Best Islamic Stories

Best Islamic Stories


The desire for martyrdom

Abdullah ibn Habsh before the battle of Uhud, asked Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas to raise his hand in du’a in his favor. What Abdullah wanted to do was to pray for Sa’d if he did the same for him.
Sa’d agreed to his friend’s request. Sa’d first done dua for Abdullah in which he said “O Allah! When the battle commences tomorrow, bring forth to be a strong and brave opponent who I can fight against so that I can kill him for your happiness.
Abdullah prayed, “O Allah! On the battlefield tomorrow give me a ferocious opponent who would fight till the end so that I kill him, but I pray that I get martyred tomorrow in battle.
And after I get killed my nose and ears are cut off so that I can say to Allah that for yours and for the sake of your Rasul I have given my life. Best Islamic Stories
The response I get is a confirmation of this dedication and commitment to Jang “. The next day, the battle took place, and their dua’s were accepted.
The Companions of Rasulallah showed true dedication and commitment to being martyred in the way of Allah. By doing this they showed that a true Muslim is one who anticipates the moment he can willingly sacrifice for eternal bliss in Allah’s glorious company.
We learn that the Companions did not ask each other to pray for worldly gain or pursuits but to pray for the hereafter.
Furthermore, they are the proof of dte Qur’anic verse that states that believers kill in the way of Allah and die for the sake Allah.
To die is nothing spectacular because death is a fact. But to die in the Wey Allah as a warrior and a martyr is something commendable, unique, and praiseworthy.
We learn that the Companions were brave people in that they asked for brave people to fight against in battle. Best Islamic Stories
The bigger the challenge, the more satisfaction the Companions got. And not only did they show bravery but also Ishq (love) and devotion in that they wanted their martyrdom accepted by Allah and His Rasul. So whoever questions or criticizes the brave and devoted Companion faith, then what can be said about these despicable and gutless people?
Best Islamic Stories

Habib ibn Zayd

Muslimah the great kazzab (liar) claimed Prophethood while the Seal of the Prophets was still alive. Muslimah wrote a letter to the final Prophet from Yamamah.
It said: From Musalymah the messenger of God to Muhammad messenger of God, peace be upon you! It has been given to me to share with you the authority.
Half the earth is ours, and half belongs to the Quraysh, although they are people who transgress and have taken more.
The Prophet received this letter and responded immediately. The letter read:
“From Muhammad the Messenger of Allah to Musalymah the liar. Peace upon those who follow guidance! Verily the earth is Allah’s. He will give to whomever He wishes and the final issue is in favor of the pious.
The Prophet sent his response in the hands of Habib ibn Zayd to Tamamah. When he arrived in Yamamah he went to the liars palace where he handed in the letter.
Musalylimah read the letter and became red in anger. He asked Habib ibn Zayd, “Do you testify that Muhammad Allah’s Rasul?” Best Islamic Stories
Habib replied, “Yes indeed I do testify that Muhammad is Allah’s Rasul,” and Musalymah then asked, “Do you testify that I am Allah’s Rasul?” Habib responded, “I am dead to the words you have just uttered, I am dumb to respond to your claim.”
Muslimah asked again and again but the same response came from Habib ibn Zayd. Muslimah then ordered his men to tear Habib from limb to limb as he was killed for speaking the truth.
When reflecting on this story the following verse of the Qur’an comes to mind as Habib ibn Zayd did not hesitate in speaking out the truth and sticking to his words.

Undoubtedly, those who said, ‘our Lord is Allah then remain firm on it, the angels descend upon them, saying,’ fear not, nor grieve and be glad with the paradise which you were promised. We are your friends in the life of this world and in the Hereafter. And for you therein is that which your soul may desire, and for you therein is that which you may ask for.

The love and honor the Companions had for the Prophet was demonstrated in practical terms, which meant that they were torn from limb to limb for the sake of Allah and His Rasul.
We learn from this account that those who claim prophethood after the seal of the Prophets are great liars (Kazzaab). These liars cause great fitna among Muslims. Best Islamic Stories
Despite attesting to our Prophet’s messengership Musalymah was still a great liar., He offered Salam (peace) but still he was a liar. So we learn from this that people who say salam to you and pray five times a day are not necessarily sound in their beliefs, though they claim to be pious Muslims!
Best Islamic Stories

Sacrifice personified

In the Caliphate of Sayyiduna Umar al-Faruq when Sayyiduna Amr ibn al-Aas was making inroads into Egypt as the borders of Islam expanded further and further the Muslims encountered a Christian challenge.
All the forces of Egypt came together to challenge the perceived threat. The combined forces tried every tactic they knew to stop the Muslim army but to no avail as the Muslims stood firm against this combined onslaught. Best Islamic Stories
The leader of the Egyptian forces saw no way through the Muslim defenses. So what he did was announce that whoever went and killed the Muslim leader Amr ibn al-Aas the Muslim Commander, then for that person there would be a great reward including the hand in marriage of his beautiful daughter.
The announcement sparked renewed interest and commitment as they went about in search of the head of the Muslim leader.
In response to this announcement, Amr ibn al-Aas decided to take some safety precautions so that his life would be safe.
When news of this reached the office of Caliphate, Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Zubair was sent with reinforcements. Best Islamic Stories
When Abdullah ibn Zubair met Amr ibn al-Aas he expressed his shock at his precautionary measures. He was surprised that such an astute leader and commander had not thought of a better plan.
Abdullah ibn Zubair suggested to Amr ibn al-Aas to announce to the Muslim warriors that whoever captures the head of the Christian General would get a reward including the hand in marriage of his beautiful daughter.
Amr ibn al-Aas liked the proposal and endorsed it immediately. So it was announced to the Muslim army that whoever captures the head of the enemy General will be rewarded accordingly.
When the battle recommenced, the Muslim frontline attacked with such bravery and vigor that swift inroads were made into enemy lines and were advancing towards the enemy leader and eventually killed him.
News of this spread and as a result the Christian forces panicked and stumbled into submission. Despite attempting to flee, many soldiers were arrested which also included the daughter of the Christian General.
After the battle, Amr ibn al-Aas addressed the Muslim forces congratulating them on their success. He then asked for that warrior of Islam to step forward so that he could be rewarded as promised before the battle commenced.
A long silence prevailed as no when stepped forward. Again an appeal was made for the person to step forward who dealt the telling blow in the fierce battle.
But again, nobody came forward. Abdullah ibn Zubair, who was as surprised as anyone that no one had stepped forward, suggested that since nobody was claiming the reward, maybe the prize should go to their Commander i.e. Amr ibn al-Aas.
But the leader of the Muslim forces declined the offer, saying that he did not want to take from his Muslim brother what was rightly his.
What he suggested was that the reward should go to Abdullah ibn Zubair instead. Abdullah ibn Zubair thanked his leader for the kind words but insisted that he could not accept because during the battle he was fighting deeper in enemy lines than anyone else was.
The other warriors of Islam present said to Abdullah ibn Zubair that he should admit his actions as he fought valiantly in enemy lines to such an extent that they thought that he was to be killed at any moment.
Indeed the warriors were suggesting that Abdullah ibn Zubair was the man who killed the enemy leader. Abdullah ibn Zubair said that Allah knew best. Best Islamic Stories
His actions were not for any worldly gain or greed but as a necessary act for all Muslims. So according to Islamic practice, the daughter of the defeated General was given to Abdullah ibn Zubair in marriage. The warriors, in thanks and happiness, offered two prostrations in prayer.
Khilafat was also informed of this grand decision.
Tarikh al-Islam
The Companions were excellent at counseling and advising each other at times of difficulty. They also knew how to tackle the tactics of their enemies. We learn that Muslims only fight in defense of the Truth- Kalimatul Haq. They do not fight for fame or worldly reward or greed. And nor was the booty from battle their real intent, but their real intent was to attain the happiness of Allah the Almighty. • 225.

