Bath Jana-bat

The person who is obligatory on the person who is called Jinn and the reasons which are considered obligatory due to the meanings are called Jinnah.
So delaying the bath and delaying the prayer that it becomes illegitimate, the woman is the same for both men, and those who take longer than twelve hours suffer from it (82) loss.
82 Damages of Living In Jurisprudence:
1: It removes angels’ protection.
2: Good jinns get away from it.
 3: Evildoers find it.
4: The greed becomes a fame.
5: Evildoers look at it.
6: Dirty things take place with it.
7: Good souls get away from it.
8: Prayers come closer to it.
9: Barons come near him and go to his body.
 10: The angels do not agree on his prayers.
11: Her heart begins to darken.
12: His body’s number becomes dead.
13: It expires.
14: Cleansing begins in its souls.
15: His feelings are considered.
16: He leads to diseases.
17: It has a great deal of prayer.
 18: He knows fast.
19: giving charity ends.
20: The steps that come towards good work are taken.
21: She remains disappointed.
 22: The heart’s heart gets up.
23: desires increase.
24: Requirements decrease.
25: It is difficult in nature.
26: Chase and turn away from it.
27: Her body remains immense.
28: The awareness of the soul ends.
29: Magic effect hurry.
30: Black cows and dirty grits surround.
31: Jinnat’s magic hurts him soon. 32: Everywhere it looks horrible.
33: Depression and the immense increase in temperament.
34: Anxiety is anxiety and panic in nature.
35: It affects its house.
 36: The effect of this disintegration is on its breeds.
 37: The effect of this neutrality depends on its provision.
 38: The effect of this disintegration is so disturbed that the treasures are over.
39: In this sense, nature becomes dead.
40: Human looks look very soon.
41: The arrow of the Jinnat looks at him.
42: Can not calm as long as it takes.
43: Angels fear it.
 44: The effect of the matter ends.
45: The passion of conversation goes away from it.
 46: The anger in nature increases.
47: Halimi and creamy depart from it.
48: Explicitly persists deeply.
49: The end of the decision ends.
50: His descendants get blessed.
51: Its generations get relief.
52: Trouble increases in this house.
 53: Love in my wife decreases.
54: The path of objection between the spouse goes out.
55: Thinks what’s up.
56: The magistrates are away from it.
57: Her body deterrence finds isolation and darkness.
58: He grows up.
59: They apparently reconcile peacefully to become a canopy curse. 60: Its conditions come into circulation.
61: The crown of the one who sinned was crowned.
62: Health seems to be weak.
 63: Elements of disobedience are increased.
 64: Neglected in the eyes of neighbors.
65: The society keeps growing in a good view.
66: Good Saints lose the prayers of the righteous.
 67: Angels protect the idea of safety.
 68: The illness creates from the house of this illness.
69: From this odor, the nurse creature leaves her business to protect.
70: If the same person lives in the fields then the fields would be deserted.
71: Suicide trends increase.
 72: A problem does not end with another startup.
73: One gets out of trouble, gets stuck in the second.
74: Exactly unconsciousness and confusion surround it.
75: He also loses the feast of worship in his neighborhood.
 76: Good habits begin to strive slowly.
 77: Badness increases in nature.
 78: Cold heading will start.
 79: The body will remain stuck.
 80: Everything that does business will be blessed by doing business.
 81: That person gets away from God’s sight.
 82: When the mercy descends from the sky, it comes on all, its odor is so sharp that Mercy goes away from it.


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