Best Tips For Ramadan

finding love in Roma Bahn it’s a
a beautiful beautiful topic we’re going to
talk about love we’re going to talk
about Baraka blessing we’re gonna talk
about taqwa piety and consciousness
we’re gonna talk about loving other
people especially those who are nearest
to us, we’re gonna talk about the three
levels of fasting the fasting of you
know the intent and the fasting of the
limbs and the fasting of the heart
there are so many things that relate to
love and Ramadan and taqwa and piety and
I wanted to share with you initially
that our aim in the month of Ramadan is
set for us and the goal of fasting in
the month of Ramadan is not one where we
try to invent you know Allah doesn’t say
to us try to do something he tells us
what it is that we should focus on and
Allah subhana WA Ta’ala says oh you of
faith prescribed upon you is fasting as
it was written upon the nation’s before
you the people of the scripture before
you and the greater aspect of the sale for
us as believers were to fast with also
our tongue and our eyes and our mind and
our heart but it begins also with
abstinence now one of the things that are
extremely important for us to understand
initially is that every moment where you
seek to succeed the moment you decide
what you want to succeed in requires for
you deliberation endurance patience and
a delay of instantaneous gratification
you have to say to something I’m gonna
hold myself back from you because I want
that then now I must do something
to get what I will have tomorrow
and Allah tells us in the Quran oh you a
faith be mindful of God be conscious of
and that each soul look to what it
brings the next day what are you gonna
do for that next day what do you want
what success do you seek and the imagery
of success in the Quran is that of a
farmer successful are those who are
believers the word success in Auto VL
fella comes from for left-right a
someone who’s gonna toil his back it
takes back-breaking work you clear the
the field you move the stones you dig out
the roots you irrigate the land you
leave it for months
and then you plant a seed and therefore
that seed that is put in the soil who
lets the tree grow nurtures it with
irrigation and shades it from the Sun
and praying birds until it reaches its
the full potential and law says that that
the full potential for us as believers is to
take that fruit at its right time but it
takes sacrifice and a delay of
gratification today for tomorrow
that is called SIA Gucci Veronica Museum
it’s written for you chemically
ballerina man-cub Lacombe the reason
perhaps if you do it right if you’re
fortunate by chance maybe if you’re
lucky learn to let them set the fool your
piety your consciousness your magnet
magnification of God may increase a
little or much depending on your effort
in that month of Ramadhan see the
Prophet when the month of Ramadan would
come he would talk about blessing you
would think that the month of Ramadan is
about holding back you know you’re not
gonna take something you’re not gonna
eat you’re not gonna drink you’re not
gonna enjoy the company of your spouse
where’s the blessing in that see Baraka
doesn’t reside in anything it is only
from Allah
and when Allah subhana wa ta’ala talks
about blessing he’s saying that it is a
a beneficent force from Allah that flows
through a physical and a spiritual
a sphere in the form of one of these three
things prosperity protection or
now barakah means one of three things
and there an amount when they talk about
Baraka, they say if it occurs in
something little it increases it Baraka
is that which you assume would not
be enough is made more than enough
number two if it occurs in something
great it protects it your children
who’ve grown up getting married you look
at something that you’ve achieved it’s
almost complete you don’t want to add to
it what you want is to protect it and
that’s volatile that Allah is the one
who guards what is already in place
third is that which you don’t have and
never thought you could ever have that
you could not plan how you would ever
get it but Allah provides means from
where you did not suspect and Allah
speaks of this in the Quran Allah will
provide provisions from where one does
not think they can arrive the one who is
conscious of God Allah always makes for
them an exit from every difficulty in
life Baraka therefore and tough wa are
tied together and whenever the Prophet
would speak about toph wa barakatuh
Zoe’s implied in his discussion top WA
which is the pursuit of Baraka taqwa is
what establishes Baraka your honouring
of God your obedience of the Almighty
your love of him is what attracts his
blessing to you it’s what makes you
stand out from the others and therefore
the aim in the month of Ramadan is that
you stand a foot higher than those
around you that you show Allah your true
self Here I am fasting leads to taqwa if