A wise smack – Best Islamic Stories

In the battle of Alexandria, the Romans had enclosed themselves in one of their forts, which the Muslims had surrounded. One day, the Romans came out into the battlefield and became involved in a fierce exchange
with a Muslim group led by the Muslim commander-in-chief Amr ibn al-Aas. The Muslims fought long and hard and pushed the enemy right back towards the fort. Amr ibn al-Aas as Commander in Chief was in the frontline of battle. In fear of the Muslims, they quickly closed the door of the fort shut.
Meanwhile, Amr ibn al-Aas, Maha Muslima ibn Mukhla, and his servant entered the fort and were trapped inside. They were then arrested and then taken to one of the leading Roman officers. The Roman officer thought that they were normal Muslim soldiers. This was because Amr ibn al-Aas did not wear anything that suggested that he was of a higher rank than his Companions. He wore simple clothes like all the other warriors in the battle. It was because of his appearance that the Roman officer spoke to the Muslims with contempt. The officer said, “You poor, illiterate Arabs have come here to cause fitna (dissension)”. Amr ibn al-Aas responded by saying, “Rather than causing dissension we have come to save the people of Alexandria from the abyss and to bring them into the light of salvation. We have come with the blessings of Islam, which we wish to present to every nation. We do not wish that you people were denied such bounties. We wish to make these lands an abode of peace and security. ” The Roman officer heard these bold words and said to his second in command in Latin that this man (i.e. Amr ibn al-Aas) rather than being a normal soldier appears to be a General or the Commander-In-Chief himself. He was suggesting that he should be put to death so that the Muslims lose their leadership. The servant belonging to Amr ibn al-Aas understood Latin and knew exactly what the Romans were about to do. Seeing that his master’s life was in danger stood up and smacked Amr ibn al-Aas in the face and told him off. “How dare you speak to anyone when permission has not been granted to speak? Who told you to speak such words in defense of the Arab nation?
Be quiet for it is not your job to say such words.” Amr ibn al-Aas fell silent as Muslima began to speak. It is true that we have no right to say such words. If you send some ​​of your officers to the Arab leaders then it is possible that a cease-fire
Best Islamic Stories
or resolution is made to this conflict as I know they will be inclined to such a gesture. “The Romans who had become tired of constant attacks from the Arabs liked what was said and agreed to release them in the hope of a cease-fire emerging. Best Islamic Stories
Muslima thanked the Roman officers as they released them from the fort. While this was happening, the rest of the Muslim army was becoming increasingly anxious by the capture of their leader. When the Muslim forces saw their leader walk away from the fort they began to proclaim “Allahu Akbar!” as loud as they could. When the Romans heard these slogans of joy, they began to get worried as they now realized the wisdom behind the servant’s smack. Tarikh al-Islam In times of difficulties, Muslim’s do not lose their senses but with great care deal with and resolve difficult issues. We also learn that when facing tough opposition Muslims never fail to speak the truth. And when Muslims face such a situation Allah helps His believers. Hence today, Muslims should also speak out the truth with full confidence and should fear only Allah. An Urdu poet says: If you are to fear then fear one Allah If you are to die then die on this path Keep your gaze on the happiness of the Lord Then the entire world will be yours 997

Golden ball – Best Islamic Stories

Savviduna Amr ibn al-Aas t once went on a business expedition to Jerusalem. It just so happened that at the same time a Christian priest was also going to visit the Holy Lands. Amr ibn al-Aas was with his fellow travelers on a hill overlooking the blessed city grazing his camels when the priest and Amr ibn al-Aas met. The priest was extremely thirsty. Amr ibn al-Aas saw his thirst and offered him some water. He drank the water and then rested against a tree. The priest was asleep when a venomous snake appeared and approached the sleeping target. Amr ibn al-Aas saw the snake and quickly took out his bow and arrow and killed the snake. The priest woke up from his rest to see the dead snake yards away from him. Shocked by what he saw, he asked Amr ibn al-Aas what had happened. The priest heard what had happened and got up and kissed Amr ibn al-Aas on the forehead and thanked him very much for saving his life on two occasions. He then asked Amr ibn al-Aas what brought him to the Holy Land? Amr ibn al-Aas told him that he was on a business trip. The priest then asked him how much profit he was hoping to make? Amr ibn al-Aas said he hoped to make enough for one camel. The priest then asked where he came from and what the price was of saving a man’s life? He was told that it was one hundred camels. The priest told Amr ibn al-Aas that there were not many camels from where he came but that transactions were usually made with money.
So it was agreed that instead of one hundred camels, one thousand dinars would be given instead. Having settled this agreement, the priest suggested to Amr ibn al-Aas that he should come with him back to his home which he would enjoy immensely. Amr ibn al-Aas asked the man where he had come from.
The priest replied that he was from Alexandria in Egypt. The priest promised him that he would look after him while he was with him and that he would return him safely back home. Amr ibn al-Aas then asked him how long it took to get to and from Alexandria? The priest said that it would take ten days to get there and ten days to get back.
The priest said that he would have to stay there for ten days. Amr ibn al-Aas set off with a friend of his with the priest to the land of Egypt.
When they entered Egypt, Amr ibn al-Aas was taken in by the beauty of the land, its fruits and people. He had never seen a place quite like it.
It just so happened that the day Amr ibn al-Aas arrived in Alexandria there was a big festival going on in which people from all over the city and surrounding areas had come to participate.
One feature of the festival was a golden ball that was being tossed up into the air and being shown off to one and all. It was the wish of everyone present that they could get hold of this golden ball.
It was the customary belief of the people for a long time that whoever held onto and possessed the golden ball would one day become the King of Egypt.
For all the time Amr ibn al-Aas stayed in Alexandria as his guest, the priest looked after him as he promised to do. The priest who made Amr ibn al-Aas fit into the local surroundings dressed him up in fine bright clothes.
The priest, having dressed up his guest, took him along to see the festival. Everyone was hopeful that the golden ball would fall into their hands. The ball was tossed up into the air and landed right into the hands of Amr ibn al-Aas. Best Islamic Stories
Everyone was surprised to see that the Arab guest had caught the ball. Amr ibn al-Aas stayed in Alexandria for a few more days. The Priest had fulfilled his promise and took him back to whence he came. From that day onwards the desire to go back to Egypt by conquest grew in his heart. It was in the Caliphate of Sayyiduna Umar Faruq that Egypt was conquered and this honor belonged to no other than Amr ibn al-Aas. Al Akhbar Al Misr 268
The Companions had in their hearts the love for Allah and His Prophet that meant that the wealth of the world would literally fall into their hands. Allah blessed His beloved Prophet’s Companions with such honor that the lands surrounding Arabia fell to Muslims in such a manner that the world has never seen before. • 227 • Best Islamic Stories
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The Prophet’s Sword

In the battle of Uhud, Sayyiduna Rasulallah took his sword and said, “Who is it that will give my sword its right?” The noble Companions heard this statement and became eager to gain the honor the Prophet was about to bestow upon one of them.
All the Companions present wanted to be the fortunate one on this particular occasion but for them, it wasn’t to be. Abu Dujana stepped forward and was given the sword by the Holy Prophet.
The Prophet said “O Abu Dujana! Give this sword its right by using it against the enemy.” Abu Dujana became very happy at receiving the Prophet’s sword.
He wore a red-colored turban and set off into battle like a wrestler does before a fight. The Prophet noticed Abu Dujana’s style and said that Allah liked his attitude.
Moreover, Allah liked his defiance when he fights against the enemy. Abu Dujana fought in the battle in such a way that he gave the Prophet’s sword its right.
Al-Mawahib al-Laduniya
Allah dislikes human beings displaying pride and vanity but when a Muslim in battle displays these characteristics he likes it.
Hence the Companions are as Allah says in the Qur’an ‘hard against the infidels and tender among themselves’ (al-Fath: 29)

Day of eyes – Best Islamic Stories

In the battle of Faris, the leader of the guard on the front line was Agra ibn Habis. He was such a brave and restless warrior that he was always in search of enemies to fight because he enjoyed and loved it so much, Hence in this battle he sent a thousand archers to go and target the enemy’s eyes.
So the thousand strong archery force went and used their bow and arrow to such effect that not a single arrow went to waste as a thousand enemies were hit. From that day on Muslims have called it Zaatul Aayoun or ‘day of eyes’. Best Islamic Stories
The Persian leader at the time was Sherazad. When he saw the damage inflicted by the Muslim archers he immediately called for a cease-fire.
This plea however was rejected by Khalid ibn Walid and the fighting continued. The Persians up till that point had their trenches secure from Muslim attack. But despite the trenches, they still felt threatened by Muslim attacks.
To overcome the trenches the Muslim forces decided to slaughter the old and weak camels and threw them into the trench so they could cross over into enemy lines. The Persians facing such a precarious position advanced along this makeshift bridge and fought against the advancing Muslims.
But the Muslims fought back hard and pushed the Persians back. Sherazad the Persian leader once again asked for a cease-fire and was this time agreed with some conditions by Khalid ibn Walid.
One of the terms of the agreement was that the defeated enemies would leave the territory to a limit beyond the borders without taking their wealth or belongings with them.
So this meant that Sherazad and his people left the area and left the boundaries of Islam that had no come under Islamic jurisdiction thanks to the courageous fighting of the Companions. Tarikh al-Islam
The Companions of the Prophet always fought for the sake of Allah. They fought with Intelligence and guile as they came to learn the art of war. We also learn that when the enemy does surrender, the Muslims must accept the cease-fire and should not fight on without reason. • 229. Best Islamic Stories

Who is the Sword of Allah?

