ground. He did so from which a cool spring of water appeared. Ayyub a drank from it and bathed in it from which he was cured straight away.
Qur’an Sa’d 41-44; Khazahinul Imaan
Amongst the Prophets, Sayyiduna Ayyub is known for his extreme patience and endurance. Despite the loss of wealth and health, Ayyub remained thankful to his Lord. His feet were blessed in that they struck the ground causing a spring with healing qualities to gush forth.

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