it’s done right and there are three
different levels of fasting all of us we
will begin by fasting from food from
drink for those of us married from
lustful intentions and meanings to our
spouse, we will disconnect while the Sun
is up we’re separate from one another we
don’t enjoy each other
conjugally the second level of fasting
is the fasting of the limbs is that
where your eyes are lowered your tongue
is guarded your hearing is protected
your habits change you know some of the
things that we do that we know we
shouldn’t do you begin to guard yourself
from them a little bit so your limbs
begin to humble to Allah
now the third level of fasting may Allah
allow us to grow in that maturity is
that our heart fasts and that’s where we
talk about love
is that all of a sudden the fasting is
not out of duty and the obedience to God
is not out of compulsion and it’s not
because everyone around me does it the
Lord of all that exists who has provided
for me for 11 months in the year has
asked me to consider the needs of others
and feel the pain of others and share in
the journey of others and has asked me
for little and out of love and out of
humility I’m going to bow down to the
one who created me and fashioned me and
therefore love for Allah and for his
creation takes root and exists in that
heart, it goes beyond the physical and
it’s not attached emotionally it is one
where you as a person who loves another
are willing to endure for them what you
would endure for no one else and the
greatest of those who we love with that
an attempt of sacrifice is the Almighty and
a LOX about this in the Quran where he
says there are some in mankind who love
objects people things they love other
things they love the worldly life they
love those things in the way that only a
lot deserves to be loved in only the way
that God deserves to be adored but those
who believe are more in love to God than
anything else they encounter in life I
will pray at night when others sleep
because I love Allah I will fast on days
when it’s hot because I love a lot
I will adorn myself with a job because of I
love Allah I will overcome my personal
vices because I love Allah and not
sacrifice that epitome of love that
the highest level of love is the end of that
concept of la ilaha illa-llah – heat
that you love Allah and therefore your
worship of him is driven by love not
just by obedience to him subhana WA
Ta’ala now I want to talk about how we
chase it and there are five steps that I
want to talk about all of them are taken
from words of the prophets of Allah
Allah will send them I’m gonna talk to
you about love as being an essential
the ingredient that you need to enter AMA
bond with not just try to produce it in
Ramadan and imam Ali Radia Allahu anhu
al-Ahli he used to say I used to prepare
for the month of Ramadan by forgiving my
enemies if I want a lot to hear me say
yob definitely oh Allah forgive me then I
must forgive others so number one for
finding that love of God is finding love
for our family, in particular, our spouse
in the month of Ramadhan sometimes
wallahi it astounds me that you will
have a husband and wife who have fasted
all-day hungry thirsty and then they
come and sit at the dinner table to
breakfast together and they don’t speak
to one another that they’re angry with
one another and the first element my
dear brother my dear sister for those of
you and I who are married is to enter
that month of Ramadan in love hand in
sharing joy in our heart you know the
Prophet says that there are two moments
of joy when a person is fasting the
moment you bring
you’re fast who you sit with who you
Share it with that that climate in your
home there is no reason for you not to
in that moment of seeking God to seek
each other and comfort through each
other and therefore the first advice
that I give you in the month of Ramadhan
as it arrives in you is to rectify your
the situation with your home life with your
family with your children yeah a fee
a young man whose parents have raised you
your mother picked you up when everyone
puts you down who she fed you before she
fed herself who clothed you with the
best of clothes and wore the same hijab
herself who paid for your school fees
and who drove you from one sporting
event to the other the month of Ramadan
comes to the centre of your life is your
father and your mother love is powerful
number to show compassion and every
single one of these statements is a
hadith is a statement of the Prophet so
I send them all of them gathered from
the authentic sources the Prophet would
say begin with those who are nearest to
you in relation show your righteousness
and your conduct to them first your
in-laws and I just say to you think of
how the prophets I seldom treated his
in-laws Abu Bakr al Mar or the Allahu
anhu ajma’in and others right think of
the duties that are owed to them