During one of the fiercely contested battles between the Muslims and the Romans, a renowned warrior called George mounted his horse and went towards the Muslim camp so that he could talk to Khalid ibn Walid.
George approached Khalid ibn Walid telling him that he came in peace and wished to declare a temporary cease-fire so that they could talk to each other.
Khalid agreed and they sat down to talk. The Roman warrior requested Khalid to speak in an open and truthful manner as he felt that warriors should not lie.
Warrior Tell me, did your Prophet receive some sword from the heaven which was given to you which you have used against other nations and have remained undefeated? Khalid ON Warrior So why do people call you the ‘sword of Allah’? Khalid, listen carefully and I will explain.
Allah Almighty have you felt to us a noble Prophet for our guidance and salvation.
In the beginning, I was against him, but then my Lord gave me guidance. I opted for his company and to be his servant. The Prophet once said to me that he has made me the sword of Allah ‘against the polytheists.
What I am is a result of the blessings of the Holy Prophet’s supplications. Warrior I see, so if someone accepted Islam and joined your group, what would be that person’s status amongst them? Khalid The status and rank of the group and the new member is the same. Best Islamic Stories
Indeed their rank is better. The warrior heard these words and was moved by them. He then announced to Khalid ibn Walid that he wished to embrace Islam. Khalid ibn Walid then taught him the fundamental principles of his new religion. The Romans had a bath and offered two rakats of prayer.
After that, they set off and resumed the Jihad together. Tarikh al-Islam Khalid ibn Walide was one of the greatest military figures in Islam’s history. His reputation was such that his enemies knew of his qualities and honor.
Khalid bin Walid was so dear to the Prophet that he gave him the title ‘Sword of Allah’. The enemies of Islam have always suffered defeat to this sword. 272 Best Islamic Stories

Amr ibn Al Jamuh

Amr ibn Al Jamuh, a Companion, was disabled from the feet. He had four sons who he would send into the battles and expeditions the Holy Prophet took part in. In the battle of Uhud, a desire emerged in Amr that he too participated in the battle like his four sons.
When he told people about his wish, they tried to talk him out of it due to his disability. They told him that he may be a burden rather than help in the battle.
But he told these people that he could not bear to think that his sons fought their way into Paradise while he stayed behind.
His wife too tried to dissuade him from going. She said to him as a taunt that she would be looking out for him in case he tried to run away to the battle. Amr heard these comments, got hold of his weapon, and said facing the Qibla “O Allah! Do not return me back to my wife and home.” Amr reached Uhud and presented himself to the Holy Prophet and told him of his intention to participate in the battle.
The Prophet said to him that he was excused (being handicapped), but again the eager Companion expressed his enthusiasm to fight.
The Prophet heard this and granted him permission to fight. Abu Talha says that he saw Amr get his feet stuck in battle but only to get up again and persevere in his wish to fight on.
He would hear him say that he had a desire to enter Paradise. One of his sons was behind him when they fought valiantly against some enemies when they both got martyred.
His wife came to take away the bodies of her husband and son. She loaded them on to a camel and pulled the camel back towards Madinah.
But as she tried the camel sat back down and would not move one inch despite being beaten by the widow. The woman then went to the Prophet to tell him what was happening.
The Prophet of Allah informed her that the camel was staying put because it was the wish of Amr that he never returned to his home again when he made a du’a. Best Islamic Stories
The noble Companions desire and enthusiasm for Jihad and to be martyred was such that excused and disabled people strove at all costs to participate with the Holy Prophet in a battle for the sake of Allah. Love for their sons and wives were nothing in comparison to supporting Allah’s beloved Prophet.
It was their desire till the very end that they gave their lives for the sake of Allah and His Rasul. And like the Ahl al-Bayt, they became the masters of Paradise. • 231. Best Islamic Stories

Companion in Paradise

Wahb ibn Qaboos lived in a village near to the great city of Madinah. There he would shepherd his goats. One day with his nephew he went to Madinah with his goats to see the Prophet. When he arrived there he went about finding out where he could meet the Prophet of Allah. The inhabitants of Madinah told him that the noble Prophet was engaged in a battle in Uhud.
Wahb left his goats behind and immediately set off for Uhud a few miles outside of Madinah. No sooner he presented himself to the Prophet, the Quraysh forces were attacking them. The Prophet announced, “Whoever dispels this group will be with me in Paradise.” Wahb heard these golden words and went straight into battle so that the threat posing the Prophet was removed. After being dispersed, the enemies again attacked.
The Prophet of Allah again announced that whoever dispelled them would be with him in Paradise. Again Wahab entered the heat of the battle and removed the immediate threat to the Prophet.
The enemy forces dispersed only to return once more, and again the Holy Prophet announced that whoever removed the enemy would be with Him in Paradise forever.
Like before, Wahb ibn Qaboos entered the battle and killed many enemies of Islam. He continued to fight valiantly until he was eventually martyred and became the rightful owner of the Prophet’s promise. The Prophet then stood at the head of Wahb’s corpse and said “O Wahab! Allah is happy with you and I am happy with you!”
The Prophet then buried his heavenly Companion with his own hands in Uhud. Isaba wa Hikayaatul Sahaba The noble Companions (may Allah be pleased with them all) had absolute and unequivocal belief in every statement and word of their beloved Prophet. This was because they knew that whatever he said was true.
Hence Wahab bin Qaboos on this basis had Iman and certainty that the Prophet would grant him company in Paradise. He fiercely fought the enemy resulting in martyrdom.
So for those who say that a person whose name is Muhammad has no authority or independence is absolutely mislead and misinformed. Instead, we should have believed in the Prophet just like the Companions did. Best Islamic Stories
As Imam Ahmad Raza Khan says in a famous verse

Hum Rasulallah ki Jannat Rasulallah ki –

we are his i.e. the Prophet’s and to him belongs to Paradise. • 232. Best Islamic Stories


It was in the early stages of the battle of Uhud when a Bedouin appeared in front of the Prophet eating his dates. He said, “Ya Rasulallah! If I enter into battle, and I get killed, where will I end up?” The Prophet informed the date-eating Bedouin that for him would be Paradise.
Bedouin heard these words put down his dates, picked up a sword, and went straight into battle. He fought so valiantly that he was martyred. Sahih Al-Bukhari
The Companions of the Prophet were full of enthusiasm for Jihad in the way of Ai e that they stopped whatever they were doing and fought till the end. • 233. Best Islamic Stories


The Prophet of Allah was returning from one of the battles when they stopped at a certain place to stay the night before they headed back home to Madinah. Best Islamic Stories
The Prophet of Allah appointed two-night watchmen that would look after them. One Muhajir (migrant) and one Ansar (helper) namely Ammar ibn Yassir and Ubaydah ibn Bashr were appointed for this task.
The Prophet indicated to them that they should take particular care of the mountain passageway as the enemy could come from there.
Both men made their way towards the mountain passage so that the Prophet and his Companions were safe and secure for the night.
When they got there, Ansar told Muhajir that they should split the night in half in which one would sleep while the other was on the lookout.
Muhajir agreed to the idea and told him to wake him up at the first sign of danger. Ansar decided to stay awake for the first part of the night.
His colleague went to sleep as Ansar decided to offer Salah. Ansar was in his prayers when an enemy appeared and shot an arrow at the standing person.
When the enemy saw that the being did not move he shot another arrow and then another at the being which didn’t move. Each time the Ansar waS hit he removed the arrow from his body. After Qiyam, he went into Ruku and completed his prayers.
The enemy then saw that there were two people, not one, and ran away thinking that many more people were there. When Muhajir woke up and saw the state of his colleague he said, “Subhan Allah! Why didn’t you wake me up?”
Ansar replied: “I had started reciting Sura Kahf in my Salah. I did not wish to end it until the end of the Ruku. The thought has just entered my mind, that arrows continually hit me.
If I died, I would have failed to complete the duty assigned to me by the Prophet of Allah. If I did not have this concern then I would have died, but not before completing the recitation. ” Bayhaqi, Hikayaatus Sahaba The Companions sacrificed their lives for every single command and instruction of their beloved Prophet. Best Islamic Stories
Furthermore, the Companions had a love for Allah’s word- The Qur’an. We learn that the people of Allah when they stand in prayer do not flinch or move even if they are attacked with arrows. And yet we fidget for no reason whatsoever!

Sacrifice – Best Islamic Stories

A Companion once came to the Prophet seeking his help because he was hungry and thirsty. The Prophet of Allah enquired from his wives in their apartments whether or not they had any food or water for the petitioner.
None of the wives of the Prophet had anything stored in their apartment that could be given to him. The Prophet of Allah then enquired from his Companions whether or not they had anything to give to their needy brother.
Abu Talha Ansari stood up and told the dear Prophet that he would look after his guest for the night. Abu Talha took his guest home and then told his wife that the person with him was a guest of the Prophet and that his hospitality was of vital importance to them.
He said to his wife that they should give him whatever he seeks and that nothing should be hidden from him. His wife told him that they had only a bit of food left in the house and that it was saved for their children.
Abu Talha told his wife to put the children asleep hungry, He then suggested that they give all the food to their guests.
He told his wife to go and pretend to adjust the lamp and put the light out so the hungry guest did not know that they had nothing on their plates.
If the guest found out that they had nothing to eat, then he would refuse to eat and the purpose of him coming would be defeated.
The wife agreed and this is exactly what they did. The wife put the children asleep hungry as they put the food they had in front of the Prophet’s guest.
The wife then adjusted the light to make it dark so that the guest had no idea that his hosts were hungry. Allah Almighty became pleased with Abu Talha’s sacrifice and revealed the following verse:

Any need for what they have been given and prefer them (ie poor) above themselves, even though they are badly in need of …

(Al-Hashr: 9) Khazahinul Irfan, Ruhul Bayan
The Companions of the Prophet expressed brotherhood, sacrifice, and hospitality for each other in such a way that Allah Almighty was pleased with their actions that a verse of the Qur’an was revealed in their honor.
So whoever says that they are not pleased with the Companions and that their praises should not be sung, are in other words saying that they are unhappy with Allah’s happiness and are against Allah’s praises for them.
Such people are misguided and their company should be avoided at all costs. The company should be kept with the faithful people who love Allah, His Rasul, and His Prophet’s Companions.

