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Bhar Do Jholi Meri Ya Muhammad

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This Naat Sharif ‘Bhar Do Jholi Meri Ya Muhammad’ is intoned by Amjad Sabri. There are millions of Amjad Sabri’s fans worldwide who strongly motivated and persuaded from him/her/them. This MP3 Naat composition has been taped by Amjad Sabri with Flawless quality and best class. To download Amjad Sabri’s Naat Bhar Do Jholi Meri Ya Muhammad on your System, simply click the three dots and then download.

Amjad Sabri Hails from the province of Sindh, and city of Karachi. He belongs to a famous Sufi family in Pakistan. His Father Ghulam Fareed Sabri and Uncle Maqbool Ahmed Sabri are the well-known qawal of the early 60’s and late ’70s. They were known as “sabri brothers”. They are the most heard singers and qawals of the sub-continent. Amjad Sabri learns the art of singing and qawali from his late father Fareed Sabri. In his early time, Amjad Sabri used to appear in his father’s group Sabri brothers in the backline following his father and uncle. This was a part of his training. He recorded the poem of Allama Iqbal in a Bollywood film. His very first album was “Balaghal Ola Be Kamalehi” in which he highlighted the famous work of his late father and uncle. Their most listened project was “sare la makan sy talab hui”. This track was later sung by Amjad Sabri too in a completely new tone. Amjad Sabri’s Tajdare Haram was among the last work he did before going to eternal life. He used to appear in Ramzan morning show along with Waseem Badami and others. On the day of June, 22 year 2016 while he was back home after recording the show he was shot in bullets by a motorcyclist in the area of liaquatabad Karachi. He was sent to hospital in an emergency but couldn’t survive. May Allah Bless him peace and paradise. He has been awarded the pride of performance award and highest civil award of the country Sitara-e- Imtiaz in 2018 after his death. His death placed a vacant space in the industry. He was a gemstone. People still love to listen to his kalam. He will always be alive in our hearts.

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