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Animal talk | The Story of the Prophet Musa

Animal talk
A man came to Sayyiduna Musa with a strange request. The man told the Prophet of Allah that he had a fascination with animals. The interest was so much that he asked Musa to teach him animal talk. Musa initially tried to dissuade him from such thoughts but the man persisted in his wishes.
Musa Kalimullah E talked to Allah Almighty and gained his permission before teaching the man the language of animals. The man in question had a chicken and dog at home.
One day after dinner, the tablecloth was being cleared away when a morsel of food fell on to the ground landing near the dog and the chicken. The chicken managed to get to the piece of food first.
The dog said to the chicken that he was very hungry and asked the chicken to give him some food. Your diet is of seeds so why have you taken this piece of food? The chicken replied to the dog not to worry because the master’s bull is going to die tomorrow.
Eat however much you want of it tomorrow. The owner overheard this conversation and decided immediately to sell that bull. The next day the bull died. The seller managed to offload his losses to someone else. The next day the dog went to the chicken and began demanding answers about the supposed dead bull.
The chicken innocently replied that their owner had sold the bull the day before it died. But listen carefully! The master’s horse is going to die tomorrow. Eat as much of the horse’s meat as you want then! The master again overheard the conversation and again cut his losses by selling the horse before it died. The dog complained to the chicken again.
The chicken truly realized what the master was doing. The chicken told the dog that by selling the bull and horse in the realization that they were soon to die was in effect buying up his death! Listen carefully! Tomorrow our master will die himself. And whatever is cooked tomorrow you will get a great share. The master overheard this conversation.
He really panicked this time not knowing what to do. He quickly went to Sayyiduna Musa and begged him to forgive his error. Musa told him that it was very difficult to turn against the decision of his Lord. Musa told the man that he saw and heard everything the animals said and what he subsequently did. All you can do now is get ready for death.
The man died the next day. Masnawi Sharif The time of death is fixed for every single living thing. Allah gives animals the knowledge about death too. Cutting your losses in such a way as the man did is fraud and is unacceptable in Islam.
If we lose out in our livelihood we should not despair but give thanks to Allah and to ask for patience rather than resorting to short term measures.
The story confirms the fact that the Prophets can hear and see from afar as Musa told the man everything he did. Can anyone seriously think for one moment that animals are given hidden knowledge (Ilm-Ghayb) but not the Prophets or friends of Allah?

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