Water bag

In the battle of Yarmuk, many Companions got martyred. The wounded fighters were lying in the heat as they bled to death.
Abu Huzaifa appeared with a large water bag on his shoulders and came to offer water to the wounded and dying. From one direction a voice came,
“Water, water,” and Abu Huzaifa would then run towards that direction to offer water. When he got there he saw one of his brothers on the verge of death.
But instead of taking it, he said that one of his other brothers was in more need of it than he was.
So Abu Huzaifa would run to the next person in need of water. When he got there that needy Companion told him that another brother is needy of the water more he than he was.
But when Abu Huzaifa got to the third thirsty person had already passed away. Abu Huzaifa ran back to the second needy man only to see that he too had breathed his last. And by the time he got to the first thirsty Companion he too had passed away.
Ruhul Bayan
The Companions of the Prophet, until their last breath cared and thought about their brothers in Islam over themselves. They teach us that a Muslim is one who cares for his brother at all times and in all conditions.

The pain of separation

When the Prophet left this mortal world, Bilal was very hurt emotionally Sayyiduna Bilal loved Sayyiduna Muhammad Rasulallah dearly, He would walk the streets of Madinah, asking anyone who passed him whether they had seen the King of Madinah? He would ask them to tell him if they ever did see him. Bilal eventually left Madinah and went to Syria. Best Islamic Stories
A year into his departure from Madinah, the Prophet visited Bilal in his dream and asked, “Bilal! Have you stopped seeing me? Don’t you feel like seeing me?” Bilal heard this and said, “Labbay! Ya Sayyidi.”
(Present! O leader) Bilal woke up and got ready straight away and left Syria for Madinah. He traveled day and night as he reached the City of Light. He entered Madinah and went straight to the Prophet’s Mosque and began to look for his beloved Prophet but could not find him.
Bilal went to Rawda Mubarak and said, “Ya Rasulallah! Your servant has come from Syria as you called him to see you, but you have hidden again” Bilal uttered these words and then fell to the ground unconscious. After a while, the people of Madinah took Bilai out of the Mosque.
By this time, everyone in Madinah had learned that Bilal, the Muezzin of the Prophet, had returned. The blessed people of Madinah all requested Bilal to pray the Azan as he used to write e. Prophet was physically amongst them. Bilal told the people that he could no longer pray the Azan because when he used to read ‘I bear witness that Muhammad is Allah’s messenger,’ I would look at the face of the Prophet as I said it.
“Tell me how I can see his resplendent face now ?!” Some people kept on asking Bilal to read the Azan but he refused. After a while, some Companions thought that if Bilal would not listen to them, he would certainly listen to Sayyiduna Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain, 228 who Bilal loved very much. So it was decided that they call the sons of Sayyiduna Ali and ask them to plead to Bilal to offer once again the Azan only he could read. Imam Hasan and Hussain said, “O Bilal! Pray to us that Azan that you used to pray to our grandfather.”
Bilal loved them very much and could not refuse their beautiful request. Bilal took Imam Hussain and sat him on his lap and said, “You are a piece of the Prophet, whenever and wherever you say I will pray the Azan there.” Imam Hussain helped Bilal climb the roof of Masjid-Nabwi as he prepared to offer the Azan. “Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar” -Allah is greatest- No sooner had Bilal uttered these words the atmosphere of Madinah changed dramatically. The days when the Prophet was physically amongst them were soon remembered. It was months since the last time people had heard these words from Bilal’s mouth. Everyone in Madinah left their houses as they gathered to hear the Azan. When Bilal read the words “I bear witness that Muhammad & is Allah’s messenger,” a thousand screams followed as people began to cry in remembrance of the Prophet.
There was not a single man, woman, or child who wasn’t crying at the Azan of Bilal. Children would ask their mothers that Bilal is here but where is the Prophet? When Bilal read these words and could not find or see the Prophet’s face, he fell to the ground unconscious. After a long while, Bilal regained consciousness. He left Madinah back for Syria weeping and crying.
Midraj un Nabuwa
Sayyiduna Rasulallah, after his physical departure from this mortal world, would visit his beloved Companions in their dreams. All the Companions loved the Prophet so much that the pain of separation was at times too much to bear. The Companions not only loved the Prophet immensely but also his Ahl al-Bayt. The heart has no option but to cry when Allah’s Nabi is remembered like this. 229

The Flag of Islam

In the battle of Uhud, Mus’ab ibn Umayr was given the battle flag. The enemies tried to get hold of the flag by attacking him. I have welcomed the challenge and fought the enemies. Ibn Keema, an enemy, attacked him and struck his right arm that fell off. But Mus’ab was undeterred by what happened and took the flag in his other hand and continued to fight. To force him to surrender the enemies attacked with more vigor. They tried their best but could not get near the valiant Mus’ab.
Eventually, his other arm was severely wounded and was cut off. But Mus’ab took the flag to his chest and continued to fight as if nothing had happened.
His enemies were astounded by his commitment to Ibn Keema, who threw his sword down, got a bow and arrow, and struck Mus’ab in the chest. Best Islamic Stories
Mus’ab left this world with the flag on his chest and went straight to Jannat. After the battle, the Prophet saw the radiant body of Mus’ab and read the following Ayat of the Qur’an “Among Muslims are men who have made true the covenant they had made with Allah, then there are some of them who have fulfilled their vows and some who are still waiting and they are not changed in the least. ” (Al-Ahzab: 23) He addressed Mus’ab by saying “I saw you in Makkah where there was no one better looking or dressed than you. What has happened today that your face is wounded? Indeed Allah and His Rasul bear witness that on the day of rising you will be amongst the martyrs. ” Tarikh al-Islam
The Companions of the Prophet fought in battle with such bravery and defiance that the enemies were astounded by their commitment. Those who die in the way of Allah hold a special place and honor in Allah’s Court. • 203.

The Sword of Allah

In the battle of Mu’tah the forces of Heraclius numbered one hundred thousand while the Muslims had a force of only three thousand. Abdullah ibn Rawahah recognizing the size of the threat addressed his troops with the following words: “O Muslims! It is with the hope of martyrdom that we have left our homes. The enemy might outnumber us, but it is the fact that we have Islam on our side that gives us comfort and hope. It is with Islam that we have been successful until now.
Fighters! Get ready to engage in battle. ” The troops responded positively and set out for battle. Zaid ibn Haris was given the flag first. He fought with great vigor and bravery that a number of enemy fighters were killed at his hands. He was eventually killed and the flag was taken up by Ja’far ibn Abi Talib. He fought valiantly as well, penetrating deep into enemy lines.
His horse got wounded, meaning that the enemies had surrounded him. Under attack, Ja’far lost one arm but took the flag from his other arm and continued to fight. But like Zaid, he too was a martyr in the way of Allah and went straight to Jannat.
Abdullah bin Rawahah himself took on the leadership and fought with honor when he, too, was killed. After his death, the Muslims became worried as to who would guide them in battle.
Thabit ibn Arkam took the flag and told his fellow fighters that they should make Khalid ibn Walid their new leader. Khalid ibn Walid took on this responsibility and fought hard. The Muslims were reinvigorated at his military leadership and caused
severe damage to the enemies. Khalid ibn Walid fought with such ferocity, that nine swords he used broke as he tore through the enemy defenses.
The night had fallen as hostilities ended for the day. The following morning Khalid bin Walid, who was in the back rows the previous day, decided to move into the front rows. And like before Khalid ibn Walid and the other Companions inspired by his leadership fight, the enemies eventually retreated.
They took whatever spoils of the war there were and returned to Madinah. Tarikh al-Islam Khalid bin Walid was one of the greatest warriors amongst the Companions who had such bravery and awe about him that the feet of the enemies began to shake at seeing him. The Prophet named Khalid the sword of Allah ‘when he returned from this battle. • 204. Best Islamic Stories