remember that a believer loves for
others what they love for themselves and
one of the key concepts of this is that
you have to know what what I what I
should love for me we’re always
worried about other people but a loss of
Connaught and the Prophet always tells
us no we have to enjoy life and we have
to love things for ourselves we have to
know what’s good for us so that we can
know what we want for others and the
Prophet would say that the food of one
the comfort of one the home for one is
enough for two that that which you have
don’t ever see
it’s not enough and don’t ever think you
can’t park from it and don’t ever think
you shouldn’t share it and don’t ever
think that by saving and saving and
hoarding from others that that actually
will prosper you and profit you in any
way and the Prophet would say never does
someone share from their wealth and
charity and that they themselves are
deprived of it always returns and in
greater and greater amounts the greatest
charity, of course, is that a person
spends on his family Baca remember we’re
talking about Baraka is that a man
spends on his wife sisters love this
honey, they’re like brother can you say
that again all the mobile phones record
that brother he’s a man buys something
for his wife because it puts love
between each other remember that the one
who feeds others receives the reward of
the one who they fed who was fasting
while that person doesn’t lose any
reward do something that no one needs to
know who you are but do something for
others share what Allah has given you so
we talked about family we talked about
doing good to our family number three
the service of other people if you were
to qualify the whole life of the Prophet
Muhammad, so I said limb it was that he
served others he was there to help other
people in life and after his death
sallallahu I listened and the prophet
Sallallahu are you were seldom he would
say if you want to know if you’re the
best of the believers see how much
service you provide for others who are
you there for who needs you who relies upon
on you and what do you fulfil towards
others humble yourself to those who are
not normally part of your circle it’s
not about what degree or knowledge your
the scholarship you have it’s not about what
your ethnicity is or what you are cultural
the background is but at least have two or
three or five or ten for other people
who deserve
your love and attention equally and that
was the habit of Muhammad Sallallahu
alayhi wa ala aalihi wa sahbihi wa city
number 4 reconnect with those who have
cut you off the Baraka of Ramadan
remember I told you something that is
non-existent you don’t think could ever
happen it happens in Ramadan that family
a member who you think will never come to
your house will come to that father who you
think will never forgive you will
forgive you your brother who hasn’t
spoken to you your sister who walked out
anything can be fixed in Ramadan but
it’s their fault doesn’t matter the
Prophet SAW I seldom say connect the
one who cut you off and forgive the one
who wronged you they wronged you the
Prophet says to you I know they wronged
you forgive them because you want
God to forgive you you want God to
accept you finally seek the company of
the righteous try to find good people
for yourself
I’m telling you to find someone who’s good
hearted who will love you as much as you
love them who will share with you even
if you can’t share with them who will
forgive you even when you wrung them
find a good person who will honour you
for who you are and always push you
towards the Almighty to do that which is
better they’ll remind you of good things
in your life and they’ll hinder you from
things that they know are not good for
you in your future find a good person
you find them in the Masjid stand in the
lines with people who turn to Allah and
hear the Quran from beginning to end
where their knees are shaking from being
tired at night be from those who recite
the Quran before and when you return
homelike show your true devotion
to Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala
I’m gonna conclude you know my
discussion with you with one final
hadith where the prophet Sallallahu
alayhi wasallam
he quotes Allah it’s a hadith Qudsi and
the Prophet says on Allah fasting is
only for me and I’m the only one who
values it with reward no one around you
knows me or you the quality of our fast
only Allah there are some of us who will
receive an unending reward on account of
a day’s fast and there are some of us
who we get at the end of our days fast
nothing but hunger and thirst may Allah
protect us from that arrival Allah is
the only one who will value it because
you left your water and your food and
your drink
he left the necessities of life only
because of me so I will reward that man
and that woman

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