The Muqawis of Egypt

At the request of the Muqawis, Amr ibn al-Aas e sent a delegation of ten Muslims to his court. Amongst them was Companion Namie Ubada in Samite. He was a Negro. The ruler saw him and said that all Muslims were like him. This made him think that any battle with the Muslims would be easy for him. Ubada heard these words and replied: “I have heard what you have said.
From where I have come from, there are another thousand black men like me, men who are darker than I. Listen! I may be older and not as agile as I used to be but Alhamdulillah fights for the I don’t become afraid of one hundred men. This is true of me and of my Companions. The reason for this is because we 232
the pleasure of Allah. We do not fight for any worldly or personal gain. We don’t care for this mortal world. If we have thousands of Dirhams or just ane Dirham, both conditions are equal to us. We are content with both lifestyles.
We have sworn allegiance to our Master Muhammad Mustafa so that we gain enough so that we can eat enough to live and that we have enough clothes to cover our bodies. “Mugawqis heard this brief speech and praised him for his words.
But he told the delegation that they could not come up against the army he had prepared and that their victory was unlikely if not impossible.
He offered the delegation some money for themselves and one thousand Dinars for their leader after which they were asked to leave. Ubada heard his offer and said “You and your forces do not scare me for one moment. Best Islamic Stories
I swear to Allah, I don’t care for any money you offer us. In fact, your offer has encouraged us even more to fight you. We are about to be blessed by one of two things. One is a victory in the battlefield and the spoils of war.
The other is martyrdom on the battlefield. There is not a single man amongst us who does not pray and ask for a death like this in the way of Allah. “Preparations were made for the battle. Everything Ubada said happened and the Muslims gained a victory that they promised.
Tarikh al-Islam Muslims fight for the sake of Allah and not for any personal or material gain. Any battle or struggle that is done for the sake of Allah is known as Jihad.

 The sachet of poison

In the Caliphate of Sayyiduna Abu Bakr, Islam spread and. from strength to strength mainly to the sheer brilliance of Khalid a Walid. The Muslims gained victory after victory as Allah’s promise was coming true. It was during these times that the Companions came across the people of Heera. They had broken their promise meaning that Walid had to turn his attention towards them, They quickly learned the grew of the Muslims approach and sealed themselves in their forts.
Khalid bin Walid quickly surrounded the forts and kept them under siege. He did not invade them in case they did see sense and surrendered. But while there was little sign of hope or dialogue, Khalid had no alternative but to invade.
After capturing the forts, an old man named Umar ibn Abdul Masee came to see Khalid ibn Walid. Khalid asked the old man how old he was. The man replied that he was so old that he could no longer remember his exact age. The old man had his servant with him who carried a sachet of poison with him. Khalid asked him what it was and why he carried it with him.
The old man told Khalid ibn Walid that if he did not treat his people well, then he would have no alternative but to take the poison and die. Death was more appealing to him than to see humiliation at the hands of others, Khalid bin Walid took the sachet of poison from the man and emptied it on to the palm of his hand and said, “Nobody dies if it is not the time of death.
” In other words, if this is not my time of death then the poison will not kill me. Khalid said and read: “In the name of Allah who has the best of names, the Lord of the heavens and the earth. I take this in the name of the Merciful and Compassionate” e lid read these words and then swallowed the poison. To the all Khalid lived on until he died a natural death.
the amazement of the old man Khalid was fine and had no effect on him at Tarikh al-Islam; Hujatullah al-Alameen Khalid bin Walid was the greatest general and fighter in Islamic history. He had completed his faith in Allah to the extent that he had taken poison, and yet lived on to prove his faith in • 206 •


During the battle of Qadsiya, the Shah of Iran Yazdigar told Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas send a delegation to him so that they could talk in peace. Rabbi ibn Aamir Numan ibn Muqran; Mughira ibn Zarara and Asim ibn Umar Waghira (Radi Allah Anhum) were sent to his court on the orders of Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas. The Iranians went to great lengths to provide hospitality to their guests. Large rugs were laid out in front of the Shah’s golden throne in anticipation of the Muslim delegation. Rabi entered the palace on his horse that was tied with a simple rope. He had his sword with him. Rabi went on horseback over rugs and decorated floors, much to the despair of palace officials. Rabi took no notice of them and went ahead. The hosts remained quiet because they were their guests. After dismounting his horse, Rabi used his spear to help him walk along the palace floors. In doing so he caused damage to the palace tiles. As he came near to the king, he placed his spear on the floor and also sat down. Some people who saw this began to ask each other why he had sat down on the floor. Rabi replied that they had no
desire or fascination with ornaments that adorned the palace and nor did they have an inclination towards their troubles. As these words were being said, Rabi’s Companions also sat down as he had done. As the Companions settled down, Yazdigar asked them what they wanted. Numan replied, “Allah has been merciful upon us. For our guidance, He has sent us a Messenger (Rasul) who has enjoined ne to do good deeds and to refrain from bad acts.
He has promised us that our obedience to Him will lead to success in this world and in the hereafter. Our Rasul has also told us to go to other nations and be just with them and to invite them towards Islam. Hence we come here to give you justice and Islam. Our religion is the best religion. If you accept our deen then this is better for you.
If not, then you will have to decide then between two choices. Pay the Jizya (tax). If that is unacceptable to you then prepare for battle. If you accept our faith then we will leave with you a book (Holy Qur’an). You must adhere to the Book of Allah and uphold it at all times.
If you accept this path then your country is safe. If you accept the Jizya, then this is acceptable to us. We will protect you from enemies if you are attacked. If these conditions do not suit you, then prepare for battle. ” Yazdigar replied, “I know what a misguided and ignorant nation you were before. But I warn you not to set eyes on Iran and to remove successful ideas from your heads. If you challenge us in battle then we will mine severe damage upon you.
If you come here to invade us because of your poverty then we will give you the economic and financial assistance you require. We will give you land and wealth and whatever you require will be yours. ” Mughira replied “O Shah! The Arab people are the chiefs of nobleness and they know how to respect it. My Companion has not made himself clear to you and neither have you been to us. Allow me to talk.
I will convey the message to you. What you said about us before was absolutely true. We knew nothing of manners or knowledge. But according to what Numan said Allah has been merciful upon us because for our guidance He has sent to us a Prophet who has made us humans 236
with dignity and respect. So in this respect O Shah! Do not treat his words lightly. It will be better for you if you accept Islam “Yozdigar told the Companions that if he had not invited them he would bave had them killed by now. He asked them all to leave immediately. Yazdigar asked his servant to bring him a pot full of soil. He asked the Companions to place this pot on their heads and walk out of the palace if they were truly noble as they claimed to be. Asim took up the challenge and placed the pot on his head and began to walk. Asim began to walk away with the pot on his head with joy and pleasure. Yazdigar saw this pleasure and became astonished. Asim said to Yazdigar, “In your eyes, this is a joke that I this is a great event.
Did you know that this gift from Allah has been arry a pot of soil on my head. But for the Muslims given to you as we carry away the land of your kingdom in the name of Islam? “Asim said these words and left the palace.
After the convoy left, Yazdigar and his officials began to ponder the encounter. The king himself began to feel in his heart that the Muslims would eventually win and as they said.
But he felt that Asim acted stupidly as he smiled carrying the pot of soil on his head. Rustum, an Iranian chief, spoke out and said, “O King! The man you think was stupid was in actual fact the clever one. He has (symbolically) taken away our land. Best Islamic Stories
It’s no good for us now. “Yazdigar heard this and began to get angry and worried. In the heat of the moment, he ordered a team to go after the convoy that had just left.
He told them that if they managed to catch up with the convoy then they should assume that their kingdom would be saved.
But if they fail to catch up with them then they should assume that the Kingdom was lost. The team set off in the hope of capturing the Companions but they returned to the king empty-handed.
Rustum was an astronomer and soothsayer who commented that the lands of Iran were captured and they were unaware of it, He read the stars that said that the taking away of a pot of soil would mean that the Arabs would take away their land.
Muslims truly follow and uphold the words of Allah and His Rasul. They do not become tempted by the lures of the material world. They are not afraid to speak the truth even in front of the kings and emperors of the time. • 207 •

The journey to Tabuk

A convoy came from Syria to Madinah and told the Prophet that the Emperor of Rome in response to the defeat at Mu’tah was preparing to invade Madinah.
The Prophet told the convoy that he didn’t care for them. Convoy O Prophet! The emperor of Rome is proud of the fact that he has half the world under his control. He believes that Muslims are not a challenge in his way.
He has an army of two hundred thousand men ready to invade Madinah. Prophet (addressing his Companions) What do you think? Companions For whom Allah is protector, who can hurt or danger him! Whatever you say O Master we are content with your decision.
Prophet It is my opinion then that we send an army northwards to protect the Arab lands before they attempt to attack us.
Companions We are content with your decision. Prophet Think carefully. This is a long journey. The hot summer is upon us and the fruits are beginning to ripen.
These are the days to eat the fruits and to sit in the shade and to rest, Companions Ya Rasulallah! All the comforts of the world are sacrificed upon you! Prophet What supplies can we gather for this journey? Sayyiduna Uthman O Master! Your slave offers nine hundred camels, one hundred horses, and one thousand Dinars for the effort. Abdur Rahman ibn Awf O Master! This slave of yours offers forty thousand Dirhams in your presence for the journey.
Abu Aqeel was a poor companion but offered half his crop of dry dates to the war effort, leaving half behind at home for his wife and children. Mohammad, thank you very much. We recognize your efforts and we appreciate it very much.
Go and take your dry dates and place them with the other goods. “Umar Faruq (in his heart) Today our Master has asked us to donate wholeheartedly in the way of Allah for the sake of Islam. All Companions
rich and poor are taking part. Abu Bakr is always the one in front when it comes to making the Prophet happy. Abu Bakr always leads the way, but this time I will beat him in offering more to the Prophet. “Umar Faruq got up and went to his house and gathered all his wealth and belongings. He divided it into two. One half he kept at home for the family. The other half he presented to the Holy Prophet and in doing so saw the happiness on the face of the Prophet.
It was at this time that Abu Bakr Siddiq appeared in front of the Prophet. He came carrying all the wealth and property that was in his house and presented it to him. Umar Faruq was astonished to see what Abu Bakr Siddiq had done.
Prophet What have you left behind at home? Abu Bakr I have left Allah and His Rasul behind All the other Companions contributed wholeheartedly to the expedition of Tabuk. Prophet We are short of supplies for the journey, do not overlook this fact.
Companions O Prophet! We don’t. We seek only the happiness of our Lord and His Messenger. ” Prophet I will give every eighteenth person a camel and provision for food and water. ”
Companions O Prophet! Do not worry about the provisions. We are fighting in the way of Allah. If need be we will eat leaves off trees to satisfy our hunger. And if we get thirsty we will slaughter the camel and drink the water stored in its hump if required.
In the journey, the Companions did have to eat the leaves of trees that caused their lips to dry up. They got blisters on their feet as they walked for miles and miles.
Eventually, the Prophet and his thirty thousand Companions reached the frontier with Syria. They stayed there for one month. The stance taken by the Prophet of Allah took the Romans by surprise.
Emperor, It is surprising that the Muslims have taken such a big step. Emperor’s comrades Their Messenger has instilled into them this desire and passion and has made them firm and strong in their conviction. They anticipate and desire to fight in the name of Allah. Best Islamic Stories
They believe that if they fight in battle they become warriors. And should they die in battle then they become martyrs.
If they do not get food to eat and water to drink they decide to fast all day instead. If they do get something to eat and drink they are thankful and become happy about it.
Furthermore, their Messenger is always with them at every step. Indeed these people desire that they die at his feet. Emperor If this is the case, then we will postpone our plans to invade Madinah. When the leader of the Arabs passes away, then we will invade.
Make the announcement public that we do not intend to invade Madinah. ”
The Prophet and the Companions learned of the emperor’s decision and decided to prepare to leave Tabuk. The Prophet and his Jovel Companions after a month returned home to Madinah. Tarikhul Khulafa; Ruhul Bayan The noble Companions sacrificed all their worldly and material comforts for the sake of the Holy Prophet.
They did this in pursuit of the happiness of Allah, His Prophet, and for the pleasures of the hereafter that are eternal. The Companions suffered countless problems but remained upright and resolved in supporting and obeying Allah’s Prophet. • 208

Muslim army

In the Caliphate of Sayyiduna Umar, the Muslim armies conquered al-Quds Sharif (Jerusalem). It was the wish of the scholars and priests there that Umar himself came to Jerusalem to take hold of the city. The priests had conceded to the fact that Umar was now ruler, but the public remained to be convinced. What was decided was that the main bazaar of the city be decorated in which the Muslim army would pass through.
So this is what they did. They decorated the city streets and walls and placed beautiful women on top of the balconies of every house.
The men were told to evacuate the streets. Women were also told to do whatever the soldiers wanted or desired and to try their best to entice and lure them towards them.
While these plans were being made, the Muslim army was preparing to pass through the city when a soldier was reciting the Qur’an when he came across the verse: 242
Tell the believing men that they should keep lowering their gaze and guarding their private parts … Nur 30 The effect of the recitation of this verse was that when the time came for the army to pass through the city each and every single Muslim soldier had their gazes firmly towards the ground and did not look even once towards the decorations or the women. Best Islamic Stories
They did not know what was around them. People saw this display of shameful humility and honor that without contest or bloodshed they accepted the rule of Muslims over the city of Jerusalem. Al-Fatuhaat: The Companions were of the highest moral standard. They stuck to the words and advice of the Holy Qur’an as soon as they recited it. When Muslims conquered lands there was little resistance because of their exceptional moral character. • 607 • Best Islamic Stories

Christian wrestler

In the Caliphate of Sayyiduna Umar, the Islamic Empire had spread far and wide from East to West. The strength and power of Muslims increasingly agitated Hercules. It was his plan to have the leader of the faithful assassinated by sending one of his men to Madinah. To see his plans through he sent Madinah a Christian wrestler who would hunt Umar down and kill him.
Hercules tempted the wrestler into such a deed by offering him lots of wealth. When the wrestler approached Madinah, he learned from the people that Umar spends his time attending to the poor,
the widowed, and the orphaned. The wrestler made his way into one of the gardens where Umar would help the needy. The wrestler hid on a ton of a tree. After helping the needy, Sayyiduna Umar decided to have a rest. Sayyiduna Umar slept on the floor without a pillow or mattress.
Sayyiduna Umar, tired after a day’s work, began to sleep. The wrestler sitting on top of a tree saw all this and saw his moment of opportunity to do what he was sent to do. He got out of the tree and drew out his sword. As he approached the leader of the faithful, a lion from nowhere appeared and frightened the wrestler who dropped the sword on the ground.
The noise woke Umar up and opened his eyes to see a stranger with a frightened look on his face. As Umar opened his eyes the lion disappeared. Umar asked the stranger who he was. The wrestler said, “Your status is very high in your Lord’s sight.
I am a silly man coming here to kill you when you are asleep that a lion from the jungle comes to protect you.” Sayyiduna Umar heard this and then looked around.
“There are no lions here,” Umar said, “Where has it gone?” From nowhere a voice said “O Umar! You protect our deen, so in response, we protect you from your enemies.” The wrestler also heard this voice from the unseen and was further amazed by what was happening before him.
He took Umar Faruq’s hands and kissed them and asked him to read him the Kalima so that he could become a believer. The would-be Christian assassin became a Muslim. Ahlaam Waqadi Sayyiduna Umar’s status is so high that Allah sends a lion to protect him from his enemies.
Sayyiduna Umar was a true protector of Islam, which is reflected in the fact that Allah protected him from all dangers. We should stay away from those people who criticize Sayyiduna Umar it, as they are not true followers of Islam. 244 Best Islamic Stories

Safina and the lion

A Companion of the Prophet named Safina was once on a boat. The boat capsized. Safina was fortunate to grab hold of part of the boat that he used to keep himself afloat. Eventually, the Companion reached the shore. I have landed in a jungle where wild animals roamed about. Safina was trying to find his way when he came across a lion. The lion began to charge towards Safina when the Companion called out “Don’t you dare! Don’t you know that I am a slave of Rasulallah?” The lion heard this and bowed his head. The lion indicated to Safina that he wanted him to lead him somewhere. The Companion followed as the lion showed the slave of the Prophet the way home. Safina found the path he was looking for. Mishkat Sharif, Hujjatullah All Alameen Such is the grandeur and status of the Prophet’s noble Companions that the king of the jungle surrenders to them and becomes their slaves. • 211.

Husband or son?

One day Mawla Alie after the Fajr prayer told his servant to go to a specific place. There he would find a masjid. To the side of the masjid was
a house. In that house were a man and woman who had been quarreling for a long time. Sayyiduna Ali al-Murtaza e told him to go and call them both. The servant went and did as he was told and was welcomed by the sight of the couple arguing with each other as his master had said. The servant told the couple that Mawla Ali was calling them. The couple went to Mawla Ali. He asked them why they were arguing all night long. The man said “Ya Ali! I entered into marriage with thie woman. But when the woman came in front of me, a sense of hate and disgust entered me. If I had the strength and power, I would remove her from my house. The woman saw me and started arguing and fighting with me. “Mawla Ali asked the assembled crowd to leave so that he could talk to the couple alone. Mawla Ali said to the woman,” The things I am about to tell you, you must speak the truth. “He then began to tell her that her name is this and that her father’s name is this and so on. The woman replied that he was right. Ali went on to tell what the issue at stake was and how it came about. “One night as you left your house, your cousin followed you. You became pregnant by him. For a long time, you kept the pregnancy secret with your mother. When your pains began, your mother took you to another place. It was there that you had a son. You placed the baby in a box and placed it outside a house. Best Islamic Stories
A dog came near the box. Your mother saw the dog and threw stones at it. But by accident one of the stones hit the baby boy instead causing a cut on his head. Your mother ripped part of her headscarf and bandaged the baby’s head. You left the baby behind. After that, you knew nothing of the baby. Is what I have said till now the truth? “The woman, shocked and surprised by Ali’s precise knowledge, nodded her head in agreement. Mawla Ali then asked him to show his head to the woman. What they saw was the gash from the strike he took when he was a baby when his grandmother threw a stone to scare away a dog. Ali said to the woniat “This man is not your husband but your son. Best Islamic Stories
Allah Almighty has saved you from committing a great sin. Go and take your son with you. Shawahidul Nabuwwa 246
Te is from the blessings of Rasulallah that he has bestowed upon his Companions knowledge of the past, present, and future. They are informed of things that ordinary knowledge of the unseen? people have no knowledge of. So who is to say then that the Prophet of Allah has no • 212. Best Islamic Stories

Suhayb ibn Sinan

Sayyiduna Suhayb and Ammar accepted Islam and both came to see the Holy Prophet with the intention of gaining his pleasure. The Prophet at the time was at the house of Arqam. Both men were on their way to see the Prophet on their own when by chance they met each other at the door of the house where Rasulallah was staying. What bound them together was their acceptance of Islam and their wish to serve the Holy Prophet. When they accepted Islam, the Muslims were less in number and suffered immensely from its enemies. They had to endure very hard times. Such was the persecution they faced that they considered migrating but the enemies of Islam would not allow them to go so easily and harassed them even further. The Prophet migrated from Makkah and gave his followers permission to do so too. One night on the pretense of going to relieve himself, Suhayb managed to escape the clutches of the Quraysh and fled on horseback. The enemies a while later realized what he had done and gave chase and eventually caught up with him. Shuayb holding his bow and arrow at the ready, shouted: “Men of Quraysh! You know, by God, that I am one of the best archers and my aim is unerring. By God, if you come near me, with each arrow I have, I shall kill one of you. Then I shall strike with my sword. ”
A Quraysh spokesman responded: By God, we shall not let you escape from us with your life and money. You came to Makkah weak and poor and you have acquired what you have acquired. “” What would you say if I left you my wealth? “Interrupted Suhavh: “Would you get out of my way? “” Yes, “they agreed. Suhayb described a place in his house in Makkah where he had left the money, and they allowed him to go. Shuyab eventually made it to Madinah and reached the feet of the Holy Prophet. The Prophet was overjoyed to see Suhayb and said, “Your transaction has been fruitful, O Abu Yahya. Your transaction has been fruitful. “He repeated this three times. Suhayb’s face beamed with happiness as he said,” By God, no one has come before me to you, Messenger of God, and only Jibril could have told you about this. ” Hakayatus Sahaba For the Companions their wealth and everything else is subordinate to Islam and the Prophet. They sacrificed their worldly possessions for Islam, which in reality is the real profit and gain in life. • 213. Best Islamic Stories

The fort of Alexandria

The Muslim army was attacking Alexandria on the Mediterranean coast. The king of Alexandria led his people to defend their land.
enemies had placed themselves in a large fort, which the Muslim army bad surrounded. For a long while the battle continued as the Muslims tried to capture the fort and force defeat but no losses were incurred by them. One day Sharhabeel ibn Hasanah a Companion addressed the enemy when he said, “With us at this moment is a man who is loved by Allah who if he gestures to the walls of the fort to crumble then it would.” He then raised his hands towards the fort walls and proclaimed as loud as he could, “Allahu Akbar!” and with his hands threw them down to the ground gesturing what he wanted the fort walls to do. At that moment, the strong and impregnable walls crumbled and crashed to the ground. The enemies inside the fort were dumbfounded by what was happening as they ran about in panic. The king of Alexandria saw this happen and with his men fled from the city as the Muslims took hold of it. Seeratus Saliheen The Companions of Rasulallah had the love and respect of the Prophet that granted them immense powers. They had the world at their feet with the amount of honor they had. If we too follow Allah and His Rasul, as we should, then the world would also fall to our feet. • 214. The fort of Fustat When the Islamic armies under the guidance of Sayyiduna Amr ibn al-Aas set their sights of Egypt, eventually they reached a place called Fustat. They surrounded the town’s fort and put it under siege. The fort was very strong as the local inhabitants hid themselves inside. The
number of Muslim soldiers and supplies were running low so they sent a message to the Caliph for more supplies. Sayyiduna Umar Faruq sent ten thousand soldiers and four officers as help. He also sent a letter in which he stated that for each of the four officers were equal to one thousand troopers. When the help arrived, Amr ibn al-Aas called upon Sayyiduna Zubair to lead the siege. Zubair mounted his horse and went around surveying the walls of the fort. Where he felt suitable for appointed the soldiers to stand ready to attack. For seven months the fort was under siege but to no benefit or loss. One day, Zubair decided that he was to sacrifice himself for the sake of Islam so that the siege ended in the Muslims favor. What he did was to place a ladder along one of the fort’s walls and began to climb up it. Once he got to the top of the ladder, he shouted out as loud as he could, “Allahu Akbarl” which caused the fort to shake. Down below the soldiers also did the Takbir as loud as they could. The people inside the fort thought that the Muslims had breached their defenses causing them to panic. Seizing the moment of panic amongst the enemies, Zubair jumped down and went to open the door of the fort from the inside. I have managed to open the gate allowing the Muslims to enter. The people of the fort panicked even more as they ran for refuge. The king asked for a cease-fire that was granted. It was due to the quick thinking and bravery of Zubair that the Companions of the Prophet conquered another town in the name of Islam. Tarikh al-Islam When it came to making important decisions, the Companions of the Prophet never hesitated to sacrifice themselves for the cause of Islam. It was there motivation and bravery that allowed them to conquer land after land in such a short space of time. But today we see people hesitating in sacrificing an animal at Eid ul Adha and instead make false and unflattering promises instead which just goes to show the strength of their faith. Best Islamic Stories

Women warriors

The warriors of Islam under the leadership and guidance of Khalid ibn al-Walid and Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah spread the borders of Islam far and wide by gaining victory after victory. The backbone of the imperial (Roman) threat had been broken which led them to use deceitful tactics in order to try and defeat the Muslims. It was in one of the decisive battles between the Muslims and Romans that the enemies captured some of the Muslim women and took them as prisoners of war. Among the captured and imprisoned veiled ladies was the sister of Zarar ibn Azwar, Kowla bint Azwar. When her brother found out that she had been captured he went to Khalid ibn al-Walid a. Khalid told his concerned friend not to worry. What Khalid ibn al-Walid decided to do was to send under the leadership of Abu Ubaidah a force of two thousand troops to go and fight the enemies. He then sent Zarar and some other fighters to go and release their mothers and sisters in Islam. The warriors had only set off when a vicious sandstorm appeared. Khalid upon seeing it asked Allah for mercy and protection from the forces of nature. Habirah who was the leader of the expedition said that it looked like the remnants of the Roman forces. He ordered his men to be prepared for action. Meanwhile the Romans were still holding the women captive. They stole and looted from them and made their way close to Istriyak where they stayed for a while to recover from hostilities. Their leader then ordered the women to be presented to him. His eyes immediately fell on Kowla. He then announced that no one but him would have her. To avoid any altercation or animosity he ordered the men to take a woman for themselves. The Muslim mothers wives and sisters did not like at all what the
Romans were preparing to do. In fear and anger they were shaking and worried as to what would happen next. All the women were returned to their tents. Kowla gathered all the women and decided to angk “O honored and chaste women! Do you want the Roman soldiers to make you a target for their animal desires? You prefer to spend the rest of your lives in service of strangers? Where has your determination and bravery gone, which was the subject of Arab gatherings which is a causo of exaltation? In my opinion, it is better for us to sacrifice our lives in the way of Allah, so that we avoid humiliation from the hands of the Romans. women agreed that they would give their last drop of blood in the way of Allah if it meant avoiding disgrace and humiliation at the hands of their enemies, “We are unarmed but Allah’s help is with us. We can uproot the tent nails and use them to attack them. With Allah’s help either we gain victory over the enemy or we face death with our dignity intact. “The women then sprung into action. They grabbed hold of the tent pegs and went and attacked their enemies. Kowla told the women to stay together in a group. Kowla struck an enemy so hard that the man fell down to the ground unconscious and died. When the other Romans saw this state of affairs they became senseless and crazy as to what was happening to them. The leader gave an order to gather all the women again under control, He also gave orders to ensure that Kowla was treated well. Kowla saw the precarious situation they were facing. She called out, “O Romans! We will go after you with our wooden nails and pegs. Today your women will be widowed and your children orphaned. Your lives will be cut short today “The leader’s blood bolled because his forces could not control a few women. On his orders his soldiers attacked the women, Facing attack, Kowla called out,” O my warrior mothers, sisters and daughters in slam! Allah has made you appropriate and suitable for this stern test of Iman. Do not falter now. “The Roman attack had just begun when Khalid ibn al-Walid’s e forces 252
arrived. They could see that battle had already begun as they sped off on horseback to repel the threat posed to the mothers and daughters of Islam. When he saw that the men had come to the help of the women, he made an attempt to flee the battleground in order to save his life, He said “O Muslims! Take your mothers and sisters and daughters back. Zarar gave chase and after a brief pursuit, the Muslims attacked. The Romans could not fend off this attack as their leader was killed. All the Roman soldiers were made prisoners of war. Historians say about this event that the women of Islam made numerous enemies injured and killed around thirty enemy soldiers in this battle. Tarikh al-Islam The Companions of the Prophet of Allah, men, and women, had the enthusiasm and vigor for Jihad. When the sudden assault of the enemy army came upon them they would fight with great tenacity, vigor, and bravery in fending off such attacks. They did this to such an extent that the mothers and daughters of Islam killed the enemies. These brave women are a shining example to the entire Ummah that with wooden pegs and nails they defended their honor and that of their Deen. But today’s Muslims, despite having weapons, have lost that real and genuine tenacity to fight for their hour and Deen but are instead busy in futile pursuits. • 216 •

Warrior mother

Sayyida Khansa was a famous poetess. She accepted Islam when she with a few men from her town went to Madinah. In the time of Sayyiduna Umar, the battle of Qadisiya took place. She told her four sons to go and participate in the battle. A day before the hostilities, she gave them all advice and comfort. She said to them, “My sons! You have
become Muslims on your own accord and happiness. And it was Vous own wish that we migrated. I swear on that being someone who is not worthy of worship but Him! You are the sons of one mother and one father. I have not been unfaithful to your father, nor have I allowed any stain on your family. Do you know the immense rewards for fighting in Allah?
And also let it be known that the everlasting hereafter is way far better than this mortal and transient one. Allah says in the Qur’an, “O believers! Be patient and be more patient than your enemies and be watchful, and fear Allah so that you may become successful. Hence when you wake up tomorrow be fresh, alert, and bright. Participate in the fight fully, and when you face the enemy seek Allah’s help as you cross paths. And when you see that the fighting is intensifying you must enter the heat of the moment with full vigor. And when you challenge the leader of the enemy then Insha-Allah Allah will reward you for your efforts with the bliss of the garden of paradise. ” On the morning of the battle, Khansa’s four sons set off with their sights on the frontline as their mother wished. They fought valiantly as their mother hoped. When one of them got martyred the other brother would advance into enemy lines with even more vigor. Eventually, all four sons were martyred in the way of Allah. When she learned of their fate, she thanked Allah for giving her sons that died in His way. She was forever hopeful that Allah would be merciful to them and keep them under His merciful gaze. Hakayatus Sahaba The mothers of the Companion had the passion and enthusiasm for Jihad and they instilled this passion and enthusiasm into their sons.
The female Companions gave all that was dear to them for the sake of the Holy Prophet. Mothers love their children a lot, but Khansa has shown that a believing woman loves Allah and His Rasul even more. Furthermore, she has told us it should be the Muslim mothers wish that her sons are sacrificed for the sake of Allah and His Rasul. 254 |Best Islamic Stories
Best Islamic Stories

The Prophet’s Aunt

Sayyida Safiyyah was the dear Prophet’s aunt and Sayyiduna Hamza’s sister. She was approximately sixty years old when in the Battle of the Trench she and all the other women were placed in an enclosed fort on the orders of Rasulallah. Hassan ibn Thabit was put in charge of guarding the mothers and sisters of Islam against any threat. The Jews thought it to be an opportune moment to attack the fort. So what the Jews did was to send a group to attack the fort. A Jew was sent forward to see what was happening. Safiyyah saw the enemy and told Hassan to go outside and kill him. Hassan, however, was a very old man and could not do as told. Safiyyah took matters into her own hands and went outside and killed the enemy herself. She returned to the fort and told Hassan to go and take his weapons and clothes off since she could not. She told Hassan not only to do that but also to chop his head off and to throw it into the enemy camp so that they may be deterred from attacking. Hassan went to the corpse and took his head off and threw it into the Jewish camp and returned back to the fort. The Jews were shocked and terrified by what they saw and said to themselves that the idea of ​​attacking the women was pointless because there must be scores of men protecting them. Kanzul Amaal When the faith and integrity of Muslim women are challenged then they too fight like warriors. Looking at their character the words of the Qur’an “and those who are with him are tough on the unbelievers” come to mind. May Allah make our mothers and sisters show this type of enthusiasm and passion for Islam rather than on how they look and for the clothes they wear – Ameen. • 218. Best Islamic Stories

Asma bint Abu Bakr

When Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Siddiq accompanied Sayyiduna Rasulallah on the night of Hijrah (migration) he did so immediately and without hesitation. He embarked on the journey with his dear friend not knowing what was to happen next. He took with him all the money he could which amounted to around 5000 Dirhams. His father Abu Quhafa, who had not yet accepted Islam, found out that his son left Makkah with the Prophet of Allah. Abu Quhafa was a blind man and came to his son’s house to console his family about Abu Bakr’s sudden departure. “Abu Bakr has done a free thing, leaving you without any money,” he said. Sayyida Asma got up and put some pebbles in a bag and handed it to her grandfather. She said, “O grandfather! Don’t worry, he’s left us some money behind.” Abu Quhafa felt the bag thinking that it was money inside. He felt comforted by it and said, “He did leave something behind after all.” Best Islamic Stories
Musnad Imam Ahmad – Best Islamic Stories
Asma’s daughter of Abu Bakr had the same immense love for Allah and His beloved Rasul as her father. The Companion’s love for the deen was such that they did not care one iota about worldly goods and wealth. • 219. Best Islamic Stories

Mauz’s daughter – Best Islamic Stories

Mauz was fortunate enough to kill Abu Jahl. One day a woman selling perfumes came to his daughter’s house. They began to talk when the perfume seller discovered who she was. The perfume seller, who was not a Muslim, said to Rabee the daughter of Mauz, “You are the daughter of a man who killed a Sardar (leader).” Rabee was angered by this comment and retorted, “My father killed your slave.” The perfume seller said angrily, “How dare you call a leader a slave? It was now haram for her to sell perfume to her.” Rabee replied, “Because you called a slave a master it is now haram for me to buy perfume from you. I find nothing more distasteful or foul-smelling than your perfume.” The conversation ended there and the perfume seller left. Hakayatus Sahaba The Companions of the Prophet had such a sense of honor that they would not tolerate an enemy of Islam be called a leader. And yet today the enemies of religion have bestowed themselves with names and titles greater than this and Muslims have accepted this. Are enemies of Islam who slander the Prophet of Allah and his true followers worthy of titles such as’ Shaykh ul Islam ‘and’ Hakim ul-Ummah? Best Islamic Stories

Warrior and worshiper

When the Muslim armies were advancing through Egypt, the Coptic king told one of his generals that he had learned that the Muslims observe the Friday with great honor and respect.
So it was his idea that they should attack the Muslims when they were busy in their Friday prayers. So what the Christians did was to place four thousand troops in the hills overlooking the Muslim base so that they could prepare to attack.
The Muslim army had assembled and began the Juma prayer.
When they went from Ruku to Sajda the order was given by the commander as the Copts attacked the Muslims. Best Islamic Stories
Many Muslims were slaughtered during the prostration and many more were injured. But such was the devotion and ecstasy in their sincere worship to Allah that they continued the Jama’at (congregation) as if nothing had happened.
Salah completed. But once the salam of prayer was done, the Companions sprung into action and started to fight back.
In no time at all the Muslims had surrounded the Copts and killed every single one in sight.
Maghazi of Ibn Ishaq
A Muslim prays Salah and they also fight physically in the way of Allah. True Muslims are worshipers and warriors. But these days we have people who, when told to pray the Salah say that they are warriors, not worshipers.
But as we have just read this fact does not correspond to what the Companions practiced. These Companions on the battlefield did not allow their Juma prayers to go to waste despite being attacked. They have proven that the person who prays the Salaat is the Ghazi and not the other way “punoi • 221.

Hanzalah the young groom

On the eve of the battle of Uhud Hanzalah got married. The wedding date was fixed in advance. Hanzalah hated the idea of ​​delaying his marriage or missing the battle.
The Prophet told him to spend the night with his wife and then to join them in the morning. Hanzalah consummated his marriage and then went in the morning into battle to Uhud.
Hanzalah, however, did not have time to bathe himself from the night before. In this state, he went into battle and fought hard until he was killed in front of the Prophet.
After the battle, the Prophet ordered that all the corpses be gathered for burial. But when it came to searching for Hanzalah’s body it could not be found.
The Prophet looked towards the heavens when he saw the body of Hanzalah being bathed by the angels on a radiant platform with the waters of mercy. Best Islamic Stories
Al-Mawahib Laduniyya, Ahsanul Wa’iz – Best Islamic Stories
The Companions at the orders of the Prophet sacrificed every worldly thing for his sake. For them, there was nothing more worthy of sacrifice.
They were forever ready to be martyred in the way of Allah. Allah and His angels hold great love and respect for the Prophet’s Companions. Best Islamic Stories
So whoever holds anything against them, they are without a doubt misguided people with no sense of respect and honor.
We also learn from this account that when the Prophet lifts his sight he can see the heavens and beyond which is beyond the capabilities of ordinary people. So who dares to say that the Prophet of Allah is just like us? Best Islamic Stories
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